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Happy Mothers' Day to all the moms and madres from all of us at El Sayulero!


The impressive display rainclouds create on the evening sky are a sight to behold here in Sayulita. The first summer rain shower yesterday was a welcome relief.


Moving to Bi-weekly Issues:  This week marks the closing of the high season, which means that for the next few months El Sayulero will be moving to a bi-weekly basis. Our next issue will be on Friday, May 23, 2014. Despite the reduction in issues, this summer will still be packed with news stories and announcements to keep you entertained and informed, so make sure you keep reading!


I am especially excited for the work of Stacey Elkins and Lizzie Blumenthal this summer as they will be reporting on all of the community events and public interest stories. 


As always I hope you enjoy this week's issue of El Sayulero and feel free to contact us if you have any news and events you would like to share with the town.


Enjoy the next two weeks,




What's Happening This Week
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ChocoBAniChocoBanana Celebrates 
20 Year Anniversary and Mother's Day
Join Choco Banana tomorrow (Saturday May 10, 2014) for their twentieth anniversary and a mother's Day Extravaganza. It was 20 years ago in 1994 on El Dia de la Madre that Choco banana was established in Sayulita instantly creating a cultural landmark. To mark the celebration there will be a Mariachi band, roses, dulces, chocolates, and a 20% discount. Additionally owner Tracie Willis will provide free champagne to all guests along with Valet parking and a guaranteed great time. The event will go from 9am to 2pm with the Mariachi playing around 10:30, so make sure to treat your mothers to a delicious breakfast at one of Sayulita's most famous landmarks.


skyisfallingThe Sky is Falling
by: Joe Riddle

The rainy season begins. We were all awakened to the fact that it is possible for precipitation to fall down from the clouds onto our heads here in Sayulita. On Wednesday evening a few drops fell from the sky for the first time since late December and a pretty significant shower fell last night. 


These were pleasant events, which gave many of the trees a greener hue and brought a gentle spring aroma to the air. However our lucky pueblo has missed the real precipitation, which almost started off the hurricane season a few weeks early, and in extreme fashion. In the more southern states of MichoacŠn and Colima a tropical system rushed through creating large amounts of rainfall and some mild winds. 



This system luckily did not turn into a tropical cyclone as some predictions foresaw, but instead lost it's power and never fully developed. This would have been one of the earliest starts to the region's hurricane season on record. Typically the activity in the Eastern Pacific region does not begin until May 15. A few storms have developed into serious systems before that date, but rarely this early.


However, forecasters have predicted that we will get our fill of rain and wind in the coming months. A study through Colorado State University has predicted a higher then average amount of cyclonic activity this year. The cyclones (which is basically the name given to hurricanes or similarly typhoons, that form in the Eastern Pacific) are expected to arise from a warming El Nino event predicted to occur in the summer months along with an increase in pressure that has occurred in the South pacific this winter. 


These storms, if formed have already been prepared for by many authorities, including the World Meteorological Organization, which has pre-assigned names for this upcoming season. The names are given to any storm that reaches tropical storm, or cyclone (hurricane) status. 


The first storm to become powerful enough for this status will be known as Amanda, followed by: Boris, Cristina, Douglas, Elida, Fausto, Genevieve, Hernan, Iselle, Julio, Karina, Lowell, Marie, and Norbert. Hopefully we will not get to see Karina or her later siblings this season, but the variability of the region often leads to poor predictability. Whether you're here in Sayulita this summer or headed somewhere else, it is always better to plan ahead and have a plan of action in case such a storm makes it our way. 




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Featured Listings 


New Business Listing:

Tortas Metro 


Tortas Metro in Sayulita is a family-owned business specializing in delicious, fresh and appetizing Tortas (authentic Mexican style sandwiches). This popular Mexican lunch and snack dish is sure to delight your appetite. At Tortas Metro in Sayulita, a variety of breads and buns are used for their tortas as well as a variety of fresh ingredients. Tortas Metro offers a range of menu choices including meat, egg and veggie tortas. View more information.


New Business Listing:

Certified Public Accountant


Certified accountant Carlos Hanon is commited to providing professional accounting services to home owners, business owner, foreigners and Mexican nationals alike so you do not have the worry of Mexican tax laws, regulations and financial planning for your business or rental home.  View more information.



New Real Estate:

Casa Candiles

$675K USD


Casa Candiles is a gorgeous hilltop home with one of the best ocean views in Sayulita!  Located at the south end of town, Casa Candiles is walking distance to the beach and downtown.  The home is situated on a large, enclosed lot with plenty of space to expand if you want.  Designed and built by the current owner, Casa Candiles is a blend of Mexican architecture with a Sayulita twist.  View more information.


 Advertise your business, rental, or real estate with and reach over 45,000 vistors a month and 9,600+ subscribers every week.  |  322-136-9797

FestivalSayulitaFestival Sayulita Plans for 2015




The first annual Festival Sayulita, was a huge success, creating a unique gathering for all lovers of Mexico, film, tequila, food, music & surf. Festival Sayulita, 2015 is already set for January 14-18th and promises an even broader variety of international films, spirit tastings, live music, surf events, and local cuisine.  


2015 Festival Sayulita will continue the highlights of last year's Festival, including a 7 meter beach viewing screen, a signature Master Tasting where a variety of Mexican artisan spirits can be sampled, a family-friendly surf competition, and multi-course food pairing dinners. In addition, this year's planning committee is partnering with sponsors to add venues and events which will make the festival even more memorable. An indoor film venue will feature matinees, leaving the evenings open for those wishing to partake in the "spirit" and music portions of the festival.


Evening events will expand to include dinner theater and a music stage for live bands. One entire evening will be dedicated to a retro drive-in theatre event that will be able to accommodate cars, golf carts, ATV's and folks on foot.  To ensure the littlest amongst us have fun, a Dia de los Nino's (Children's Day) is in the works, which will feature games and prizes in the plaza and a special viewing night for children at the Casa de la Cultura.


As in the previous year, there will be all kinds of options to attend this event, from free to VIP. Due to many requests, VIP ticket availability will increase. VIPs will again be welcome to movie preview nights, special seating throughout the event, and private tastings. A VIP lounge will allow VIPs to access concierge service throughout the Festival and provide a secluded get-away space during the weekend. To accommodate VIP ticket sales, these tickets will be on sale starting in July, 2014.


This is an event not to miss! Last year's Festival sold out, so get your flight, housing and Festival tickets early!  For complete details of the Festival, go to or follow the festival on Facebook.

Eco-communityEco-Community Makes 
Impressive Progress 
by: Lizzie Blumenthal 

With only five lots left to be sold, the community of Tierraluz has been working hard to establish itself. The core values of the community include emphasizing sustainable living, community harmony, and green technology.


Managers Jess and Alyssa Edmondson, who have been living at their spot bordering the jungle since fall, sat down with me in front of their Yome under the Guasima tree to discuss the plans at Tierraluz.


They explained that the homeowners follow a green point system developed by founders Fred Geisler and Laurie Keith, to utilize various sustainable measures, from recycling gray water and composting to ditching their gas-powered vehicles.   Currently, five different and unique houses are being developed with the idea to build a small and efficient space with simple and necessary amenities like solar panels, which are placed on some lots to generate power to those currently living at Tierraluz.

Although plans for a community space, including a kitchen, meeting/multipurpose room, playground, and natural swimming hole are still in the early phases, an interconnecting trail system is now complete with native and exotic fruit trees (banana, papaya, mango, tropical mulberry, star fruit, etc.). They also hope to finish a meditation space, with ocean views, which has been in production.


While the community is not quite 100 percent sustainable, the residents can still enjoy the fruits of their conservation, while contributing to the global economy by purchasing other necessary supplies. They even have a small space for light animals like chickens and goats. 


"Things are happening fast and turning out beautiful. The trees are starting to come in and the food sources are becoming more defined," Jess explained.


A mound of dirt sits in front of the Edmondson's to be used for their super adobe, earth bag house. The leftover dirt came from another homeowner's lot who is building a similar style home. The earth bags, which are filled with a mix of dirt and water, serve to insulate the home, keeping it cool on hot days and warm during cooler nights. It's an easy, sustainable, and economically sound way to create a comfortable space. But this is just one approach towards development. Another home is being developed into the hillside, utilizing brick and natural features to create a somewhat "Hobbit-like" home.


The layout of Tierraluz, which developed eight years ago, was set up so that the community owns half of the shared space and the other half is made up of individual, titled lots. The water is shared and property owners sign an internal alliance contract that helps guide and enforce their vision of a natural and sustainable community. Homeowners must submit their plans to the community for approval. "It's an important vibe for Tierraluz. We're not just a bunch of hippies camping in the woods." Jess said in regards to the design.


Somewhat of an international community, people from Argentina, Mexico and the United States have already purchased land. "People are stoked to have an eco community in Mexico. It's exciting."


The Edmondson's, for example, both talented musicians, not only decided to invest in the eco community because of their desire to live more sustainably and raise kids in such an environment, but to be more economically sound. "Financially, our overhead shoots way down," Jess noted. "With the low cost of having this place it means more time and money to do other things like travel, make music and work with the community."


In June, the two, along with son Atticus, plan to make real headway on their earth bag, super adobe home. 


SayulimpiaVoluntarios Sayulimpia

By:  Stacey Elkins  



 Perhaps you've seen the men and women in Sayulita sporting the orange t-shirts that read, "Gente Trabajando Por Sayulimpia." You might see them sweeping the streets, cleaning up the beach, river or school grounds, picking up trash from trash drops or hauling recycling to the recycling center.


These hard working Mexican locals are volunteers for Sayulimpia.

ProSayulita is a supporter of this invaluable group, paying the rent for the house where the volunteers live and paying for the gas and upkeep of the vehicles used by the volunteers to haul garbage and recycling.


Jack Jones, President of Pro Sayulita, touches on the importance of the Voluntarios Sayulimpia in conjunction with Sayulimpia. "It takes the full resources of Sayulimpia and the volunteers to keep Sayulita clean during busy weekends and holidays. For instance, Semana Santa. Sayulita is a much cleaner town with both groups working."


The voluntarios Sayulimpia work 7 days a week and are generally on the street cleaning from 7am until 4pm. However, they often work longer hours. There are 6 full time volunteers, including Alejandro Aaron Castro Cavazos, who is head of the volunteers. During holidays, such as Semana Santa, there are an additional 6 temporary volunteers added to the mix.


As hard as they work, they are not guaranteed a wage, as they work strictly on tips. However, they also welcome donated non-perishable items, such as rice, beans and canned tuna fish. When asked why he works with no guaranteed wage, Alejandro said, "I like to be working on the streets with the people. I think there's a good future with this job and I like making a difference in the community."


Alejandro expressed excitement to be involved in a new project that will have them collecting food waste from the streets for a compost center. This center will be behind the middle school.


Oswaldo Vallejo, who manages Sayulimpia, raves about the current group of volunteers, "You call them to clean up something and they go. They are always available and are very reliable. You can consistently count on them. They are a very good team. "


Oswaldo also expresses gratitude for everything that they do. "Thanks to the volunteers, who help so much to keep Sayulita clean. They do an incredible job."


BistroBistro Organico Invites You


bistroBistro Organico In San Pancho invites you to Vallarta Lifestyles Restaurant Week May 15th to the 31st!  For these two weeks in May, Bistro Organico will  feature a spectacular three-course menu (with three options each) discounted by up to 50%. In keeping with our philosophy, It will be based on an organic, sustainable and regional menu. 




On May 15, 7pm enjoy dinner with Tatewari, a flamenco fusion quartet with guitars and cajon. On May 27, 7pm the best duo in town "Rob & Nina", will be making a special performance to delight our night. Good food and good music.  The selected wines for each course will be paired with your food and will surely delight your palate and your senses.  Make your reservation now by calling 311.258.4155, or view our menu here.  Plan to come to this culinary feast.


Specialty: Seafood and Organic.

Breakfast & Lunch: 8 am to 2 pm Daily.

Dinner: 5 pm to 10 pm Mon to Sun. 



SIR Banner
See our recent "Why Sayulita?" real estate article.

CTBCelebrate the Beat:
See it next week! 




This is Celebrate the Beat's 6th year in Riviera Nayarit with performances next week May 13th in San Pancho and May 22nd in San Ignacio. Colleen Macomber, program director, worked with seven schools in five towns to reach a total of 500 children. The towns included Punta de Mita, San Ignacio, Higuera Blanca, Sayulita, and San Pancho. This years theme is inspired by Dr. Suess's book The Lorax where the dancers represent the characters of the book sending the message "we are the seeds of change." The show is accompanied by a four piece live band under the direction of Alyssa Edmonson. The music ranges from pop, rock, cumbia, and funk. This year Colleen is working with two amazing local teaching assistants, Sarah Muscarian and Jessica Zepeda. Both teachers value CTB and experience the benefits and transformation of these children first hand.


Next week you can witness CTB as the public is invited to experience the incredible energy of Celebrate the Beat at the San Pancho Public School on the main road next to the soccer field at 7 pm. Performing together will be the 4th and 5th grade San Pancho public school children along with Costa Verde International School and The Grupo de Excelencia, a group of children from seven surrounding schools who have been working together once a week for 17 weeks. A performance not to be missed!


Celebrate the Beat is a non-profit organization that teaches inspirational music and dance class to children in the public schools. Founded by Tracy Straus in 2000, CTB now reaches over 3,000 children annually in Colorado and over 500 children in Mexico. Celebrate the Beat inspires children to discover their potential, motivates them to set a personal standard of excellence, to value artistic expression, and to never give up. This is Celebrando el Ritmo's sixth year in Riviera Nayarit. The program was brought to Punta de Mita in 2009 by a generous foundation. It started small in one school and in 6 years has grown to reach 7 different schools. To learn more about this program please visit the website at:


May 22nd performance in San Ignacio at the basketball court includes performances by 3rd through 6th grade public school, Costa Verde and The Grupo de Excelencia.


CulinaryVacationAward-winning Culinary Vacation

 Now in Sayulita





With a successful test run this past February and March, Chef Ana Garcia and La Villa Bonita Mexican Culinary Vacation, now have a new home apart from their traditional home in the mountains of TepoztlŠn, Morelos.


Chef Ana Garcia, Mexican culinary personality and owner

explains, "We have been offering our culinary vacation packages at our hotel in TepoztlŠn now for over 14 years and our clients have always wanted us to offer a package focused on the freshest seafood Mexico has to offer. As a result, we created a hands-on culinary package that features the best of traditional Nayarit and Jalisco cuisine." La Villa Bonita was just named one of Fodor's top 10 "Mouth-Watering Tours Around the World" and Chef Ana has been featured on the Food Network, Bon Appetit, and PBS.


When Chef Ana was asked why she chose Sayulita she

responded, "It has a great vibe similar to TepoztlŠn. We had been visiting Sayulita for a few years as a family and we liked the town, the great seafood, and the artistic-surf mix. It is a great relaxed environment for our guests. We have offered coastal weeks at other more touristic destinations and we never really felt comfortable. In Sayulita, we feel at home and over the next year we will be offering 6 weeks over October, December, and March in Villa Rosetta."


The coastal culinary packages not only feature 4 full days of cooking a variety of traditional regional dishes but culinary excursions and gourmet dinners each evening prepared by Chef Ana herself from the best local ingredients. As the Chef explains, "This is a true food lover's getaway in an intimate, small group environment. Not only do you learn how to cook these wonderful time-honored dishes but I get to treat you to the modern side of Mexican cuisine at night. I find the best ingredients and just create. I don't think I have offered the same meal twice."


More information about the culinary packages offered by La Villa Bonita and Chef Ana can be found at or her personal website at  


Sayulita Investment Realty

Completes Another Sale



Rod Rosile, Owner of Sayulita Investment Realty is excited to announce the sale of yet another listing.  Villa Golondrina has now officially transferred ownership.  


Rosile states: "I am pleasantly surprised by how many sales we are experiencing this late in the season.  So many folks checked out real estate during their vacations and are now flying back down to make offers.  It has has truly been an exceptional year for our office." 


Contact Rod anytime at

FriendsofSayulitaProSayulita's "Friends of Sayulita"

Receive NonProfit Status


GPS logo  


ProSayulita announced this week that "Friends of Sayulita" has just received its 501(3)(c) status, and U.S. donors will be allowed to deduct their contributions which include financial and property donations. Friends of Sayulita," an organization under the umbrella of ProSayulita, was formed two years ago with the goal of obtaining the designation "501(3)(c).


"This is a great achievement for ProSayulita and our local partner organizations," said Jack Jones, board president. "Our donors have been very supportive in spite of the fact they could not previously use their contributions as tax deductions".


"In addition to encouraging people who may not have donated previously to participate in the organization, having official nonprofit designation is a way of thanking all of our existing U.S. supporters for their faith in ProSayulita."


The process of making donations will stay the same, said Teke Mohill, treasurer of the organization. Contributors can simply go to and make their donations using the group's PayPal account.

"This status is retroactive to September 2012," Mohill said. "We will be going through our records and sending donors letters and receipts that can be used to substantiate donations made during this time, which can then be submitted to the IRS. Going forward, you'll receive a receipt when you make a donation."


The board of ProSayulita is very thankful to all residents, businesses and friends who have supported the organization in its work over the past several years. The board would like to express a special thank you to those who assisted in this 2 year process, especially, past President Eric Rudd and board member Cheryl Vaughan. Additionally, the 501(c)(3) will enable supporters to include "Friends of Sayulita " in estate planning, a new option for giving that will offer many advantages for the group's donor base, as well as for the organization.


"With your help, we look forward to continuing to improve services, education and the infrastructure of Sayulita well into the future,".


bitethisBite This Lists Best Bites of Season

Then Closes Mouth!

by: Ed Schwartz


Ed S.



I never tire of dining out in Sayulita, the range of restaurants is wide, the prices are bargain-y and each of the fine restaurants has a signature dish that keep my taste buds on edge!  So here goes my honor roll of the past season's winners and in no particular order:


Calypso: I love the freshness of the beet salad.  Lovely color, tasty and an ample portion.


Don Juan:  The Don Juan menu has a wonderful selection of Mexican specialties.  You won't be hungry after this chow down.


Don Pedro's:  The spicy, ginger red snapper and the sleeper on the menu, shrimp tacos.


Los Afortunados: What can I say about the tropical pork dish?  Well, how about yummy, savory, delicious, unique, lovely and great tasting.  Did I mention creative?


Rubens.   I never had better sandwiches anywhere.   I order the "Big Ed" because the sandwich was named after me and I have a big head!

Mary's: The eggs ranchero at this spot is a fabulous breakfast, two house made tortillas, a fried egg placed gently on top, a lovely red sauce topped by a slice of avocado.  You will thank me for the recommendation and so will your tummy.  Mary's chili relleno is the tops, a secret recipe which I am sworn never to reveal!


Captain Pablo's: To my buds, there is not a better margarita to be had this side of the Rio Grande. It is balanced and big enough to keep you happy through the entirety of any sunset.


Tacos on the Street:  When I am not all that hungry and just want a bit of supper, the rib eye tacos are a great option.


Green Grill:  The toothsome steak at Green Grill is delicious.  Please remind your server to give you a hot potato.


Sayulita Caf√©:  Of course, the chili relleno. But the chicken soup may be the best since my grandma's AND THAT IS SAYING A LOT!


Alas Blancas: The avocado and shrimp appetizer is beautifully presented with an equally beautiful taste.


Thank you to all the food lovers out there reading my articles. I hope I am back on the old feedbag next year!




MothersdayMother's Day

by: Kathleen Nicoletti


This week, here in Sayulita and many other places, Mother's Day will be celebrated. Moms will be showered with gifts and, hopefully, enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by someone else. It will be a day when children of all ages honor their moms with kind words and lovely gestures.


For those who do not have their mothers with them this Mother's Day, I would like to share a poem by one of my favorite poets, Edna St. Vincent Millay. I suspect that Millay's words will resonate with those who have lost their own courageous mother. Happy Mother's Day!


The Courage That My Mother Had

The courage that my mother had

Went with her, and is with her still:

Rock from New England quarried;

Now granite in a granite hill.


The golden brooch my mother wore

She left behind for me to wear;

I have no thing I treasure more:

Yet, it is something I could spare.


Oh, if instead she'd left to me

The thing she took into the grave!-

That courage like a rock, which she

Has no more need of, and I have.


Photo of the Week:




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SayulitaDOgA Sayulita Dog Story




About three years ago, while on vacation I was attending my Mexifit yoga practice in a beautiful outdoor palapa on the cliff above the wonderful beach town of Sayulita.  My instructor, Shelly, had dogs with her in class. I loved how the pups would do their own versions of "downward dog."  Turns out that Shelly is one of the leaders of Sayulitanimals, and was fostering these pups until their "forever homes" could be found. 


A little back story might help: About a month before I went on this vacation, I had to put down my older male black great dane, Wyatt. My other younger male harlequin/great dane, Hank, had been in a funk and depressed since this sad event of loosing his alpha, and the loss weighed heavy on my entire family as well.


Back in Sayulita: On the third day of yoga class, Shelly brought in a starved, mange-covered female pup of just 5-6 weeks of age. This dog was one ugly, sad puppy, obviously in need of a lot of love & attention. I was in a place in my life where I knew that this pup would make my entire family feel like the hole in their hearts that had been left by Wyatt, might actually start healing over, if they were able to focus on helping to get this little girl back in good health. So, I told Shelly that I wanted her. 


Now Little Lita & Huge Hank are quite the "couple" around our

neighborhood of Seattle. He has taught her to "howl" at sirens, and she is his "cheerleader" when he plays in the backyard with his big red plastic ball. They truly love one another. She has brought so much life and youth into Hank's life. She is a blessing to our family as well. She is extremely loving and gives so much affection to our family and friends. Our very good friend and neighbor and I even made up a song about Lita:


Lita, Lita, Lita. 

I come from Sayulita.

I'm so in loco love with Hank 




Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make Sayulita a better place in which to live and vacation.


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