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May 2013 
Hello and welcome to the May edition of the Organized Lifestyle Magazine.

In this month's edition, we start our first of four garage organizing articles, we've included shortcuts to simplify your life, and insights into the truth about sleep and productivity (they say lack of it actually makes you stupid), plus alternatives to recycling paper.

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Spring Clean Your Garage - Bottoms Up!

The garage is often the most neglected area of your home, yet it can actually be one of your home's greatest assets.  


A well-organized garage, utilized as another living or work space, can add thousands of dollars to the value of your house and provide you with countless hours of enjoyment.  


Over the next few months, kAos Group will be focusing on helping you with your garage makeover, beginning with the area that we first encounter as soon as we set foot in our garage - the floor.


What's Even Better Than Recycling?  
Recycling paper is a great way to support the environment - shred it, dump it in your recycling bin, or compost it. There are many options to get paper out of your home in an eco-friendly manner.  


Finding Shortcuts to Simplify Your Life 
Searching for things you have misplaced around the house or repeating routine tasks in a haphazard manner can waste precious minutes or hours in a given day. Here are some suggestions to get you started on making life easier for yourself: 
  • When using your computer, add a few keyboard shortcuts to your repertoire. 
    • Use Ctrl+U for Underline, Ctrl+B for Bold, and Ctrl+I for Italics  
    • While you are typing (enter the command just before you want the new formatting to start and again right after when you want it to end) so that you don't have to lift your fingers off the keyboard to switch to the mouse.  
    • Ctrl+ - or + will zoom in/out on the screen  

It may only save you seconds but your writing will flow much better.

  • If you scan receipts to your computer, there is no need to scan every receipt right away. Instead, as you come home with a new sales receipt, put it in a box or basket close to where you keep your bag or empty your pockets. Then regularly go through the receipts and discard the ones that you know don't need to keep, like grocery store or restaurant receipts not related to your business. Only scan the remaining receipts you need to keep for possible refund, warranty or business/tax needs so that you don't waste time.
  • Important documents: set up a folder that is readily accessible, but not out in the open, for your important family documents such as health cards, passports and citizenship cards, etc. This way, when anyone in the family needs one of these cards, it can be found quickly without hunting around the house!


Put your mind to the task of finding more shortcuts that you can come up with to simplify your daily routine. We all do things differently and what works for one person may not make sense to another. So challenge yourself to examine what you can do to make something easier for yourself today!

Take Control of What Feeds You 
What area of your life do you need to take control over? It could be eating habits - after a winter of bulky clothing, those extra pounds may really show. Or, it may be lack of sleep - staying up late too many times for work or study can take its toll on your health and ability to focus. Whatever it is that has you feeling de-motivated or sluggish, now is a great time to be kind to yourself and put forth an action plan to fix it.   

Let's take a look at one of the most common productivity burners which is lack of sleep. In an article in INC. entitled "The Truth About Sleep and Productivity" the author writes: "working overtime doesn't increase your output - it makes you stupid." Think of a procrastinating student pulling an "all-nighter" to study for an exam. Or executives in a boardroom working long through the night. Did the student really do well on that exam the next morning or was his cognitive capacity challenged? Did the executives really resolve the company's issues or did they make some bad deals because they couldn't think straight? If lack of sleep is an area that you need to take control of, then take charge by planning ahead for upcoming work or deadlines. Here are some things that could have been done to avoid these situations in the two examples discussed:


  • The student needs to calendar all upcoming exams and assignments and then work backwards by plotting study times on the calendar to see how long is needed to meet the deadlines and study effectively for the tests.
  • The company executive leading the meeting needs to prepare a solid agenda with timelines against each issue, and then appoint someone to be the timekeeper. If they don't resolve an issue in the time allotted, they need to make a decision to put it on the next meeting agenda or bump off another topic to gain some more time.
Take a close look at what feeds you in order to accomplish your desired goals. Whether it's sound sleep, a food detox, or exercise, pick one area at a time and take control of it now. Your body will thank you for it and your mind will be rewarded!




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