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November 2013

It's important for a business to take a moment and reflect on past events. We took a moment and WOW! What an October! We started out with a family trip to Arizona and had the opportunity to see super cool manufacturing at Karas Kustoms

Then Aaron jetted off to Washington DC to participate in the Milstein Symposium and the University of Virginia's Miller Center Commission on Job Creations for Small and Medium Sized Manufacturers. It involved a diverse and exciting group of people addressing manufacturing concerns in the USA.

October ended with a bang at the Design 2 Part Trade Show in Marlborough, MA where we had the opportunity to connect with current and prospective customers. Check out our bell shaped part of the month that we actually GAVE away at the trade show. Feel free to give us a "ring"!

Part of Month:
Material: Aluminum - silver pieces and Delrin - black pieces.
Dimensions: .497 diameter x 1.00 inches long.
Process: part was turned on a Citizen L-23 machine and as a secondary process, a standard key ring was added.

We knew that October was going to be big for us. All of our planning in December 2012 at our annual strategy session paid off. As you all get ready to set your new goals and benchmarks for 2014 remember that disciplined thought also requires disciplined action to make it all happen!  

Make It Happen!
Aaron Bagshaw
W.H. Bagshaw Co., Inc.
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