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Issue: 91

July/August 2013 
Welcome to the summer edition of the Organized Lifestyle Magazine (OLM). This edition is a compilation of our 'cool connections'. The links below are the how-to and where-to-buy to organize your home, optimize the way you work, manage your time and fulfill your spirit.

We hope you enjoy the information. And if you like the links but aren't sure where to keep all that information here is our suggestion:

Create a folder in your inbox called "kAos Group" and file this email there. For all the links you love, use - be sure to use tags for easy retrieval and you'll be able to access all the information from anywhere. 

We welcome your call / email with questions about our services for living spaces and work places. 


Deanne Kelleher
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Deanne Kelleher - Kaos Group
Deanne Kelleher - Kaos Group



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This IS your life    


Being Productive
The biggest concerns about productivity in the work place are about time, email (yes, this one gets its very own category) and managing all the tasks associated with getting the job done.

Click on any of the lines below to find links to the tools for email, tasks and paper systems.

Manage the email inbox
  1. Sane Box 
  2. Microsoft tips 
  3. Email tips from Lifehack 
  4. MacWorld tips for email 
  5. Email management from 
You'll quickly notice there is no "right" way, so choose the tips that resonate with you and implement.

The truth about email
Managing the task list...
  1. Wunderlist 
  2. Good Todo - making tasks from email
  3. ToDo Task Manager 
  4. Things
  5. Omnifocus 
It's a standard 1440 minutes for all of us

We can't change this fact. But there are areas where we can shave time to save time. Here is a small selection of links for apps and food for thought on time and staying focused.  


  1. Drive Safely   
  2. An entrepreneur's selection of time management apps 
  3. Time tracking tools (this list is huge so be prepared)
  4. Evernote starters guide 
  5. Stay focused  
  6. Avoid burnout and hire a professional organizer - I didn't write this article but I do like it :)  
  7. Excel shortcuts  
  8. Rescue Time Tracker - my personal favorite!!   

Time wasted at work is on the rise.  Read the stats here and calculate how much disorganization is costing you. 


Can our Professional Organizing Services help you? 

You might contact us for office organizing support if you:
  • would like to be more productive  
  • want to optimize your calendar  
  • know that there is a better way to get the job done
  • are a team leader or business owner
  • want to accomplish more each day and do it more easily  

You might contact us for individual or team organizing if you or a team member:    

You may contact us for household organizing support if you:  

  • would like to sort, organize and create systems for your home
  • struggle with the amount of paper in your home   
  • have downsized a parent and ended up with more "stuff" than when you started 
  • know what you want to organize and simply need a Professional Organizer to help you get it all done 

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You're invited to take a mid-summer break and celebrate you and your business! Returning for the third year to the elegant surroundings of the King Edward Hotel, Victoria Room, our speakers will be Ellen Roseman and Julie Ellis plus Toronto's tea expert Shabnam Weber 


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"We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort."  


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What is kAos Group?  

 kAos Group is a Professional Organizing consultancy.


We work closely with clients to help identify  

inefficiencies - the clutter and disorganization that prevent professional and personal growth - and help clients streamline their business and personal lives to reduce stress, increase profits, increase productivity and move forward more easily.    


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