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          January 21, 2014

checkbook-pen.jpgDon't Worry About Your Due Date Again


Off-Site Business Services offers businesses a faster, more secure and convenient way to pay their bills.  No more stacks of bills, reminder notes or past due notices with our new web-based online bill payment system. It's a low-cost solution to avoid high-risk mistakes to your AP/AR.


Here is how it works:


  • Your firm will have its own email address and fax number to upload bills or other documents.
  • Each member of your organization will have a separate login to perform the duties you assign to them.
  • There is a complete and automatic audit trail for each transaction.
  • Account information is completely hidden to prevent improperly mailed checks and reduce risk of information theft.
  • Uses 256-bit encryption - just like your bank.
  • Your data is backed up in multiple locations and encrypted.
  • Funds are FDIC insured.
  • All vendor and bill information is synced with your accounting software to eliminate double entry.
  • Bills are automatically routed to designated approvers.

Once set up, we can assign you and your staff with our predefined roles or create customized roles, depending on your needs and the number of staff involved.


Your bookkeeper is able to enter bills, record payments made through QuickBooks and manage vendors. No bills can be approved or paid by the bookkeeper. Only you have the authority to approve and pay bills. You don't even have to be at the office to approve or pay bills. You can do it right from your smart phone or tablet. There is no need to leave signed checks in your absence for bills to be paid.

There is unlimited data storage included in our fee. If you choose to upload and have us process your payments, there is a small fee per document processed.

Off Site Business Services has a unique login webpage through set up specifically for our clients who wish to utilize us to pay their bills.

For more information, call us at 877-966-4441.


"App"roved for Use

Every month, we will feature an application that we believe works well with QuickBooks and can do likewise for your business.



Anyone who uses their computer, tablet or mobile phone for keeping notes should consider using Evernote. The app is free, and one of the most powerful productivity apps I have seen in quite some time. It is compatible with Mac/PC, iPhone, iPad, Droid, Windows phone and the Windows Surface.


To use the app, you must first create an account. For best results, it should be downloaded on any device you will use for note-keeping. Three types of notes can be stored: text, voice and uploaded documents or images.


Every time you save or update a note, (daily reminders, To Do lists, and even travel information (confirmations, itineraries, and scanned travel documents), it is automatically synced to your Evernote account and updated on all of your devices. If you create a note on your iPad, the next time you launch Evernote on your PC, your notes will automatically be up to date. There is no manual sync involved.


If you want to get organized, Evernote is definitely worth a serious look.


Work Smarter- Not Harder 


Outsourcing administrative tasks are much in trend as they offer a several benefits to a company. The entire concepts of business are gradually changing owing to the change in the factor that affects business. Especially smaller business requires special attention.


Modern entrepreneurs have a changed outlook of business. They believe in a more streamlined approach to work. Various aspects of a business are being divided it smaller parts and assigned to respective people who have the capacity to accomplish that in the best possible manner.


Reduction in cost - This is one aspect that many companies or almost all companies look to adhere to. Especially after the back to back recessions that have hit the economic world, entrepreneurs are strongly focusing on cost reduction techniques. This is where outsourcing has become so very instrumental. Small and large enterprises alike are opting for this way out to curtail operational costs.


Better and organized work structure - This is another benefit of outsourcing important office tasks. These tasks are not that brainstorming but take a whole lot of time to be done in the correct manner. Engaging your key employees in this is a sheer waste of time as they can be utilized in something more fruitful and beneficial.  That would help the company to draw more business. However, these tasks also cannot be neglected or done with partial care. Therefore, hiring experts who would just focus on these would not only ensure a quality output but also make sure that the work is done within time. Moreover, they would also charge you less than what would have been charged by in house employees.


Responsibility - Responsibility is the key to get better business. However, when a business grows, it becomes difficult to gauge every aspect of it. That is something that can help you if you hire your office tasks to an outsourcing agency.  When a specified job is done by specified people, the results are obviously better.


Miscellaneous advantages - There are other advantages that one gets to reap by outsourcing a task to an outside agency.  When you have in house employees, you need to take care of their salaries, holiday requirements and other aspects. However, outsourcing a task will not have any such qualms. The companies to whom you outsource the job work on contracts and the contract can be terminated at any given point of time.


These are certain ways in which outsourcing office task can do world of good to your business and take it to new heights efficiently. In this competitive world, it all depends on how smart you work rather than how hard you work.

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