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Issue: 90

June 2013 
Have you ever cleaned up your office because the boss was coming by for a visit or cleaned up the house because guests were coming over?

When our clients share this with me I always think of two things: 
  1. invite them (the boss or guests) more often and  
  2. why do we wait for those moments to create a space we are more satisfied with   

This month's edition of the Organized Lifestyle Magazine focuses on some of the common areas that create the biggest aggravation. Enough of waiting for the guests to arrive to clear your cluttered crannies.    

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Deanne Kelleher - Kaos Group
Deanne Kelleher - Kaos Group



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Those Nooks and Crannies    


All those little spaces can be effectively utilized for storage. And perhaps your daily routines of putting things away can become a little bit easier.

If you have keys out of place or shoes piling up, read on for a few ideas to use those nooks and crannies to your advantage.

Getting to the bottom of it!

How do you feel when you arrive at your office every morning to see the same piles of paper on your desk that seem to have been there forever?  


Having a never-ending stack of papers lingering on our desk makes us feel like we never get anything accomplished. It's certainly not very motivating when we don't ever see the bottom of our desk tray. Piles of papers represent the same thing that emails in our inbox do - incomplete work. The best way to deal with this and save our sanity at the office is to have an organized system in place that we follow diligently.


Start by sorting ALL of the papers on your desk into 4 piles: To Do, To Pay, To File, and To Read. Everything will fall into one of these categories.  

  • Bills go into the "to pay" file,  
  • Any paper that you have to act on or reply to goes in the "to do" file.  
  • Things that you want to read or review more thoroughly at a later date can go into the "to read" file, and  
  • Once you are finished with a paper or need to store it, then place it into the "to file" category.

 If you love the simplicity of the system, click here for more insights to the Core Four System (TM) - our paper flow methodology that works!  

Arriving at your desk each morning, whether it's in a formal office or your own home office, shouldn't be an agonizing experience. Imagine how much better it will be to start the day off knowing exactly what you need to work on and where to find it. 

Don't let those piles of paper get you down - get to the bottom of it!  



Time Has No Secrets

There's absolutely nothing mysterious about time. We all have the same amount of it, yet most of us never seem to have enough of it. But the problem is not time itself, and it's really not entirely your fault.  Time management is not a class we took in school (although maybe it should be) and unless you happen to be one of those people with keen time awareness skills, you probably have struggled with time ... been taunted by time ... even teased by time.


Email seems to be the biggest zapper to all time so I had to share this:  


Tony Hsieh, CEO at realized that by using his email inbox as his "to do" list, it was like a bottomless pit, never getting emptied, with many emails not getting answered and often missing important issues.  


Thus, he developed the Yesterbox concept: take all of the emails from yesterday and make this your to do list for today.  


Tony spends time each morning on replying, archiving, calendaring, forwarding and filing yesterday's emails. About half way through the day, he is completely finished acting on his Yesterbox. The emails that he receives today will not get answered immediately - they instead become tomorrow's Yesterbox and now he has the rest of the day free to work on other things.

Removing emotional toxins

Now that you have de-cluttered the papers on your desk, papers in your home and emails on your computer, you are ready to tackle the all-important task of de-cluttering your emotions. Carly Cooper, life coach, speaker and author, writes in her article, 4 Steps to Emotional Spring Cleaning, how this is a process that can't be done successfully without first getting rid of the physical clutter in your life.

This makes so much sense. Just think about it. If your surroundings are causing you stress because you can never find anything and you are overwhelmed with papers and to-do lists, how can you expect to find that calm energy needed to let go of the emotional barriers that are preventing you from feeling happy and fulfilled?

Carly offers some excellent tips on how to let go of resentments and end the "procrastination paralysis" as she calls it. Read the full article here and then start with her suggestion of choosing one step to implement right away this week. There's no time like the present!

Can our Professional Organizing Services help you? 

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