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July 2014

It's official, SUMMER IS HERE! During our partial  production shut-down, we organized, cleaned and oiled the machines and now we've got the "pedal to the metal". Many companies slow down in July or have a complete shut-down. Not at WH Bagshaw. Don't forget to place your order now so that you don't get slammed by the August crunch! Feel free to reach out to Tim Curren or Peter Brennan and they will prevent  your post vacation stress! 
On a very summery cool note, we're excited to announce that our employees now have EVERY OTHER FRIDAY OFF! Its awesome. Officially the 9/80 work week occurs over a 2-week period as follows: employees work seven 9-hour days in a 2-week period, one 8-hour day and then receive one "free" day off every other week. If you are thinking about a 9/80 work week give us a call. We will be happy to share our experience.

Part of The Month

 Dimensions: .31 x .81 long.
 Highlight: .136 bore at head, .125 thru hole from side. 1/4-36 threaded  head and straight knurl on cylindrical surface.
 Material: White Delrin

We make millions of precision parts here at WH Bagshaw. All of them are amazing and help our customers products work but this one was extra-cool. Take a look and give us a call to quote your cool parts. 
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