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Why Reshore?


Reshoring or Onshoring....the movement has been gathering steam lately as costs rise in doing business overseas. Not only will your company benefit, but the country as a whole will too! Let's take a look at 5 compelling reasons to act now!

  1. Improve quality and consistency
  2. Prices often as low if not lower here domestically
  3. Maintain lower inventories and save money with JIT or Kanban systems
  4. Brings jobs back to the US
  5. Be part of the modern day manufacturing BOOM or be left behind!


Let's talk about bringing your parts back to the USA now! 

Tim (tim@whbagshaw.com ) and Sarina (sarina@whbagshaw.com ) are waiting for your call!



Reshoring Scoop!

April 2012 Boston Consultantancy Group survey reports: "100 manufacturing companies surveyed, 37% planning to reshore back to the US or 'actively considering it.'"

MIT study's author Simchi Levi reports of just under 200 companies surveyed, 33% are considering reshoring and 13% of respondents confirmed moving operations back here.

Steve Metz co-founder of Zee Vee Inc., a Littleton, Massachusetts manufacturer of digital video distribution products says, "it worked for a while, then we discovered a lot of hidden costs."

 Part of the month

 Material: 4140 steel, Rc 47-52 with mate nut, 1215 steel
 Highlights: CNC turned parts, thread size 1/2-13 class 3A, centered hole on nut and both pieces heat  treated in house. Black Oxide finish on both parts.



Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all who have been impacted by hurricane Sandy.


We know that the same resourcefulness that allows manufacturing to thrive in the USA will be what helps rebuild our devastated areas. 


Today is a unique time in the history of manufacturing. A manufacturing rebirth is on the horizon. Let's seize the moment!


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