Press release: April 28, 2016

W.H. Bagshaw Company, the oldest pin makers in America, announces the acquisition of the assets of AB-CIM Corp.  Both companies are located in Nashua, New Hampshire's historic Millyard.  

Since 1870, led by five generations of Bagshaws, W.H. Bagshaw Company has been a major domestic and international supplier of all types of pins and pin assemblies.  With the same entrepreneurial spirit of founding father Walter H. Bagshaw, the company has continued to evolve its processes and products under the direction of Aaron and Adria Bagshaw. Most recently, they've expanded in the precision turned parts market with the introduction of the first Swiss-style CNC machine in 2005, which now represents more than half of its business.  

AB-CIM Corp. was founded in 1994 as a manufacturer of precision metal and plastic parts for a diversified group of industries that include microwave, electronics, medical and automotive.  They maintained a commitment to state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, demonstrated a collective talent for creative problem solving in engineering and employed highly skilled, long tenured machinists, who are now part of the W.H. Bagshaw Company family.  

"We are very excited to take delivery of 12 Swiss-style CNC machines that will complement our current offerings and increase capacity by 50%", said Aaron Bagshaw, W.H. Bagshaw President. "This is a great opportunity to better serve our growing customer base, expand our staffing, and ultimately shorten our lead times."

Lou Davis, W.H. Bagshaw CNC Manager added, "I've been here over ten years, and this is definitely the most exciting change for us because it give us so much more flexibility on the floor."

"This acquisition goes beyond machinery and capabilities.  It's as much about the energy these additions bring and the excitement of the new opportunities as it is the additional capacity," concluded  W.H. Bagshaw Vice President Adria Bagshaw.  

Follow this link to our Photo Album of how the machine delivery played out!
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