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     Tuesday Tips and Tricks
         April 15, 2014

For a Small Piece of Paper it Carries a Lot of Weight 


After over twenty years in business, I have seen numerous cases of employee theft in small businesses and non-profits. Almost all of them due to the lack of separation of duties. For the past few years, it has been my mission to educate small businesses and non-profits on the importance of internal controls.


Accounts payable workflow should ideally be separated four ways: 

  • Person receiving mail
  • Person entering bills
  • Approver
  • Payer

Many small companies don't have the resources to hire the staff necessary to establish good internal controls. While this may be true, it does not mean it is impossible to have them in place.


Off-Site offers a cost effective web-based solution enabling small businesses and non-profits to establish better internal controls for as little as $249 per month. The system allows bills to be entered, approved and paid by three different individuals. Checked are printed and mailed directly from the system. It even syncs with your software program, so there is no duplication of work.


For more information, call us today at (708) 966-4441. Mention "Bill Pay" and get the set up cost for free (a $125 value)!





Your Time is Money. Keep (and Make) More of it 
by using a Virtual Assistant.

In a typical day, there are several tasks for business owners to complete in their 8-12 hour days. All those tasks are in addition to the business owner's actual revenue-generating responsibilities. Very few small and home-based businesses can afford to hire employees to complete those tasks.  business-see-saw.jpg


Off-Site Business Services has the perfect solution; we act as contractors and perform specialized tasks for small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups. We offer an array of Virtual Assistant Services to fit every business owners need. Business owners waste valuable time doing tasks that are necessary but, not revenue-generating. Off-Site Business Services can complete those time-absorbing tasks.


Some people struggle to justify the expense of hiring a Virtual Assistant. If you're spending hours each day scheduling appointments, maintaining your bookkeeping and updating databases instead of using those hours to complete revenue-generating tasks, you're actually losing money. Hiring a virtual assistant service that charges per hour frees up your time and allows you to focus your energy on profitable tasks. If your time is worth $200 per hour, why would you handle routine tasks at that rate, when a Virtual Assistant can do so a fraction of the cost? And why would you pay a monthly management fee when you only need a few hours a week?


Off-Site Business Services strives to provide the most courteous and comprehensive service that is backed by an impeccable reputation and professional staff. By utilizing the most state-of-the-art technologies, we can ensure accuracy and efficiency.


Call us today for a free consultation.

If you are a financial advisor . . .
A financial advisor is responsible not only for their office management, but maintaining a solid, trustworthy relationship with their clients. Off-Site Business Services meets those needs by providing: 
Client and prospect scheduling
Meeting reminders (Daily or weekly)
Contact follow up phone calls
Database management 


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