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                           December 17, 2013

The Year in Review


For many, 2013 was a turbulent year: the Boston Marathon bombings; the George Zimmerman trial; the Civil War in Syria;; Paula Deen. 


But the good news was that Kim Kardashian was no longer the top searched person on the Internet. Thank you Miley, I think?


For us at Off-Site Business Services, we have been blessed to work with several long time businesses as well as many new clients. 


We continue to learn and utilize new software programs and add new services to assist our clients in their daily operations, including paying your bills. We are also committed to educating both our clients and other business owners on how to make their businesses more productive and profitable.


And we want to hear from you, our clients, associates and friends on what services you need to make you more efficient and successful. 


On behalf of Natalie, Stephanie and myself, we wish you a Happy Holiday season and look forward to making 2014 your most rewarding yet.  See you next year!






Ready for QuickBooks 2014?
                                           Not So Fast . . .  

QuickBooks Pro includes everything you need to track inventory, invoice clients, pay vendors, manage payroll and reconcile accounts. It comes with more than 150 preconfigured reports and the ability to create custom reports. The 2014 version also allows users to create and share report templates. Reports can be sorted by industry type, user rating or popularity. In time, as users add shared reports, we expect that this feature will become extremely useful and will help business owners gain new insight into their company by utilizing reports created by others in their industry.

The "Pros" of QuickBooks Pro streamlines all small business tasks, from managing inventory to paying vendors and processing payroll. It is the easiest-to-use accounting software we have tested and does not require formal accounting training to master.


However, the Pro version cannot manage as much inventory or as many inventory data fields as the Premier version. The upgraded version also includes more reporting tools and the ability to automatically create forecasted budgets.


The newest release of QuickBooks Pro introduces a modernized, functional interface. It includes everything that experienced QuickBooks users are accustomed to and is a highly reactive interface that is attractive to newer users. This accounting software includes everything small business owners need to invoice and bill clients, track customers, manage employees and track inventory. With a few add-ons such as direct deposit and payroll processing, it can perform all business task easily, freeing your energy up to do other things, like visiting clients and growing your business.


If you need help either upgrading or maintaining your QuickBooks software, talk to a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor at Off-Site Business Services.


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