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               July 8, 2014

The Lights Were Out, 


But Someone Was Always Home


Just last week, a powerful storm rolled through the Chicagoland area, leaving thousands of residents, and business owners (like me) scrambling for a way to keep their gadgets going when the power cut out. Nothing's worse than being stranded in the dark with no electricity to keep your smartphones, tablets and other devices powered up and productive.

Once everything was up and running normally, I talked to other business professionals and developed an emergency power plan. Outside of a gas-operated generator, here are a few tools that can help keep your devices going and keep you productive for a few extra hours during any type of power-zapping accident or disaster.

A back-up power source: When the lights go out, rely on a back-up power source to keep your devices on. One way to go is to carry (and keep charged) a portable battery, such as a myCharge universal power pack from RFA Brands. These extended batteries can recharge Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. If you're looking to keep multiple devices operating, Uninterruptible Power Supply Batteries are also an option. 

A mobile hotspot: If your power goes out and your Internet connectivity goes along with it, try using a mobile hotspot to get your devices back online. Free Wi-Fi hotspots are everywhere, from libraries to coffee shops (just make sure they have power). Turn it on and connect to it like any other Wi-Fi network. While many smartphones have hotspot capabilities built in, you can also purchase a hotspot device from cellular carriers such as Verizon and AT&T.

Self-generated power: There's not much you can do when you've been without power so long that all your back-up battery power is gone. When that happens, consider using gadgets that run on energy you can generate yourself.

One example is a hand-crank powered flashlight with radio. Whether you are dealing with a power outage or natural disaster, or just enjoying the great outdoors, the best wind up radios are convenient because they don't require an outlet. Not only is there a crank for generating power, but many of these radios come with alternative power options including a DC jack or solar panel to charge the unit. These devices are great for listening to the radio or receiving local weather alerts from NOAA, and they can come with a flashlight as well. Some also act as a charger for your cell phone or other electronic devices.

So make sure your business operations are Off-Site, but not off-line after the next thunderstorm, hurricane or polar vortex. 



Losing Motivation Halfway Through a Task? 

The beginning of the year can be filled with excitement at starting a new year, hopefully motivated and regenerated from some time off over Christmas. 
However, now it's July and those tasks that you began with enthusiasm start to become less exciting and seem harder to complete. Ever wonder why that is?


In a recent research experiment, participants were given the task of proofreading nine essays to see assess their pattern of motivation over the course of the task.


At first, participants found an average of 0.122 typos per second. Halfway through the task, this decreased to just 0.092 per second. Surprisingly though, toward the end of the task they found an average of 0.124 typos per second, making it their most efficient moment in the task. The research consistently revealed a U-shaped, 'stuck in the middle' pattern of motivation over the course of a task.


The bottom line? At the beginning of a chore, people tend to be motivated by their progress in relation to the starting point; at the end, they're spurred on by their proximity to the end. In the middle, their motivation flags because their attention shifts from the starting point to the end point.


So knowing this, what we can do to improve our efficiency and avoid a waning motivation? Break large tasks into smaller goals that can be achieved. After all, it is actually not the work that is needed to be done in the middle of a task that is the problem. It is the perception of progress.


Learn your preferred way to remain motivated through the less exciting, middle parts of a project. For example, bring in other professionals into the parts of the task that you anticipate being more tiresome, in order to retain your enthusiasm for the areas that need it the most. 


Call us at Off-Site Business Services for that added motivation (and help) to complete your projects. 

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