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               August 5, 2014

Effortless Bookkeeping? 

Don't Count on It.

Even with a return to economic stability, entrepreneurs are faced with a number of pressures to ensure business survival. The key to longevity is to eradicate common business problems, including day-to-day frustrations such as managing accounts, which can be time consuming and costly due to cumbersome accounting requirements and bookkeeping processes.


There are many reasons why it can be a bad idea to take on all your bookkeeping practices. Unless you have sufficient training and knowledge, they should be left to a bookkeeping professional. Although you may think that you have everything in order and that there are no loose ends, we can assure you that if this is actually the case, you are a rare exemption!


So how can you improve your business's accounting efficiencies?



Small business owners often waste valuable time due to accounts systems which are incapable of sufficiently updating information. In other words, correct data will offer an accurate indication of who owes what. By using a system which allows owners, staff and accountants to look at the same information in real time gives true visibility of cash flow. This in turn secures the company as a whole by informing important business and investment decisions.


Duplication is the root of all evil

It is important that small businesses focus on saving time, improving accuracy and removing duplication of effort. Fundamentally, automating processes such as cash flow and payroll can allow small businesses to save resource whilst also eliminating the risk of mistakes that are caused by human error.


Access for all

Ensure your accounts are easily accessible and can be updated by more than one person in the business so they can see an accurate picture of the business finances at any given time. This also allows the bookkeeper, business owner and in fact anyone else in the company who needs to access the accounts to update information in their own time.


One size doesn't always fit all

Customers are individuals and every business is unique. Therefore, don't fall into the trap of working from software that has non-specific accounting processes, as it won't be tailored to your needs or the requirements of the business. For example, the software may contain mandatory fields for data that isn't necessarily applicable to your business, which can result in time being wasted entering information that is redundant.


Keeping on top of things

It is important that business owners keep on top of accounting. Keeping a box of receipts that piles up and is sent to the accountant once or twice a year isn't time or cost effective for anyone.


There are so many pitfalls in the complex world of bookkeeping so if you are in doubt and feel that you may be out of your depth, we will be here to help you get it right the first time. Call us today and we will be glad to assist.


Off-Site Can Fill the Position


If the economy is growing in the right direction for your business and you are looking to hire new employees, Off-Site Business Services can help make the process a bit easier. We are now offering services to support a small businesses hiring process and can assist you or your HR person with the following:


*    You're looking to hire an employee but want to keep it anonymous. We can help write the help-wanted advertisement, place the ad, receive and reviews resumes, and schedule the first phone interview.

*    You e-mail the selected employment applications to Off-Site, who verifies past employment, calls references, and report findings to you.

*     After you made an offer that was accepted, we send your welcome package.

*     You need assistance with payroll requirements. Off-Site verifies that all payroll requirements have been met, appropriate taxes paid and forms filed.

For a FREE consultation, call us at 877-966-4441 or by email at [email protected].

"App"proved for Use

You're likely familiar with the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Windows Store, but what about the Intuit App Center?


Probably not on your radar. But maybe it should be. There you'll find nearly 50 apps that work with QuickBooks.  Here's one that you may find helpful:


BodeTree sits on top of QuickBooks and helps people who are freaked out by numbers, ratios, and formulas by giving them hard facts in a light, visual way. It gives you a current estimated valuation of your business, one-click reports, and an interactive optimization tool that lets you compare your company's performance to the competition, test scenarios to see how various metrics impact your company's value, and set specific targets to help you reach your goals. Cost: $49.95 a month or $495 a year.

Fact About OSBS: 
In 2013, Off-Site Business Services billed over $20 million in Accounts Receivable for clients. 
Off-Site Business Services, Inc.

Full-time Professional Office Management-Without the Full-time Cost.

Kimberly Shannon


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