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Issue: 101
August 2014 

Welcome to the Organized Lifestyle Magazine. This edition is dedicated to those of you who want MORE! More satisfaction, more power and more of not just feeling in control but of actually being in control of your life.

Getting organized seems to be painful for some because it may represent what we are unable to accomplish on our own. Even those of us who are exceptionally accomplished can struggle with aspects of 'being organized'.

The struggle to become organized can be clouded by various factors:

a) Organic prioritization - this is when individuals choose to do what is considered more important than taking care of themselves such as helping aging parents or working long hours. More on this  in the 'Spirit' section of this edition.

b) Planned avoidance - this is when individuals choose to fill every moment of free time with activities which prevents them from scheduling time to work on areas of their life that feel disorganized.

c) Unplanned freeze - a natural response that usually occurs because of one major unexpected event (death, dying, divorce, depression, physical injury, job change or job loss). Following an event of this nature, the thought of tackling and organizing even one aspect of our personal or professional lives can feel daunting and potentially unattainable. 

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Deanne Kelleher 
kAos Group


Oh no! School Starts Soon.  


I can nearly guarantee that everything you'll read this month will be about organizing something for back to school. So I'm going to give you a shortcut on the whole 'school organizing' thing and then I'm going to give you a cheat sheet to keep you on track.  


The Shortcut on Back to School Organizing:   

Schedule three blocks of time and recruit your kids to participate.  


a) 2 hours per child to sort and organize clothes. Keep pen and paper (or PDA) handy to take notes on your children's sizes so you can buy clothes without them or at least more quickly the next time.  


b) 2 hours for tackling last year's backpack and assorted school paper that is still lying around. Make a note if your children need a new backpack and/or lunch bag.


c) 2 hours for shopping.  Take your list.  Buy what you need.  And celebrate when you're done.


 Keeping up with it all is the cheat sheet I promised you.  

A wonderful woman by the name of Janet Barclay pulls together some amazing organizing articles, focusing on a specific topic each month. I thought you'd enjoy this assortment of articles filled with tips and ideas on 'how-to' keep up with it all.  

Money and Your Mind = David and Goliath

Let's talk about your personal office. Your mortgage, debt, bills, investments and all the other paper documents that represent your financial responsibilities. Are these organized, accessible and getting paid on time or do you avoid this kind of paper because you are uncomfortable with your financial situation?   


Dealing with paper is the quickest and easiest way to feel like David of David and Goliath.


I won't say you can do this in 3 easy steps but click here to read how you can start sorting your papers so that you can begin to take control of your money. 


Another option is to work with one of our team members. We work in three hour sessions and people always say how amazed they are at what we can accomplish in a single session. . 


 Read more testimonials here ... 


"There's a hidden, inner strength that you cannot find unless you push yourself through adversity."  

"The Tools"  

Phil Stutz & Barry Michels 

Good meetings save time.  Be careful of the negative creep of bad meetings.     
It's not the meeting itself that is bad.  It's the lack of planning, collaboration, timelines and follow through that can leave your team lacking interest in your meetings.

The 5 Meeting Essentials: 
a) Prepare an agenda that people can review beforehand.

b) Appoint a note taker - they create a recap of the meeting to be sent to participants.

c) Identify actions - if there are topics on the agenda your team should be preparing to contribute to, let them know.

d) Record new rules or processes in writing.

e) Allocate next steps - any action items need to be allocated and attached to the person responsible.

Now that your meeting is well organized, you are ready to add in emotional intelligence to enhance participation. Consider these personality insights when planning and conducting your meetings.     

The Organized Personality Style likes to know the details of what will be discussed and what information you'd like them to bring.  
This personality style likes to be prepared and to know how much time will be allocated to discussions.

The Relationship Personality Style likes when a team is encouraged to work together in a positive manner. This personality style likes cohesive relationships with the entire group.  
The Action Personality Style likes to keep the conversations on point and moving quickly. This personality style enjoys tossing out ideas in a fast-paced meeting with less attention to tiny details.  
The Logical Personality Style likes the opportunity to review an agenda before a meeting so they can think and prepare. This personality style may not 'jump into' the middle of a conversation but instead listens and weighs out all the input before determining what they believe to be the best next step. 
Taking Care of You!

In my opening, I mentioned "Optional Prioritization", when we choose to put other people ahead of ourselves. I understand that there are times in life when we are not our first priority. My daughter was born around the same time my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. I vividly remember going to my mother's apartment to help my mother bathe while my newborn baby rested in her stroller. My sister and I shared the responsibilities so the load was not mine to bear alone. Yet, it still felt like a heavy load.

We can need help at different ages and stages in life. Recently I had been trying to fit 'working out' back into my life when suddenly a gift came to me in the form of a 10-minute commitment.

Althea is a trainer I know and I just about jumped out of my seat at her incredible idea of dedicating 10 minutes a day to myself. She wholeheartedly understands how people struggle to fit time in for themselves, no matter how necessary, and she has agreed to let me share her offer with you!




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