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Why Off-Site Business Services?

We are available and reliable throughout normal business hours, 

all year long.


Clients only pay for the hours of service used.

We do bookkeeping for less than half the cost 

of a CPA firm.

We do not charge a monthly fee for a payroll account.

Our staff updates their skills regularly through 

continuing education.


Our services are tailored to fit your needs., whether you need one service 

or several.


 A qualified, specially trained and experienced employee is assigned

to your account. 


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America's Greatest



 In a real sense, Benjamin Franklin was America's 

first entrepreneur. Unlike the other Founding Fathers, Franklin truly was 

a model of what many of 

us would become. Beneath the statesman's mantle resided a popular author, 

a printer, an inventor (the lightning rod, bifocals) and a very savvy businessman who knew how to 

commercialize the fruits 

of his fertile mind.

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                                                                April 28, 2015

Effective Accounts Payable: 

"Saving" Your Business' Money

 Even if your company or organization is not routinely audited, keeping good records of accounts payable is critically important for many other reasons including applying for a bank loan or credit approval and reducing employee fraud. Here are a few suggestions to ensure your accounts payable (A/P) processes are in order:

  • All check requests should have proper supporting documentation attached (i.e. receipts, invoices, statements, etc.)
  • All invoices should be reviewed and approved by management prior to issuing payment.
  • Blank checks should be kept in a secure location.
  • If you use a signature stamp or other device instead of personally signing checks, make sure it is kept in a secure location, and the person responsible for preparing checks does not have access to it.
  • The check signer should compare the amount of the check against the amount due on the bill.
  • Attach the check stub to the invoice or statement.
  • Have a clear separation of duties for accounts payable.
  • Institute a time off policy for employees requiring them to take vacation days. This ensures employees are cross-trained in duties and helps reduce employee fraud. 

When your business was in the startup phase, it is almost certain that you knew where every single penny was being spent-it's the nature of financial scarcity. But as your company grows, this can become unrealistic.  You have to establish procedures that ensure timely and accurate payment to vendors.


A/P is one of the most important bookkeeping functions for any business. It is also the part of your business that is the most susceptible to employee fraud. Following the steps above can reduce that risk and ensure your bills are paid correctly in a timely manner.


Even the smallest of businesses need to pay attention to scams and other security threats that can target their financial information. If you are looking to implement better A/P controls, give us a call.



Which One Does It Pay To Go With

 for Your Business?


QuickBooks Desktop Payroll 
            vs. Intuit Online Payroll

FREE Webinar

 Wednesday, May 13, 2015

2:00 pm Eastern / 1:00 pm Central


Most businesses think the only choices they have regarding payroll management is paying employees by cash or direct deposit. But there are a variety of ways to manage your payroll and the best option should be made based on which is right for you, your business and your skill set.


And if you are thinking of using a payroll software product or subscription, you need to identify which payroll method is right for YOUR business.


Kim Shannon will lead a panel discussion of QuickBooks payroll options for Desktop and Online payroll in a FREE webinar 

on Wednesday, May 13 from 1 pm to 2 pm CST. They will discuss overall payroll reporting, show examples of reports from each method and provide some generic pricing information.


To register, go to here. For more information about the webinar, call us at 708-966-4441. 

Paying It Forward


We have the privilege of working with some outstanding businesses and periodically feature one in our newsletter.


It has been our pleasure of working with John and Brian Roach of Roach Ag Marketing, Ltd. for the past 15 years. Roach Ag is an independent, full-service commodity advisory firm that has been helping farmers market their crops and livestock since 1978. In addition to brokerage services, they provide a daily grain plan, personalized consulting services and crop insurance products. For more information, visit http://www.roachag.com.


Full-time Professional Office Management-

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Kimberly Shannon

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