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Nov/Dec 2014 

Welcome to the Organized Lifestyle Magazine. This edition is about getting what you want!

Read on if you struggle with:
  • getting everything done
  • staying organized
  • staying focused and being happy
My Mama always said when you point one finger out you have three pointing back at you. That certainly made think twice before blaming my siblings!

Over the years that one little saying has make me think twice when I want to blame 'a busy life' for why I don't do what I 'say' I want to do ... exercise, eat healthy, read a book ... you get the idea.

Our readers tell us how they love this magazine because it's filled with great, helpful and practical ideas (thank you awesome readers). However, if you read this and then you feel bad because you don't take action, well ...somehow that just doesn't seem right, does it?

If you want different results in your life, you need to change what you're doing. You can either change 'how' you do things or you can change the space around you.

This edition is about changing it up and getting what you want!

See you again in February 2015.

Deanne Kelleher 
kAos Group


What do you want? 


It seems that everyone wants more energy. So let's look at what 'more energy' means in your life and how you can get more of it.  



Step One: Schedule 15 minutes to explore what is draining your energy and to decide how you will start to get more energy.

Can you get more energy from cooking better food, taking lunches to work or through exercise. Maybe you could get one more hour of sleep a night if you hired someone to help you clean your house or do laundry. What other types of jobs can people help you do to lighten your load - physically/emotionally?
Step Two: Write the answers and ideas you come up with on a clean sheet of paper and answer the following questions:  
  • Who can I call to help me?
  • When will I call them?
  • What am I going to ask them for?
  • How much money will I allocate to this project?
  • What supplies might I need?
  • When will I buy the supplies?
  • Who will be my accountability partner?
Step Three:
Schedule the action items from step two into your calendar and act on them.  

If you think this is easier to read than to do, you are absolutely correct.

If it makes you feel overwhelmed, then I'll ask you to rethink your choice because if you're already thinking negatively about your choice you probably don't want to do it.

Read the article "Feel Good Foods and Fire Alarms" for more insights into avoidance. 


What do you need?

If you tell yourself that the look of your office doesn't affect how people feel about you, you're wrong (and I'm sorry).  


I've consulted with too many HR Directors to lie to you. If your office 'looks' like a disaster other people may think you 'are' a disaster and they may trust you less.  


The funny thing is that people who fall into the category of having messy offices often say "I know where everything is" ... and they usually do. But a messy office does not calm the nerves of those they report to.  


And let me add this. Just because someone's office appears neat doesn't mean they know where everything is or that they are somehow more competent. It just 'appears' better.  


If you have an office space that appears like a disaster, my only question is: Do you want it to be different? If yes, then schedule 10-15 minutes a day for one week and watch what can happen.  


1. Gather loose papers into like piles
2. Place the 'like' piles into sub-folders 
3. Label sub-folders with a marker or printed label 
4. Keep upright, visible and easily accessible with a staggered file sorter    


Click here to read the Office Essentials article.  

Article - 3 Ways Clutter Can Affect Your Success  

How Much Time Will It Take?   
Recently my Iron/Steam Station broke and when I say recently, I mean 4 months ago. Life happens quickly these days and since I had my old iron as backup I made do. 

It literally took me four months and two phone calls to figure out where to take my Iron/Steam Station to be repaired. That might seem crazy to some of you, but the rest of you totally get how it took me that long!

It was like I needed the stars and my energy to align to motivate myself to take action. It's not about taking it for repair. That would have been easy if I had known where to take it. Instead, I needed the time (at least 15 to 20 minutes on a week day) to make a call to someone I didn't know to find out what my next step was to getting this machine repaired. 

I finally did it and now know that I will need to drive it halfway across the city and drop off my machine between 10 am and 5 pm and only on a Wednesday or a Thursday. As ridiculous as those hours of operation are, I'm kind of excited because I've put it in the box, written the address on the box and after reviewing my calendar I know which day I'll take it in. 

Funny that I'm so happy because it's not fixed yet and yet I'm so pleased that I moved this project to the next step.

What is the one 'next-step' you need to take on something that is weighing you down? Do you need to call someone or make an appointment somewhere?

Keep those things you need to do in a list and with you at all times. You'll be surprised when you might find the inspiration to make a call.

A Sanity Session is one 3-hour hands-on session
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Do you burn the rice?

If I read one more '3 Simple Steps' or "just do this" to prepare for the holidays I might throw a full-on adult tantrum.

I can't describe the pain that preaching the simplicity of organizing  causes people who struggle with the concept of getting organized. I read articles that say "in three simple steps" or "just organize ...". Those preachers might as well say "just eat right", "just get over it" or "just lose 15 lbs".

Instead, I present you with this approach. What if we began with empathy for other humans who are dealing with all the fast balls that life is throwing at them? Because we've all been there!

My gosh. If juggling work, family and trying to get enough sleep every night isn't hard enough, then add in buying groceries, cooking and paying the monthly bills, together with producing your worth at work and trying to give all you can of yourself to those you love.

Here's how the burnt rice ties into this story ...
I'm not the greatest cook and one night my sister was over when I happened to burn the rice. Not completely charred but certainly not edible.

My sweet sister turned to me and said "rice is so easy to cook" and after a moment's pause I cracked up laughing .... as I showed her the rice stuck to the pot I said "oh yeah, rice is so easy to cook". By this time, my kids, my sister and I were all laughing. 

This moment sparked a deeper conversation about how doing a supposedly simply task can be easier for one more than another.
And it got me thinking about why people call kAos Group for help with organizing and not for me to cook their rice.

My sister taught me the how to cook rice that day and I have since taught my children. Oh how proud I am of my children and my rice.

Since then, I have also helped people organize their personal and professional lives.


Is it time for you to find someone to teach you how to cook the rice or organize your office or your home?  


Is it time to get what you want?  



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