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         April 1, 2014


Are You Keeping in Contact With Your Clients 

As Well As You Could Be?


Your clients are like plants. You have to keep watering them if you want to see them grow. This means you have to ensure they're happy and well-served by having regular contact with them. As all good relationships are based on strong communication, it's crucial you keep the contact chain open. Because if you don't? Well, a client will feel neglected and is likely to take their business elsewhere.


Regular contact and follow up can mean the difference in retaining customers or making a new sale. But making calls or sending cards takes valuable time out of your day and often falls by the wayside.


As a business owner, you wear many hats. Often times you are the sales manager, office manager, collections department, bookkeeper, administrative assistant and customer service representative. 


But sleep is a good thing so how much more time do you need in your day to stay in touch without becoming a night stalker? How do you ensure you have a healthy relationship without hassling anyone?


Off-Site Business Services can help you a variety of ways:


Create a database

We create a spreadsheet detailing all of your existing clients. We type in their names, phone numbers, email addresses, Twitter accounts... anything that will help you stay in touch. Our notes can also include how they like to be contacted, i.e. some might only like telephone communication while others might prefer email. 


Arrange meetings

Nothing beats face-to-face communication, so we arrange regular meetings with clients to keep your relationship strong. 


Off-Site maintains a database for one client who has customers in five states. The clients are prioritized A, B or C. Every quarter, he gives a calendar of where he intends to be each day. Off-Site's job is to first schedule meetings with A clients, then B, and then C. As we get to know the clients, we are able to notify him of any important changes or events he should be aware of before he makes the client visit.


And beginning in May, 2014, Off-Site Business Services can help you maintain a good relationship with your clients by offering Social Media Support.  We'll help you by:


Making use of Twitter

You know that weekly #FF on Twitter where you recommend people to follow? We give a friendly recommendation or retweet from you to your clients, so they know you're thinking of them. They'll appreciate the support and you'll stay well and truly on their radar.


Connecting on Facebook

Most businesses have a Facebook page these days, so we make sure you 'like' your clients and regularly stay in touch with them by responding to their updates. It keeps you in the loop.


Getting in touch on LinkedIn

To continue strengthening your relationships, we find your clients on LinkedIn and connect you with them. Once connected, we make sure your profile is regularly updated so clients can see what you're doing. We can add positive posts about your business and recent successful projects you've completed.


If you need help keeping in touch with clients, Off-Site can help you "virtually" grow your business.

For more information, call 877-966-4441.


Five Ways to Save on Business Taxes-
No Fooling!


As business owners, we are always looking for ways to make sure we capture every business expense we can to pay less in taxes. Although the 2013 tax season is nearly behind us, here are some ways to plan for 2014.

  • Hire an unemployed vet. You may be eligible for the work opportunity tax credit. For more information on the credit, visit
  • Hire your children to do odd jobs instead of paying them an allowance. Their wages are tax deductible, and it is a great way to give them responsibility.
  • Manage year end revenues and expenses by maintaining your books throughout the year. If you have a good year, consider moving up capital expenditures you were planning to make the following year.
  • If you are a sole proprietorship and paying for your own health insurance premiums, check with your tax preparer to see if you can deduct those costs through your business.
  • If you work from home and plan to take the simplified home office deduction, make sure you continue keep receipts for office supplies and advertising. They are tax deductible in addition to the simplified home office deduction.
  • Use independent contractors to save money on payroll taxes, office equipment and other related employee costs.

Consult with your tax preparer before implementing any of these ideas and see if they are right for you. But do them a favor and call them after the 15th.

If you are an attorney . . .
An attorney's practice requires specific office management tasks that we provide, including: 
Call us today for a feee "consultation". 
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