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Issue: 85

January 2013 

In this condensed edition of the Organized Lifestyle Magazine we'll share productivity and organizing tips, tools and strategies for your home, office, time and spirit.

At kAos Group, we lift the weight of what isn't working by identifying inefficiencies - the clutter and disorganization that prevent professional and personal growth - and streamline your business and personal life to reduce stress and increase productivity.


Deanne Kelleher





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Did you know that "80% of the clutter in most homes is a result of disorganization, not lack of space." Ottawa Citizen.    


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One fact and one link 

"Employees waste more than two hours a week finding, sharing and storing documents."

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One fact and one link

"Executives waste 6 weeks per year searching for lost documents."
Fast Company Magazine

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"31% of adult customers reported they were more satisfied after clearing out their closets than they were after sex." Ikea

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To help our readers understand the scope of the Professional Organizing services offered by kAos Group, we've compiled this simple quiz.    


1. Read each section and add up the number of statements that resonate with you.  

2. Scroll to the bottom for insights into your total. 


You might contact us for Office Support if you:    

You might contact us for Moving / Relocation if you or a loved one:  

You may contact us for Household Management Support if you:  

  • would like to sort, organize and create systems for your home  
    are struggling with paper flow throughout your home  
    host events in your home and would like assistance
  • need things around your house repaired, installed and maintained
  • would like to clear clutter and organize areas of your life  

Tally your answers:  


Kelleher Head Shot

Deanne Kelleher,

Founder of kAos Group

What is kAos Group?  

 kAos Group is a Professional Organizing company. We work closely with clients to help identify inefficiencies - the clutter and disorganization that prevent professional and personal growth - and help clients streamline their business and personal lives to reduce stress, increase profits, increase productivity and save money.   


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