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PinCast #10
February 2014

Hello 2014!  Another year and another opportunity to set and reach new (or old!) goals! As we reflect on the past year, we think about what goals we did or perhaps didn't meet.  For some businesses, unmet yearly goals can be seen as disappointing.  However, from the Bagshaw standpoint, it is seen as another opportunity to fine tune our "systems" and keep moving towards all of our goals within the business.  What do we mean by "systems", you say?  Check out this awesome James Clear article from Entrepeneur  and see how you can apply this useful strategy within your company!
WH Bagshaw PinCast
You gotta check this one out!

Tune in and get tips from blogger and Business Planning Manager Juli Harvey on how to find happiness and balance in your work, life, and home, as well as some  different takes on goal setting. 

Part of The Month
High carbon steel pins made for Card Monroe Corporation. These pins are used in their patented tufting machines that produce artificial turf. This turf just happened to be used in the MetLife Stadium for the recent NFL Super Bowl game! Can                                         we QUOTE a pin or part for you today?



Make It Happen!
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W.H. Bagshaw Co., Inc.
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Don't forget to listen to Part 2 of the Richard Fries PinCast. Tune in to find out....is cycling the new golf?

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