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The Pin Group 


Industry:Textile, Recycling, Pointed Hand Tools.
Material: High Carbon Steel
Diameter:All made to customer specifications
Features: Heat treated, knurled, centerless ground with squared/chamfered butt ends.
Run by: The Pin Group


We still use some of the same technology of 1870, with some improvements over the years, of course!   


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6th Annual Ride2Read & Walk
Chaired by Aaron, the event managed to raise almost $30,000 while having fun walking and riding for a great cause. The rain cleared just long enough for this important event for our community.  Sarina and Jen weren't so lucky - they signed up to put out all the signs on Saturday...when it was pouring.  With six walkers, three cyclists and lots of supporters, Bagshaw Company managed to raise almost $700 for the Nashua Adult Learning Center. 














All just words, but together they make up our "core values and beliefs". One of our daily priorities is to make the Bagshaw Company a fantastic place to work! Keeping it fun and keeping it fresh keeps everyone coming back, ready to "make it happen" (that's another one of our core values).

Our newest initiative is to replace the junk food vending machines with a healthier snack bar, which we're running on the honor system.  Feedback has been excellent so far!!!!  Favorites are the smoothies, chocolate milk, and of course, the "MOJO" bars! 



Healthier snacking



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