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Kaizen is Japanese for "improvement" or "change for the better".  It's a philosophy we've been embracing and passionate about for a long time. Everyone on the Bagshaw Team is encouraged to come up with small improvements on a regular basis that save time or reduce waste. It's this continual improvement environment that keeps us on time, delivering quality parts and making life for you, our customers, easier and better!

Paul, who heads the shipping department, recently enacted a Kaizen in the shipping area. Take a look to see what improvements his team came up with; you might just learn something for your area or even your home life! 


Shipping Department

Kaizen shipping dept

At first glance these may look like just red tape squares on our shipping room floor, but they are much much more than that. Since the fall, we have been working on a joint strategic Kaizen event at our facility with a key client, with day-long meetings each week at times.  We strive to continually improve our processes in order to ship the world's best quality machined components to our clients. These red squares are the result of a day's worth of fish-boning, brainstorming and PIC charting.  According to Paul Conroy our shipper:
"The main idea of the tape is to differentiate jobs. There is a much less chance for materials being mixed. We don't have to sort through bins to find jobs. It streamlines our shipping process to allow for faster turn around, resulting in getting product out the door faster to our clients. "

 Part of the month

 Material: Brass
 Highlights: CNC turned parts, .072 outside diameter with .04 inside diameter, .025 long.

January part



Continual improvement, lean processes, innovation and encouraging the sharing of ideas are what we strive for! What can we do that makes your life easier or better? What is your ideal shipping time?


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    Kava Dog....
If you've visited the Bagshaw Company, you've likely been greeted by Kava, the Bagshaw's  Family dog. She joined their family, and began "working" at the company in 2001. With great sadness, our family said goodbye to her in December.   
She's pictured here enjoying one of her   favorites....a day at   the beach.  
Rest in peace, sweet girl.


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