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Why Off-Site Business Services?

We are available and reliable throughout normal business hours, 

all year long.


Clients only pay for the hours of service used.

We do bookkeeping for less than half the cost 

of a CPA firm.

We do not charge a monthly fee for a payroll account.

Our staff updates their skills regularly through 

continuing education.


Our services are tailored to fit your needs., whether you need one service 

or several.


 A qualified, specially trained and experienced employee is assigned

to your account.


Can I Get a Receipt for That Cheeseburger?Every year, CPAs and other tax professionals receive envelopes full of receipts from their business clients as their expense record keeping system. Are you one of them?

If your documentation is on paper napkins, make this year the one you use a professional bookkeeper. At Off-Site Business Services we provide bookkeeping services for small and medium size businesses throughout the United States, offering a variety of solutions to tracking and recording their expenses.

Our QuickBooks Pro Certified professionals give year-round client support, providing consistently accurate and timely financial data. And we will work closely with you to ensure accuracy of records.

It's not too late to put a better system in place. Call us today for a free evaluation!

Tuesday Tips and Tricks

       January 20, 2015


Whether you are a small business owner or hold a key role in an organization, you know that managing the financials is critical to its success. You also know (or at least have heard) that QuickBooks is the premier software tool that makes this task much easier throughout the year.

But whether you are a QuickBooks novice or have used it for years, it can be often confusing and occasionally aggravating. That why we keep our certification as up-to-date as possible so we can offer the correct answers, fast. 

After January 31, I will begin to offer on-site training as well as 15-minute talks to small business groups on using QuickBooks so if you are interested, give me a call.    



Five Ways to Reduce 

Small Business Fraud 

From Property Casualty 360


According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the median loss in small business fraud cases is $154,000. Can your clients absorb a loss like that? If they're like most U.S. small businesses, probably not.


According to figures from International Data Group, about 28% of all small businesses generate less than $100,000 in annual revenue. A full 54% generate less than half a million per year. These are not businesses with money to burn.


But, yet, they are, by taking on risky employees and exposing themselves to potential fraud each and every day.


"Small businesses face a unique set of challenges when it comes to detecting and preventing fraud," said James D. Ratley, CFE, president and CEO of ACFE. "Losing ... money to employee theft is an expense many small businesses just can't absorb. You rely on the trust of your employees to make your company successful. But how much trust is too much?"


ACFE recently put together a checklist for preventing small business fraud. Here are the suggestions they offered:


#1 - Conduct background checks on all employees.

#2 - Implement a written code of ethics.

#3 - Divide bookkeeping and check signing authority.

#4 - Deliver bank statements -- unopened -- to top management.

#5 - Implement a reporting mechanism or hotline.


Small businesses continue to be the most vulnerable to fraud because they generally don't have the staff or financial resources larger companies do for prevention. But even with limited resources, there are controls that can be put in place to deter fraud. Having an anti-fraud policy, formal management review of procedures and anti-fraud training for employees are just a few.


To see if your organization is at risk for employee fraud, ask for our Fraud Checklist. Then call us for a free evaluation of your checklist.

Ban the Box on Employment Applications in Illinois

On January 1, 2015, Illinois' Job Opportunities for Qualified Applicants Act went into effect , prohibiting employers in Illinois from inquiring, considering or requiring disclosure of criminal history or background in a job application. Nor can they ask about it in the early stages of application review.


Inquiring about an applicant's criminal history or record is not allowed until the individual has been determined qualified for the position and notified of an impending interview. If the applicant will not be interviewed, an inquiry cannot be made until after a conditional offer of employment is made. Employers are allowed to notify applicants of specific offenses that will disqualify applicants due to federal or state law or the employer's policy.


This applies to employers with 15 or more employees and employment agencies. Other exceptions that apply are:

  • If a standard fidelity bond or an equivalent bond is required and a conviction of certain criminal offenses would disqualify the applicant from obtaining such a bond, an employer may inquire whether the applicant has ever been convicted of those offenses prior to determining whether the individual is qualified for the position.
  • If the employer hires individuals licensed under the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems Act.

A few other states with Ban the Box laws include California, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nebraska, and Colorado. In those states which don't have a state law in effect, many counties or cities have enacted laws. To find out whether you are required to "Ban the Box," visit Ban the Box.

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