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April Part of the Month
Oldest Pin Maker in the USA
It's who we are!

For thousands of years, they've been known as "man's best friend"; a loyal companion like no other. Anecdotal research suggests that employers who allow dogs in the workplace see noticeable results in the productivity and reduction of stress in their employees. The Bagshaw company has "employed" dogs for over 10 years. We've seen first hand how having a well-behaved and friendly dog can positively impact our office environment, as our dog Kona does now. Kona's presence has enhanced the moral of our team by providing a sometimes calm and sometimes playful energy that cuts through the stresses of work.  And we all got a good laugh the morning he slipped away entering the building  and Aaron had to chase him down and carry him back.  Be mindful that with even the cutest and best behaved of dogs, not everyone is a "dog person".  Here is a fantastic article from The Bark that can help you create your pro-pet work place.
Aaron Bagshaw and Kona
March Part of The Month
Stainless steel plunger used in the  medical industry.

     Material: Stainless steel type 430 FR
     Dimensions: .136 +/-0005 x .290 +/-.0010
     Features: Thru hole .025 +/-.002
                       Counter sink


Purpose (why)

A company's statement of purpose defines the very character of it's business. The Bagshaw Company's "statement of purpose" or "our why" states: "We are proud to provide a positive work environment and good living for a lot of families over many decades". 

One key element to maintaining "quality employment" at Bagshaw has been the physical surroundings of our workplace within the Merrimack Valley. Walter H. Bagshaw founded our business in 1870 in Lowell, MA, when it was one of the world's premier textiles manufacturing cities. In 1950 we moved our business to Nashua, NH, a former mill town located on the Massachusetts border, and today we still call Nashua home. There are some great reasons why we've been in Nashua for over 65 years.

Nashua is the only city to be ranked as the #1 "Best city to live in America" twice (1987, 1997) in Money magazine's annual survey! Nashua is a great place to locate a business, conveniently located off of a major highway and only a one hour drive to the ocean, mountains, lakes, and Boston. It offers something for everyone, with shopping, arts, sports, diverse restaurant options, and outstanding schools and hospitals. Contributing to the work-life balance of Bagshaw employees is the 325 acre conservation and recreation land (Mine Falls Park) located right out our back door. Here you'll find a Bagshaw employee almost daily during all four seasons walking, running, biking, fishing or cross country skiing. These reasons, and more, are why American Unraveled writer Eban Daugherty touts  "Why Nashua's Poised To Be New England's Leading Mid Sized City. We agree Eban!

Schedule a visit to WH Bagshaw's world-class manufacturing facility and we will also share with you some of Nashua's best treasures to experience during your visit.
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