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Unmove 2012 - We did it for you (Really!)


That's right, although we didn't move our facility due to circumstances beyond our control - the benefits of all our recent activities to you are dramatic.  What we are now referring to as our "Unmove 2012" has revealed the similarities to the problem solving process we implement with all new projects. The W.H. Bagshaw team creates opportunities by solving problems every day!  Take a look for yourself at the process we've just completed:  

  1. Identified areas of operational and facility improvement
  2. Made plans for an exciting move
  3. Put new facility under agreement
  4. HUGE house-keeping and clean-up catalyst at current facility
  5. Total review of operational efficiencies and documented key improvements
  6. Reacted to cancellation of purchase and sale on our current facility by the buyer
  7. Moment of silence - stopped, regrouped, reenergized the team
  8. Held Team Rally to identify resources and improved operational systems and reengage in our current location at a higher level
  9. Celebrated how our team, systems and current facility have become better than ever before - Victory!




  Driving it home W.H. Bagshaw Style (watch the video too)

WH Bagshaw Co. 2012 Unmove!
Client Solution!



 The above video is another quick story of a client challenge we recently overcame.  When the  client  approached us with their project, we knew we needed to create a better  solution than the  specifics they outlined in their request.  So we looked deeper and  also helped them avoid  the 2 major dangers all product designers and  manufacturers  face that would have cost  them big time.  Now, they've got a great  success story on their hands instead...

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We've been moving like crazy and the efforts have revealed new opportunities to optimize our process for you - our clients!   

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