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ReshoringMarch 2013

Back in October, our newsletter highlighted re-shoring. Today we loop back.  Indeed, it has become even more prevalent since the fall. Since then, we've run a number of new jobs that fall within the re-shoring  category. Not surprisingly, we continue to receive weekly visitors to our website with part of their search phase being "made in the USA" or "USA". Although it isn't yet a tidal wave of re-shoring, it is a trend that we hope continues.  
With this in mind, take the time to plan intelligently and don't let there be a supply gap! Is there a part we can quote on your desk right now?


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The True Cost
A recent on-line Economist debate brought up another critical point in favor of bringing back outsourced work. Many large multinational corporations analyzed only part of the equation when deciding to send their jobs oversees. They might have done their homework to identify lower labor cost or ex-works price or landed cost, but they didn't go as far as looking at the long term overall cost. MIT graduate Harry Moser's The Reshoring Initiative reports that most companies miscalculate off-shoring costs by 20-30 percent. Today's result...the boomerang effect!
Part of the Month
March part of month
Industry: Petroleum and Petrochemical

Material: .500'' 316 stainless steel

Features: cylindrical part with wrench flats, internal boring and threading.  Low                                                        volume quick turn part!
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In-house Capacity
We currently have capacity to offer  quick turn 2-3 week delivery on some turned parts. Contact us today to discuss your project and let's make some parts!


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