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October 2013 
Welcome to the October edition of the Organized Lifestyle Magazine. I just finished reading two articles about de-cluttering and getting organized. One article was from the New York Times, April 23, 1992 and the other from the Toronto Star, January 31,1993 . Yes, you read the dates correctly! A client recently gifted the articles to me along with an assortment of 'organizing' books as we purged her book shelves. She said she's been trying to get organized since the 90's and feels like she has accomplished more in our 4 sessions together than she has in all those years.

If you've spent years 'trying' to get organized or de-clutter maybe it's time you took a slightly different approach and hired someone to help you.

You don't need to know where to start and you don't need to know exactly how it's going to work - you simply need to commit a few blocks of time in your calendar and hire someone who acts professionally and has a good reputation.
Let me add this; your life wont' be running like clockwork after the first few sessions but it will certainly put you miles ahead of where you are right now and that energized feeling of finally being in the drivers seat will push you onward!

We invite you to read through this edition to find tips and strategies for organizing your home, office, time and spirit. And, our refreshed web site for more information about our Professional Organizing services.                                                                                                                                                             
Deanne Kelleher 
kAos Group
Hello, I'm Deanne Kelleher, Founder of Kaos Group a Profesional Organizing consultancy 
Hello, I'm Deanne Kelleher,
Founder of kAos Group a
Professional Organizing consultancy




kAos Group interviewed by Tailored Living    


Smart home improvement and organization for your lifestyle is the tag line of Tailored Living. Their services certainly compliment ours because they specialize in maximizing the space in a home with customizable closets and we specialize in organizing the contents.  


Recently they asked me to answer a few common questions about the professional organizing services that we offer. Click here to read the article and you are welcome to take advantage of their $250 coupon.  


Read more ideas on organizing your living space ... 

Find your paradise

"Maintaining a sense of orderliness can feel like paradise compared to missing deadlines and duplicating efforts caused by misplacing objects or files. By progressively mastering efficiency techniques, you can make them automatic and habitual." is what Dr. Bill Knaus, Ed. D., said in his article about how to get and stay organized: part 1.

He shares how successful companies have priority organizing systems and then shares a four step process for individuals:
  1. Identify organizing objectives
  2. Develop an effective organizing system
  3. Practice your system
  4. Revise and update the system

What I find even more interesting is that you probably just read those four steps and are aware that they make sense but for some reason or another you have not implemented reliable systems to enable you to feel in control.    


If you've been wanting to get organized' maybe it's time to shift the way you are approaching the task. You are probably excellent at what you do and you probably do a lot every day but the idea of getting organized in a way that you truly desire eludes you because a) you have not allocated the time or b) although you are relatively organized you have not been able to make it happen for yourself.  


There are 90 days left until this year is over - think about what you really want and then plan to make it happen. Read our blog about your plan for the next 90 days ... and call us at 416.347.9002 or email to 

Taking Back Your Time   

According to researchers, if you work in an office you're interrupted, on average, every three minutes and it can take up to 25 minutes to regain your concentration after each interruption. Other research by Hewlett-Packard Labs showed that 41% of people never returned to their original activity. It's no wonder that you feel like you never really accomplished what you set out to.
It's pretty common to welcome interruptions if we're working (or trying to start) an unpleasant task but most often we 'allow' interruptions because our day isn't structured in an organized manner that let's others know when you are working and you're available to accept unplanned conversations.

Here are a few strategies you can integrate: 
  1. Track what's happening and when. Yes, log the details of interruptions that are critical, non-urgent and unnecessary for one week. Tally up the total time and divide by 5 days - this will give you an approximate amount of time you'll need to allocate each day for the unexpected.  
  2. Take control of the situation when someone does drop by unexpectedly ask, "what can I do for you?" instead of "how are you? And then ask them how much of your time they will need - set a timer on your desktop that they can see.
  3. Reduce distractions by having a closed door time each day where you work uninterrupted for one hour. Turn off email alerts and consider closing your email entirely during your power hour.  
  4. If you are interrupted in the middle of a task - write on a sticky note what your next step is and adhere it to the document. If it's a digital document use all caps and highlight in yellow.

The more organized you are the easier it will be to move from one project to an interruption and then back again.  


Calculate what disorganization is costing you by following this link ...
Find Your Motivation

It's easier than you might think to find motivation to move onward with a positive attitude. Pinterest surely helps those who are visually motivated and I also have a good chuckle when pinning (Pinterest terminology) to my "things that make me laugh folder.  

Take a look at the kAos Group Pinterest folders.

If you want to learn how and why to start on Pinterest click here for your step-by-step instructions from our friends at JN Software.

 The intention is to find what motivates you, what fills your bucket,  makes your spirit soar and what makes you smile ....and then keep it handy to keep those awesome feelings flowing.

Can our Professional Organizing Services help you?   


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