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Issue: 88

April 2013 
Hello and welcome to the April edition of the Organized Lifestyle Magazine.

Inside you'll find ideas to organize your closet , information on stimulating your brain to change habits (and if you survive 44 days of thinking you'll be eaten by a lion you can create positive' new habits),  a system to control those paper piles and some thoughts on measuring your life!

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A Closet to Support Your Style   


What's the one thing all of us have to do each morning? If you said, "brush your teeth," then that's not the answer I'm looking for, although it's certainly one of the things you have to do (if you want to keep your friends, that is), but I was thinking more along the lines of "getting dressed."  


Forget the clothes - forget the search!   

It's terribly common to forget about that piece of clothing if you can't see it and what's worse is to have to hunt an item down from the back corner of the closet if you happen to remember you have it.    


Do you find yourself  choosing something else that is within easy reach

even though you may own many other nice pieces of clothing and accessories just because you're not up for the challenge to find that specific item?


Spring is here and it's the perfect time time to get your closet organized -  


from the layout to the clothes themselves!  


Check out the Rubbermaid Closet Solutions System called Configurations. These rails, rods and shelves can be adapted to any closet space and best of all, they are easy to modify yourself as the season changes - no handyman (or handy woman) required!


A Four Step Closet Makeover 

If you're not sure of how or where to begin with your clothing switch click here to read the kAos Group four-step closet makeover process on the Rubbermaid Canada website.   


 Once your closet makeover is done, you will be certain to jump out of bed each morning in elation to rush to get dressed - just don't get so excited that you forget to brush your teeth!


Call us if ..... you'd prefer not to go it alone - our team is happy to help you get your closets working for you!


Click here to read other professional organizers share their closet organizing tips for closet organizing - scroll to the bottom of the page.

Paper Piles No More!  

Have you ever heard someone tell you that they work in a "paperless office?" Well, it would be hard to believe them because it's practically impossible to avoid paper documents, despite our best intentions to be eco-friendly. Many companies and software programs exist to help you come as close as possible to being paperless, but in reality, paper still exists. It's what we do with the paper we get that can make all the difference.   


The kAos Core Four System™ can help you create an organizational structure for your business using a simple method of categorizing every single piece of paper that arrives onto your desk. There are really only four different things you need to do with paper and these are: 1) To-Do, 2) To-Pay, 3) To-File, and 4) To-Read.  


By placing every paper you get into one of four labeled trays using the kAos Core Four System, you can stop letting paper piles get in the way of your day-to-day productivity. And by setting up such things as automatic bill pay, scanning and shredding documents instead of filing them, and reading online or on a tablet device, you too can be one step closer to that paperless office we all dream of.   


Changing Habits Takes Time 

We all want to work smarter, faster, better, get more accomplished, be more productive, get the job done quicker, make more money - my head is spinning just thinking about this! But how can we truly accomplish more in less time? Unfortunately there is no quick fix to this age old problem and the reason begins with our brain.


An article in Psychology Today  explains why it takes at least 45 days to train what they call our "mammal brain" to change bad habits to good habits. Our brain is wired to equate bad feelings with survival threats, so that repeating a bad habit becomes easy because it makes you feel good, which stimulates your brain into "action."  


When you have the urge to do something you know is a bad habit, fight that urge and replace it with a more positive action. For example, instead of eating a donut, eat a carrot! That first step of resisting the urge is the hardest to do, but if you can fight it each time and continue for at least 45 days, you will then have built a brand new pathway in your brain that equates the new good habit with survival. Eating the donut won't make you feel good anymore because of your new brain pathway that now gets stimulated by eating a carrot.


The conclusion here is that time management is self management - you need to know when you are at your optimum performance to complete your tasks and work this into your daily routine. Bad habits that we have allowed to develop over the years won't just stop by accident. You have to take the time to establish new behaviors and it's imperative to continue on with your approach, even if you have some setbacks along the way. Always think of the 45 day process needed to develop new pathways in your brain, and soon you will have some better time management habits that your brain will love. 


Read about Best Practices in Time Management. 

Benchmarking our Lives  

The story goes that we need goals and then we measure those goals along the way to see how we're doing and then we continually measure our progress or lack of progress as it relates to whatever goals we have set for ourselves.  


If you've never really sat down and analyzed where you are and what you want to accomplish, it's never to late to start!  


 Read more about benchmarking your life... 


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