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Joe Riddle

As I write this introduction an eerie sound has descended on Sayulita. The sound of silence, that almost buzzing noise that occurs in your ears when there is nothing to stimulate the senses. It only lasts a second then the hum and whine of a motorcycle or a gas truck slices through the warm air. 


Sayulita is experiencing more of these moments as the streets thin out and the sun heats up. People are on their way out, yet there still seems to be plenty going on. Sayuleros are building parks, volunteering, hosting events, and still finding time to relax on the beach. As our village settles back into its sleepy summertime siestas, we will keep the news going, however we will be moving to a bi-weekly basis later this month.


I hope you enjoy this issue of El Sayulero, and if you have any news you would like to report in the coming weeks, feel free to contact us.


Have a good week,




What's Happening This Week

Introducing the New Social Media Manager: read

New SayuParke: read

North End Safety: read

Merchant Association Overview: read

Coste Verde's Little Free Library: read

Bistro Organico: read

Free Art Class: read

Photo of the Week: view

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valsocialmediNew Social Media Director for Sayulita Life!



El Sayulero and SayulitaLife are happy to introduce Val VanRheen,

the newest member of the SayulitaLife team! After eleven years of winters spent in Sayulita, and with the deep love she has for this town Val has now decided to become a full time resident.


Her passion for Sayulita, and her desire to make a lasting impact on the community will make her an excellent addition. Some of her duties as Social Media Director will include promoting local businesses through various social media platforms, client support, website oversight, and keeping the town up to date by managing the Community Calendar


If you see Val in town make sure to say hello, and let her know any upcoming events so that she can be sure to spread the word! 


Check out all of Val's latest posts on our Facebook page!


Don Pedros
SayuParkeThe New SayuParke Breaks Ground!

There is a new park in town! This week a team of local residents broke ground on a new community center and park inside the baseball field. The idea behind this project is to provide kids and families a secure and entertaining outside space to play. The organizers as Octavia Jolley explains, "plan to work with EntreAmigos community center in San Pancho, to create and install playground equipment crafted from quality recycled material".


They hope to finish the park with a set of swings, slides, and climbing platforms. Local artists will be involved in the process by creating a fun and energetic ambiance of colors in the park, through art and landscape techniques. Currently, the park's planning committee has specified that they wished for an enclosed area, which was maintained by the community, for the community, with an opening and closing time.


If you would like to help make this vision come to fruition donations are being accepted by the SayuParke committee or can be left in specially marked boxes in Waikika, and Yah Yah café. 


They will also be holding a bake sale this Saturday, May 3, 2014, from 5-7pm in the plaza. If you cant make it, feel free to donate via the park's website




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New Rental Listing:

Casita Marina 

Casa Marina is located just one block from the "left" surfing break on the Sayulita beach.  This cozy charming casita is located in a quiet neighborhood with other great rental houses.  A rental car is not needed since the house is within walking distance of everything Sayulita offers. 

 View more information.


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SafteyonSafety on the North End
by: Joe Riddle  
Since the 2011-2012 season there have been several pushes by Pro Sayulita and Fire Fighters Without borders, to make the beaches in Sayulita safer. Several attempts were made to put signage up on the beach warning people against strong rip currents and lack of supervision, but the weather over the off season took a heavy toll on the few signs that were posted.


However despite many setbacks, people such as Janice Parker with

Pro Sayulita and Brian Singleton with Firefighters Without Borders, have made much progress. Bilingual signs and warning flags have been erected on the dangerous north side and a lifeguard tower now stands in front of an especially dangerous area where MarkStoneburg tragically drowned last winter from rough seas and a rip tide. This terrible situation is one of the primary motivations for these important safeguards to be put in place. 


Precautions taken include more lifeguards and patrols, the newly purchased rescue boards, and a sort of neighborhood watch over the beach. It is estimated that about 150 rescues have been made this season with the hodgepodge of safety nets, and perhaps many more were saved from putting themselves into danger because of the warning signs. 


And although this season draws to an end the effort to make our shores safer, will still continue. Countless more will be saved thanks to the tireless efforts of the many residents who donate their time and energy into making sure signs are posted and warnings are given. There are many plans in the works for next season so in the mean time be safe Sayulita!

merchantassocNew Sayulita Merchants OrganizationMerchant

The Merchant Association of Sayulita AC, invites you to join them to participate in projects to help solve many problems here in Sayulita. The association aims to solidify Sayulita's image of a secure, peaceful, and bueatiful place. The following is an overview of the association along with it's membership requirements and goals.



President: Rodrigo Peña Segovia (Wakika and Sayulita Rustica)

Vice-President: Gabriel Gallegos Perez (Sayulita Coastal Properties)

Treasurer: Manuel Rodriguez Navarrete (Alas Blancas Restaurant)

Deputy Treasurer: Belinda (Blue Bell Ice Cream)

Secretary: Sonia Gallegos Perez (Forever Boutique and Avalos Sayulita Realty

Government Relations:  Doreli Jessica Ramos (El Espresso Cafe)

Marketing: Ruben Rodriguez (Ruben's Deli)



Lead and promote tourism in Sayulita with a strategic vision and through planning, development, and promotion make Sayulita a notable destination in national and international markets. Additionally to strengthen the competitiveness of the tourism industry, which will create more jobs and a higher quality of life for the community of Sayulita.



The brand of "Sayulita" will be positioned as a competitive and leading destination for the domestic tourism market, distinguished by the quality and diversity of the amenities it has to offer, and the sustainable development it will bring to the region. This development will bring economic benefits to the people and an increased demand for investment opportunites.



a) Unite all owners, operators and general managers who operate legal trade organizations within the local market and around Sayulita [and Beach District].


b) Represent a common way to handle cooperation with other sectors and authorities to improve and promote local businesses.


c) Promote local awareness of the importance of maintaining a sustainable, organized, and strong local trade.


d) Promote the tourism image of the region, strengthening the relationship with the national and international tourist market, capable of attracting tourists to the many high quality buisnesses.


e) Manage on behalf of the association and its members for the benefit of third parties, all aspects and issues that impact directly or indirectly on the local and tourist trade in the region.


f) Manage on behalf of the association and to benefit the community and environment for others, to promote the preservation of natural heritage in how the local market operates.


g) Promote tourism through publicity at national and international levels, as well as coordination of efforts to negotiate with the public sector and regulate the entry of the private sector.


h) Share among all partners, knowledge, and experience to develop and streamline a particular and general operation between local businesses and the region.


i) Acquire real and personal property necessary and indispensable for the realization of its goals.


j) Encourage relationships with other similar national and international organizations.


k) Perform all acts and enter into contracts and agreements that are legal and follow all objectives of the law.


Requirements to join:

- A registration of only $500.00 pesos 



- Operating License

- And a bimonthly fee of :

$ 500 pesos: for Lodging, Hotels, Bungalows, House Rentals, and Real Estate members

$ 400 pesos: for Food, Restaurants, Groceries members

$ 300 pesos: for Boutiques, Jewelry, Clothing, and Crafts members

$ 200 pesos: for Commerce, Misc defined businesses


LittlelibraryCosta Verde's Little Free Library

by: Kathleen Nicoletti


Before I moved to Sayulita, I lived in Madison, Wisconsin. It was in Madison that I discovered Little Free Libraries.


About five years ago, a Wisconsinite by the name of Todd Bol built a miniature one-room schoolhouse as a tribute to his mother, a retired schoolteacher. Bol placed the schoolhouse, which he had mounted on a post, in his front yard. He filled the schoolhouse with books and hung a sign that read "Free Books."


Bol's little schoolhouse caught the attention of a number of people. In no time at all, what started out as a tribute to one person's mother, turned into a worldwide movement. Today it is believed that there are almost 15,000 Little Free Libraries! There is even a Little Free Library in Bucerias!


This month Costa Verde International School (CVIS) unveils its own

Little Free Library. The library resides in front of the school. It will be filled with books that all community members are welcome to take. So be on the lookout for it. If a book catches your interest, please

 feel free take it. If you have a book you would like to add to the CVIS Little Free Library, please do so.


Happy reading!

SIR Banner
See our recent "Why Sayulita?" real estate article.

BistrooBistro Organico Restaurant Week

"Local, sustainable, organic Food"
Bistro Organico In San Pancho invites you to  Vallarta Lifestyles Restaurant Week May 15th to the 31st!  For these two weeks in May,  Bistro Organico will  feature a spectacular three-course menu (with three options each) discounted by up to 50%. In keeping with our philosophy,  It will be based on an organic, sustainable and regional menu. 



The selected wines for each course will be paired with your food and will surely delight your palate and your senses.  Make your reservation now by calling 311.258.4155, or view our menu here.  Plan to come to this culinary feast.

In the small courtyard hidden within the Cielo Rojo Hotel, you will find something truly unique: 


The soothing sound of the garden waterfall, tasteful antique decorations, and an open kitchen where the chef creates culinary wonders within view of diners, are just the beginning of this adventure full of flavour and pleasure. The majority of the ingredients on the meticulously prepared menu are seasonal and from local farmers. The artisanal Tequila, wine list, and beers are carefully selected.


Here imagination, exceptional flavour, quality and attention to details are reflected in delicious seasonal creations. In addition to the fantastic menu options Bistro Organico offers, you can also bring home a wide array of products like freshly baked breads, vegan cookies, raw organic chocolates, Berry Pie, and artisanal local goodies from the small Gourmet Tiendita.


Fair trade, local, organic ingredients, and care of the environment are part of the philosophy of this wonderful and innovative eatery that invites you to enjoy pleasant atmosphere accompanied by unique dishes that will fascinate your palate.


Specialty: Seafood and Organic Gardening.

Breakfast & Lunch: 8 am to 2 pm Daily.

Dinner: 5 pm to 10 pm Mon to Sun. 


           Artclass     Free Art Class for Kids


Bring the Kids to a Free Art Class with Local Artist Treva Dea  


Sponsored by: Punta Sayulita

Date:  Saturday, May 10,2012

Place:  Punta Sayulita Beach House

Time10:00 am- 4:00pm

Using colorful yarn and environmentally friendly glue, recycled bottles will be wrapped and decorated in a nod to Sayulita's local indigenous art. Children will take home a brightly crafted item to decorate their homes and spend the day enjoying the sun while making art.  



Bite This!

By Ed Schwartz


Los Afortunados


Tropical Pork Dish at Los Afortunados


This creative main course is reason enough to return to Los Afortunados.  Add to it, friendly service and a very romantic atmosphere and you have the ticket to fine evening dining. 


First I enhanced the pleasure to come with a blackberry margarita and the restaurant's justly famous grilled chorizo sausages.   The sweet and tart flavor of the cocktail played nicely with the savory, spicy meat.  I love this drink and it gives you your necessary fresh fruit allotment for the day.


When the tropical pork dish arrived at the table, the wonderful scents from said plate had my taste buds doing the tango. 


The pork is marinated in complex spices with a definite citrus tang.  It is grilled on an open fire which gives the meat nice char on the outside and very tender meat in the middle.  The whole black beans deserve a prize-"beans of the year" award--delicious, tender and not mashed into oblivion, but piled proudly until you are ready to enjoy.  A fresh salad rounds out the dish.


Our other plate was pargo; a lovely white fish grilled beautifully and not at all dried out.   It is another specialty of this estimable restaurant. Thanks to Tomas for his excellent and informative service and to our bartender who knows how to mix it up!  



OldPhotoPhoto of the Week:

 Once Upon a Time in Sayulita:


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CatotheweekPet of The Week 


Hola! This is Tiger Antennatail, a happy male cat who frequently has his tail straight up in the air. He loves when someone rubs his head and face and hew will curl his paws to let you know how much he likes you. Tiger is used to living outdoors but would easily adapt to an outdoor/indoor environment. He does not chew or tear things. Tiger is about four years old, neutered, very healthy, and grew up with Abby Gabby. Please let Sayulitanimals know if Tiger sparks your interest. Gracias!



Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make Sayulita a better place in which to live and vacation.


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