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PinCast #3 release
March 2013

We are so passionate about employee empowerment, we've dedicated not only the majority of PinCast #3 but this newsletter as well!  We're proud to share a couple quotes from our own working family.   

"At W.H Bagshaw, Co., employees are included in the day-to-day decisions and plans for the future. Management continually asks for feedback on processes new and old and ways to improve. Each employee feels like they are a piece of the Bagshaw family puzzle."- Tom Hanks, 2nd Shift CNC Lead

"The culture at Bagshaw is one of the most relaxed, upbeat and positive cultures.  New employees are able to easily fit in and feel like a family." - Tim Trottier, Production Manager/Engineer


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Listen Up! PinCast #3 of What's The Point!  The What, How and Why of W.H. Bagshaw


Employee Empowerment!
Employee Empowerment
Employees.....trust them to do the right thing and get out of their way! 

 "An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success."-   Stephen Covey

These 10 principles reinforce employee empowerment, contribution and accomplishment. With guidelines like these, we've had fantastic results and we know you will too.
                                 1. Demonstrate that you value people
                                 2. Share leadership vision
                                 3. Share goals and direction
                                 4. Trust people
                                 5. Provide information for decision making
                                 6. Delegate authority and impact opportunities,
                                     not just more work
                                 7. Give frequent feedback
                                 8. Solve problems, don't pinpoint problem                                              people 
                                 9. Listen to learn and ask questions to provide
                                10. Help employees feel rewarded and
                                     recognized for empowered behavior.

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Aaron Bagshaw
W.H. Bagshaw Co., Inc.

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