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Issue: 92

September 2013 
Welcome to the September edition of the Organized Lifestyle Magazine.

This edition focuses on four lists, one for each of the key areas of your life - your home, your office, your time and for your spirit.

These lists will enable you to begin tackling key areas of your life with minimal preparation, minimal thinking and with maximum results.

We want you to feel in control of your life - like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and frankly, that's how our clients feel once they've worked with us.

We've also increased our font size for easier reading - enjoy!

Deanne Kelleher 
kAos Group

Hello, I'm Deanne Kelleher, Founder of Kaos Group a Profesional Organizing consultancy 
Hello, I'm Deanne Kelleher,
Founder of Kaos Group a
Professional Organizing consultancy




Getting dressed just got easier   

As we juggle out kids closets prepare ourselves up for another fall season, there's no better time than now for a closet make-over, touch-up or tweak. So, before you shop for those new fall pieces know what you have and know what you need!  


Reclaim your inbox 
Email - everyone has it, and we all love to complain about it. How about coming back from a 2 week vacation and finding hundreds of emails to sort through? Not much fun at all, considering that you probably have enough other pressing projects to work on after being away.


Check out our "email efficiency" checklist - see how many of these ideas can work for you. There may be a bit of trial and error to figure out your best solutions, but once you do, you'll be so pleased that you took the time!


  • Don't let email take over your entire day - schedule a few blocks of time into your calendar daily to review your emails and only open up your email program during these times.
    • Sort your emails immediately as you read them - don't ever just read an email without doing something with it. Either it's an appointment to calendar, a task for your to-do list, info to move to a storage or follow-up folder, or contact info to enter into a database.

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No more fretting about procrastination 
Is it really information overload that is causing so many of us to feel overwhelmed? It could just be the way the human brain is wired - our consciousness has evolved to actually encourage us to not get things done that we feel resistant to. That's what Si Conroy writes about in his post on My Neuro CoachHis theory is that we have a natural resistance to difficult or unpleasant things, hence we procrastinate, put things off that are new or strange, or take on too much and then feel overwhelmed.


Sound familiar? Well, at least it may be some consolation that it's just your conscious brain working on auto pilot! But we still need ways to deal with this, and that's exactly what our

best practices in time management checklist gives you.  

Reminder: Realize that you even after you try a number of these tips, your emotional resistance may cause you to slip back into your old habits, but don't get discouraged. If you understand why it's happening, it's so much easier to get back on track forming good time management habits that will stay with you for a lifetime!
Our home as a reflection of our feelings?

Our home reflects our moods, our beliefs, and our feelings, and so it follows that our spirit guides us as we choose how to decorate and organize the items that are precious to us. Pick a room in your home that you would like to work on to better reflect your own spirit. Email us for the kAos Group Room-by-Room template and start making your notes on what inspires you!

  • Create your own yoga or meditation sanctuary by using a Japanese style folding partition to section off a quiet corner. Add a candle, an inspiring framed quote, soft lighting, and make sure you have suitable flooring or a good yoga mat.
    • Don't use your treadmill as a clothes hanger! If you're thinking of adding a piece of exercise equipment to your home, then realize that you are going to have to locate it in a prominent space - some may want it in front of a TV, others will prefer a view to the garden. Just don't hide it in a corner of the bedroom in a spot where it's impractical to use.
  • Utilize your garage better by transforming the concrete floor using floor coating that now come in a range of colour options or even flexible tile flooring specifically designed for garages. You can create a brand new space to use for the hobby or activity of your choice.
    • Turn a traditional den into a true multi-media room fully equipped with your computer hooked up to a television so that you can view your digital photos on a really big screen - create a slide show of your last family vacation to play automatically in the background the next time you have a family gathering.
  • Consider a Murphy Bed - they are making a comeback with innovative designs that build a truly comfortable bed to pull down right from the wall, great for when kids at college return home or even to use daily in a small space apartment.
You can really get creative once you start to think about what you love to do and how it can be incorporated into your home. Build an orchid corner if you love to watch them bloom, or a reading nook in a corner window seat. Pinterest is a great source for inspiring images on a myriad of ideas so, whatever your fancy, begin with some planning notes and see where it takes you!



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