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     Tuesday Tips and Tricks
          February 18, 2014

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Whether you are a large business or a one man shop, there are several advantages to working with a Virtual Assistant through Off-Site Business Services, including keeping down your overhead costs. How?


Only pay for the work you need, when you need it. Working with a VA allows flexibility since they work with your schedule. Whether you need a set number of hours per month or help with a seasonal project, a VA can assist you. Imagine cutting back on overtime!  


Minimize overhead costs. Hiring a full time employee comes with a list of overhead costs that include benefits, vacation/sick time, office space, and equipment. There are no overhead costs when working with a VA at Off-Site. We have the time and equipment needed to get the job done.


No agency fees. Temp agencies usually charge an agency fee to work with them. While using a temp is one way to augment your staff, there is no guarantee you will get the same person each time you need help. Working with a VA allows you to partner with the same person for consistency and at the same time gain valuable knowledge of you and your business needs.


Working with a Virtual Assistant at Off-Site Business Services can save you time and money. 


And Time Is Money
Did you know that one in four small business owners believe an extra hour in the day is worth more than $500? And that 50% of owners say there is just not enough time in each day? Mastering your time is the most important thing you can do as a business owner. Even making one small change will help your productivity tremendously. Here are three ideas that will help you and your business get back on the time management track. 

Use mobile apps and smartphones.  

When you're a business owner, the reality is often that you must work outside the office. So when you need to check email away from a computer or get caught up on industry reading, there are dozens of online applications that will help you accomplish just that. Seventy-five percent of small business owners believe the use of apps has saved them time. Apps enable you to keep organized and stay on track with projects when you're away from your desk.


Schedule time for your calendar.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but always schedule time for your calendar review. it is critical to check in with yourself every so often to determine if your calendar is balanced with the right amount of time for each activity. Customize your day based on when you are most productive and alert. So if you are the most alert after lunch, do the most important projects then.


Use online collaboration tools.  

There are many project management tools available that allow you to manage multiple projects within the online platform. A few examples include Asana, Basecamp, and Dropbox. These programs allow you to assign employees to tasks and projects, and gives the boss an easy way to see the big picture of what's going on in an organization.


Remember the ability to access information quickly adds extra hours of productivity to your day. Take the time to organize your office, review your calendar and use technology to get you on track and organized.


"App"roved for Use

Every month, we will feature an application that we believe works well with QuickBooks and can do likewise for your business.



You need more than a stopwatch when you're tracking employee time to use for payroll and job costing. TSheets records start and stop time stamps, keeping accurate time even when the application is closed. TSheets protects contracting businesses of every size and scope with tools to comply with government regulations and guard against audits.


At a glance, know who's on the job, what project they're working on, how long they've been working on it, and all without stopping what you're doing or interrupting your employees.  Plus, with TSheets, employees can submit completed timesheets to managers for approval, with no delays. 
Set custom reminders for employees to submit time, and for managers to approve their timesheets. So everyone stays on track, and on the same page. 


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