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From the Editor's Desk


Joe the editor

Being here in Sayulita over the past few days is, for me, reminiscent of the Jersey Shore over a summer weekend. People are flooding into town, bringing with them all sorts of excited expectations for their long weekend vacation. I remember many times driving into Cape May, New Jersey for a holiday weekend, with my family and friends ready for the excitement, relaxation, and peace that being by the ocean provides. I hope all our visitors enjoy Sayulita the way I enjoyed the Jersey Shore, and I hope all of you enjoy the El Sayulero.


Thank you,




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End of Season Sale: read

Pro Sayulita Meeting: read

Lunar Eclipse:  read

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A Time of Celebration

By: Stacey Elkins
a lot of people


You can feel the excitement and energy in the air as Semana Santa is here. The streets are bustling with action as carloads and busloads of people are arriving from Guadalajara, Tepic, and other surrounding areas in celebration of this holiday.


Groups of friends and families can be seen walking through the streets toting tents, coolers, sleeping bags, backpacks and jugs of water, prepared for their beach vacation. People are camping on the baseball field and the campground is overflowing with tents. The beach is packed with colorful umbrellas, people soaking up the sun, surfers and kids playing in the sand.


Makeshift food stands and vendors can be found throughout town, from vacant lots to street corners to the beach. The stands sell a variety of food, including fresh fruit, agua frescas, hamburgers, hotdogs, and tacos. Vendors are selling stuffed animals, bags, jewelry, clothing, and a variety of other items.


Groups in town have prepared for the influx of people and have made keeping Sayulita safe and clean a priority. Pro Sayulita has brought in porta potties and have provided radios for local volunteers, badged by Semarnat, to better communicate with one another. These volunteers will be more active in the community during this time period. Trash bags will be given out and more trash pick-ups will be put into effect. There will be more police from the state municipality in town and more lifeguards manning the beach.


This is a time of celebration and fun, and a highly anticipated time for many. Just take a look at what local business owner Rollie Dick has to say below.


Revolución Del Sueño 

dessuenosaleEnd of Season Sale!



Make sure you get the chance to pick up a new t-shirt or tank top at Revolucion del Sueno, at their end of the year sale! You are sure to get a great deal at the artistic boutique, on many of their beautiful and striking designs, which are very representative of Sayulita's artistic flare. All designs are produced in limited quantities to insure originality, so make sure you stop by while supplies last!


Business Directory

Pro Sayulita "Meet and Greet"
prosaymeetgreetBy: Stacey Elkins
meet and greet


On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 16th, a luncheon was held to introduce the board members of Pro Sayulita, their local partners and special guests of honor. This casual get together was graciously hosted at the Iguana Gardens and Bar, by Matt Hathaway and Leyla Morris, owners of Stand Up Paddle.


Everyone received a warm welcome from Jack Jones, President of Pro Sayulita and Lilly Perez, Mexico spokesperson for Pro Sayulita, and a member of the board of directors, who is in charge of their outreach program.


As the attendees became acquainted with one another, everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by Choco Banana, which included chicken enchiladas, roasted vegetable sandwiches, salad, pico de gallo, guacamole and chips.


One special guest, Oscar Covarrubias, head of the Liquor Control Board in Tepic, has been working on a special project in Sayulita.

 "Beginning in January, and currently in place, we have put together four teams that are working in conjunction with the local and state government. These teams have been working hard and will continue to work hard and are committed to keeping Sayulita a peaceful and beautiful place for locals and tourists," says Covarrubias. meet and greets


Other attendees, each making a strong impact in our community, included; President Rodrigo Pena Segovia, and Treasurer, Manuel Navarrete of the Asociacion de Comerciantes de Sayulita, Oswaldo Vallejo, Coordinator of Municipal and State Government and Protection, the two women behind Sayulita Animals, Sara Briner and Shelly Labovitz, the founder of Mercado del Pueblo, Lina Weisman, Brian Singleton, Regional Representative of Firefighters Crossing Borders, and various board members of Pro Sayulita.


Jones expressed his appreciation of everyone involved.

"I am very happy with all of our pueblo partners affiliated with Pro Sayulita. We welcome everyone," says Jones.


Remember, you can always make your annual/monthly contribution to ProSayulita at their website.



Lunar Eclipse Over Sayulita 

lueclipyby: Joseph Riddle  
"The rising moon has hid the stars;
Her level rays, like golden bars



A few days ago we experienced a full lunar eclipse in the Western Hemisphere. Being an astronomy buff, I set my alarm for the middle of the night and fell asleep anxiously awaiting this relatively rare event. I remember seeing a full lunar eclipse before, the Earth casts its shadow over the surface of the moon, blocking the normal silvery glow the moon gets from it's sands reflecting the sun.


This process is exciting because you essentially get to see the moon "go out" for a few minutes. However this particular event was considered a "Blood Moon". This is the more rare occurrence, when the Earth's atmosphere projects light onto the surface of the moon during an eclipse. This is evidenced in a dazzling orange color the moon displays. All of these things I have seen in the past back home in Pennsylvania at separate times. That is why I was not expecting the brilliant display my wife and I witnessed in the sky the other night.


As we looked up, at a terribly early or late hour, we saw one of the most beautiful sights one can ever see. The moon sat just above the hills of Sayulita bathed in a splendid mix of orange, red, and yellow. It was also, I suppose due to the angle, larger then any other night I can remember. It seemed to take up the majority of the window we were peering out. We saw this rare moon, surrounded by a few perfectly framing clouds and the Pacific gently reflecting some of this light onto the sleeping hillsides. 


I remember thinking; never forget this, then somehow drifting back into a restful sleep. While I am sure the display caused me to dream about the end of the world, or perhaps landing on mars, (which coincidentally was at it's closest point to Earth, and could be seen just above the eclipse) I unfortunately do not remember my dreams from the night. I did however wake up with that image fresh in my mind's eye and grateful for the perfect backdrop Sayulita provided for the occasion.


Taking pictures of these types of events often leaves you underwhelmed at the result. The moon almost always looks smaller and less bright then it does with the naked eye. So I am quite grateful I can still see the picture in my mind, however if anyone who might be skilled at photography has pictures that portray some of the beauty from the eclipse, please send them to us so we can share it with those who slept through the show.

Rollie's Quote on the Crowds 


Long time resident of Sayulita, Rollie Dick, owner of

Rollie's, shared his opinon online, of Holy Week here in town. His welcoming sentiments are echoed here because they illustrate a beautiful attitude which may give you a different  perspective on the crowding.


"I have always loved Semana Santa. I love everything about it. I love the energy, the noise, the laughter. I love the music. I love the fact the people, many without very much money and maybe none at all, have the opportunity to come to the coast and have a vacation with their families. I love to watch the families trudging to and from the beach in front of my house with their beach toys, inner tubes and love. I love to watch them tumble off the buses after what must have been a pretty uncomfortable ride from the interior of Mexico somewhere, ready and determined to have a grand time in our little coastal pueblo.


Yes, I understand that as in any large group of people there will be those who abuse and disrespect. They are everywhere including beaches in the US at Spring break time. But, for me, the problems we have with the visitors are small compared to the joy thousands have on our beaches and in our homes. And, I think the word Joy is the one I want to use here. Yes, mostly I love the joy on the visitor's faces, young and old, as they have their modest little vacation at the beach. Many have no place to stay, both because there are none available, but more probably because they can't afford it. 


But, they have found a way to be here. I, for one, will welcome them with open arms, try to make them feel welcome and share this beautiful town that I call home."


SIR Banner
See our recent "Why Sayulita?" real estate article.


Photo of the Week:
bussyJust a few of more than 30 busses.
Thanks to ProSayulita, more than 30 buses utilized a special parking lot at the entrance to town.  In years past, these busses had clogged the village streets making transportation and emergency services extremely difficult to utilize. THANK YOU!

Protect your Sayulita pet

Ehrlichia Disease

  brown tick 


Ehrlichia is a serious disease transmitted by ticks. Ticks carrying the Ehrlichia disease are usually found in tropical places - that means here in Sayulita and our surrounding area!


Ticks carrying Ehrlichia can attach themselves to humans, pets, or wild animals. These ticks are very often found on dogs. German Shepherd dogs are said to get a particularly severe form of Ehrlichia infection.


Ehrlichia is spread by tick bites. If an animal gets the disease, it can get very sick - and can infect more animals. Ehrlichia can cause your animal great discomfort and pain, and can be treated with only a small number of antibiotics. Infections with Ehrlichia very often cause arthritis.


When Dogs Get Sick


The first phase (ACUTE PHASE) is generally a mild phase and occurs 1 to 3 weeks after the animal is bitten by the tick. The dog will be listless and not interested in food. The dog may have enlarged lymph nodes and/or a fever. Most dogs recover if they are treated in this stage.


Dogs that do not receive adequate treatment will get sicker (although the dog appears normal). In this phase, called the SUBCLINICAL PHASE, the Echlichia disease infects the dog's spleen. Dogs can stay in this phase for months or even years. A veterinarian can tell if the animal has Ehrlichia by a reduced platelet count and/or elevated globulin level on a blood test.


In the last, most serious phase, (the CHRONIC PHASE), the dog gets sick again.  Most dogs will have abnormal bleeding. Other symptoms are a deep inflammation in the eyes (uveitis) and possible serious urinary protein loss (Glomerulonephritis). Blood tests will usually indicate increased globulin levels and low albumin levels.


What You Can Do


1. Prevent your pet from getting Ehrlichia by treating it with anti-flea medicines like FrontLine and Advantage.


2. Examine your animal for ticks, particularly those looking like the ones pictured below. Look particularly under the arms and legs, between the toes, and in the ears.


3. Go to a vet or animal clinic for blood tests for your pet. These can include a blood test for antibodies against Ehrlichia organisms, an IFA test (which will be accurate 7 to 28 days after the dog has become infected), or an ELISA test. A month's treatment with antibiotics such as Tetracycline or Doxycycline can often cure your pet.


4. Alert other pet owners to the Ehrlichia disease, and suggest they check their pets for the ticks which cause it.



Pet of The Week catofweek



Hola! I am Pancho and love humans. I am very intelligent, have quite the vocabulary, and some great facial expressions. I enjoy carrying on a conversation and can even be more interesting than some 2-legged animals. I am used to living outdoors, but would easily adapt to an outdoor/indoor environment. I don't chew or tear things, and am not a hunter except for mice or maybe lizards. I am about 5 years old, neutered, and am very healthy. Do you have room in your heart and home for me?





Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make Sayulita a better place in which to live and vacation.


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