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Warning!  Reading this may save you money!


Your supply chain can work seamlessly and be low maintenance or it can be your worst nightmare and even shut down your production line. Kanban is used by Toyota not only to avoid costly shutdowns but to shorten lead times, reduce inventory and develop trusting partnerships with suppliers. 


One example of how our clients have benefited from the Kanban system is a very lean switch manufacturer in Massachusetts.  We receive their Kanban ship sheet once or twice a week.  Most Friday evenings on our way home to our families, we receive an email indicating what parts they need.  We ship their product the following Monday morning in their re-usable plastic bins. This may sound simple enough but the convenience and cost savings over time are huge since the client is getting the product as they need it.


Talk to our Ninja Tim ( tim@whbagshaw.com )or Samurai Sarina ( Sarina@whbagshaw.com ) to learn how we can set you up on a similar Kanban!




  Recent Client Experience

Day One

3:29 P.M.  Client visits Bagshaw website.

3:42 P.M.  Client submits RFQ via Bagshaw website.

4:39 P.M.  Client visits website for 2nd time and responds to LIVE chat indicating they're looking for a custom pin and they have submitted a RFQ but they will be out of the office.                          

4:41 P.M.  Client receives quote for custom pin.

6:04 P.M.  Client realizes this is their best solution, orders and opts to pay via Paypal. 

Day Two

9:00 A.M. Product is boxed and shipped! Client barely "out of office"...Less than 24 hours turn around on this one!






 Doyle Parker Horvath


                        Your spirit is alive at WH Bagshaw Co.                            


The Bagshaw team came together recently for the 3rd Annual Doyle Parker-Horvath Softball Tournament.  
Funds are raised for his two sons. Much laughter and memories are shared.  
One of these years, our team may actually win, too!  Win or lose, its a very special weekend for our crew.  



As we all transition from summer to fall, and get into new routines at home...ask yourself how we can help you transition a new process or product!


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