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Issue: 99
April 2014 
Welcome to the April 2014 edition of the Organized Lifestyle Magazine. We're excited to share tips, strategies and tools to help you get more organized.

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Deanne Kelleher 
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Tweaking Your Kitchen

A kitchen is usually the hub of the house. Meals, paper work, homework and our overall health.  

The kitchen is so important and often people are bothered, frustrated, and even too overwhelmed to enjoy spending time in the kitchen because it is difficult to find and access the tools needed to create a meal. And there are piles of paper and mail that have yet to be dealt with.

Here are some tips to help you organize your kitchen:


* Group like items - mixing bowls, serving platters, canned food, spices, and Tupperware

* Create more space
- always look up! Install hooks to hang mugs or use risers to stack dishes to the full capacity of the shelf space.

* Hang it
- ceiling or wall-mounted units are great for storing pots and pans. What to do with the lids? Use a lid holder that stores them vertically on the inside of a door

* Containerize
- group like items, such as rice or pasta, and put them into a plastic basket inside the cupboard or upright in Tupperware containers that are clearly marked

* Easy Access - use a drawer organizer for utensil drawers

For meal planning or a simple dry erase chore chart, check out the Martha Stewart Dry-erase-Weekly-Vertical-Calendar
Office Essentials
Forget the piles and those annoying receipts!

Here are the kAos Group favourites for getting your piles upright and accessible and your receipts in control.

The graduated wire desk file sorter - essential for keeping information together, upright and easy to see. 


Poly files - so sorry I haven't found them in better colors yet! 
Use the Poly File pockets with the desk sorter to keep your action items easily accessible and neatly put away when they aren't needed. This can be the new home for your 'bills to pay', client files, receivables and more.

Take a look at your desk and whatever is in a pile can be neatly grouped together, labelled and vertical. 
Goodbye shoe box and hello vertical files. The ends on these files are closed so your receipts are safe!

They slip perfectly into a filing cabinet between the hanging files and have an expandable bottom - we know the receipts can take up space.  

These items are all available at Staples. 


5 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Working hard is what many people will tell you is the right thing to do: "Work hard and it will pay off," "Work hard and you will get rewarded." But there's nothing wrong with taking a few short cuts that enable to you to work smarter. Whether it be ideas to make your housework chores easier or achieve greater productivity at work, here are some tips that will allow you to do things easier:


1. Effortlessly clean the inside of your microwave: Zap a cup of vinegar in a microwave safe open container for about 30-60 seconds to allow the steam to loosen any hardened bits of food (or use lemon slices in water if you don't like the vinegar smell). Then just wipe.


2. Keep track of your professional accomplishments as they happen: Keep a log of your work history, responsibilities, and achievements by recording them at the end of each month. Then if you need a resume, just edit.


3. Use the 2-minute rule: Instead of putting everything on your to-do list, if it can be completed within 2 minutes, just do it immediately. You'll be amazed at how much you get done.


4. Never hold a meeting without an agenda. By taking a few minutes up front to plan and write out the agenda, you will avoid many long-winded discussions and circular conversations. Add duration times against each agenda entry to make it even more effective.

    • Agendize the way you meet....


5. Use templates as much as possible. If you find yourself writing things like thank you letters, welcome emails or any phrases repeatedly, save the text as a template to be copied and pasted into your next document. Why reinvent the wheel each time?


And don't forget the obvious: get enough sleep, exercise and hydration to really turbo-charge your spirit so that you wake up refreshed and alert each day. Yes, hard work does pay off, but so can smart work too! 

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  Tax  Tips   

It's that time of year again and there are ways to save time and money. 


- Give  your accountant the numbers he or she needs, not piles of papers to sort through.  


- A well-organized filing system will support you year after year, save you money and give you peace of mind.


Here are a few more ideas to save you money:  


1. Sorting: All financial documents should be neatly sorted and organized by category before going to the accountant.


2. Excel: If you don't use an accounting program, track all your information in an Excel spreadsheet.


3. Have your Notice of Assessment from last year handy so you can confirm all deductions were accounted for.


4. Hard Copies: Safely archive all paperwork pertaining to taxes for at least 7 years. These documents should not remain in your day-to-day filing cabinet.


5. Submit Early: Reduce the stress of getting your taxes done at the last-minute and avoid interest and penalty charges for late filing.


6. Folders labelled 2014: A professionally-organized filing system will have sub folders labelled with this year on them  to keep the years organized. You can remove last year's files, when you're ready.  


This process ensures maximum accuracy when dealing with your taxes and long-term tracking of all pertinent paper work.  


Contact us if you'd like to set up your systems and start saving money!