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I am so pleased with the warm welcome I have been consistently receiving while editing for the Sayulero. Often, in the past few weeks people have stopped me in town to mention their thoughts on the events of the week, El Sayulero, or any recent topic in the newsletter. At first I stare at them with a puzzled look forgetting that my picture is right beside my words, and wondering how they recognized me. After a few seconds I remember and then I am amazed at how people can retain that picture of my face. So I apologize if I seem stunned, but I thoroughly enjoy your feedback. If anyone would like to contribute or report on the happenings of our town please don't hesitate to contact me.


Thanks for reading and have a great start to Semana Santa!




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Don Pedros
Grand Opening of Bliss Lounge (tonight)
Sayulita's newest manicure pedicure spot




Sayulitalife is pleased to announce the opening of Bliss Lounge manicure, pedicure, hair, and makeup lounge! The lounge will host it's grand opening tonight, April 11, 2014, from 7 to 9pm at their location in town at; 27 Jose Mariscal, the Beach Break Suites building.  


Bliss will be displaying local artist's work and creating "lounge events" where different creative mediums will be featured. They will display everything from painting, and photography, to trunk shows and poetry jams. 


All are welcome to join in the Bliss!


Business Directory

El Circo de CVIS!
By: Stacey Elkins
Photos: Ed Dorsett Wicked Fotos


In celebration of Children's Day, which is April 30th each year, Coste Verde International School hosted a circus themed event on Thursday, April 11th, from 9am to 11:30am. This event, for students between the ages of 3 and 12, brought smiles, laughter, excitement, and fun for all.


The schoolyard was transformed into game stations, a face painting station, and a craft area for making bookmarks complete with glitter! Some of the teachers and children were dressed in circus themed costumes adding to the festive atmosphere. Music was playing in the background and the sound of whistles could be heard as the children blew into them marking the beginning of their extending school break. Food, such as tacos, fruit salad, and guacamole, was served, complete with a surprise visit from the ice-cream man!


Some clever games that were created included digging through sand blindfolded, to find items such as pesos, school supplies, or an eraser. They also had a games in which students were tossing a ball into a line of buckets, using a straw to blow a plastic cup through an "obstacle course," a water balloon toss and much more.


The children won practical items at each game station, such as pencils and rulers. Each child was given a card he or she wore around their necks and as they made their way through the games and stations, a box was checked. When the card was complete, each child was rewarded with a big bubble blower wand. elcircopeople


The school made an effort to recycle and use available resources for the event. For instance, a bowling game utilized plastic bottles, flower pots were made with recycled coffee cans and yogurt containers and beach sand was used for the sand games.


A joint collaboration between the teachers of the school and the association of parents made this special day a success. The food and prizes were made possible thanks to contributions from the parents, while the teachers were each responsible for choosing a game for the children. With the help of 7th through 9th graders, each game area was nicely decorated.


Jessica Lazaro, the Director of Administration at Coste Verde, left us with these words regarding the event:


"Every day is Children's Day. It's not only one day a year, a day of celebration like this is necessary so that the children can feel special!"


FiestaEnglishFiesta for Volunteer English Teachers
By: Joe Riddle

Photo; Ed Dorsett

Many bilingual communities have had problems overcoming language barriers. Sayulita is no exception. Often there is a distinctive separation drawn at social events and fiestas within the town. We see the Spanish-speaking world and the English-speaking world, always having trouble amalgamating. However with recent efforts those lines of separation are crossed more and more. There is an abundance of Spanish classes for visitors and residents of the English speaking community, and we are finally starting to see more English classes for the Spanish speaking community. One particular program that has proven extremely helpful for Sayulita, is the English class being taught to the local Bomberos, policeman, and EMT's.


The program has proven so helpful that the local Bomberos, policemen, and EMTs organized a fiesta to thank their volunteer English teachers on Wednesday night. The Fiesta was in gratitude to the three months of classes a group of 15 volunteer English speakers participated in. The classes were taught four days a week for an hour and half. These classes, taught in association with the ProSayulita Education Committee, were taught at the request of our local emergency workers to improve their ability to communicate with visitors to the town. The head of our emergency departments Commandante Carlos, spoke up at the fiesta, using his improved oratory English, and gave a presentation to show appreciation for his teachers. His appreciation was materialized in the form of the Huichol doll for each of the volunteers.


This English program is going to continue through the summer months for as long as volunteers are available. So please make sure you get in touch with Cheryl Vaughan if you would like to volunteer and ease the burden of the language barrier. 
SIR Banner
See our recent "Why Sayulita?" real estate article.

ltreadLearning to Read
By: Kathleen Nicoletti   
Learn to Read 


I suspect few of us remember much about how we learned to read. As a 1st grader in St. Raymond's Catholic School in New York, I vaguely remember the experience. I remember learning that when "Mrs. E was knocking at the back door" the vowel that preceded Mrs. E was long and Mrs. E was, herself, silent. Not to be so reductive about my literacy learning but, truly, this is pretty much all I remember about the process.


With rare exceptions, everyone learns to speak without any explicit teaching; however, this is not the case with literacy. While educators argue about what should be taught and how, there are few who argue that the skills needed for one to become literate do not need to be explicitly taught.


At Costa Verde, each of our four-year-old students is starting to embark on his/her individual "literacy journey." In this pre-literate state, students are discovering such things as: English and Spanish are read from left to write; text flows from top-to-bottom; there is a correlation between letters and sounds, and a representational relationship exists between letter sounds and real objects. To help children acquire these pre-literacy skills, teachers immerse students into the world of books. Each day the children spend time with a book, gliding their tiny magic finger under the words and using the book's pictures to help them "read" their book.


In English class, middle school students are learning about literacy and using what they learn to help shepherd these new readers through the process. As middle school student Jason explains, "Children in kindergarten don't know how to read. With this project we are getting them ready to start reading. To do this, we need to teach them some skills called "pre-literacy". To start reading, for example, they move their finger from left to right, they learn simple vocabulary or letter sounds, and they know where the book starts and ends. We, as part of Costa Verde, want to teach our little buddies how to read."


With this goal in mind, every Wednesday, middle school students grab the books they have specially selected and meet with their fledgling reader. Oscar is thrilled about the progress his kinder reader is making. "My partner is beginning to recognize the letters and sounds. The first time that I was reading with him he was a little bit shy. Now he is not shy anymore. He enjoys the book that I read to him, and at the end he reads it to me, and he tells me what was his favorite part."


Middle school student, Bianca, finds the experience of reading with the kinders "amazing." She writes, "I see a lot of progress in partner reading. Lua is only four and she is amazing. I love helping them and they love the time with us. We are starting a very strong friendship and it makes this experience even better."   

Middle school students like Kenia and Richie are learning not just about how one acquires literacy skills but also what adults need to do to engage children in the process. About her little reader Kenia writes, "He is a really smart child because he can recognize some letters, and he also knows the sound of the letters. Sometimes it's hard to get his attention. He doesn't know how to use his magic finger, but he knows that you have to read from left to right." In writing about his little reader, Richie shares that "one on my techniques is to pick books that have a lot of pictures.   I ask him, 'What do you see in the picture?' Most of the time his prediction of the picture is correct. Sometimes, though, my partner gets distracted when he is bored so I think I need to find a technique to make the reading more interesting."


Middle school readers like Sofie find the more she reads with her partner the better. She writes, "My little partner is a very sweet and happy child. The first day that I read with her, she was a little shy, and she did not want to read with me, but the teacher helped me to get her interested in the story. The second day I had more emotion and she was interested. She answered my questions, and she told me her favorite part of the story. It was a lot more fun."


The rest of our middle school readers are also thoroughly enjoying the experience and learning about how one learns to read. Kianna writes about her reader, "She is really smart, and she has a big imagination. While I am reading, she listens and gets the idea of what the book is about. She really likes to make word sounds even though she doesn't know how to read. The interesting thing about this is that when I read with her, I can see that she will become a great reader." Omar writes about how his reader doesn't speak much English, but Omar is certain that "I'm going to teach him to read in English by helping him recognize the words." Danye writes that her reader is "so beautiful and smart; she always pays attention and makes comments about the book. I like to read for her. The children get excited and they are interested in listening and seeing the book."


With all the help our CVIS middle school students are providing to our little readers, none of us will be surprised to see our kinders become skilled and joyful readers!



SemanaSantaSemana Santa in Sayulita 

by: Joseph Riddle  
Actual poster seen around Sayulita streets 

I have talked to quite a few people around town recently about Semana Santa here in Sayulita. Most had a few ways of describing the holy week,  "people everywhere", "bustling" or "vibrant", were a few of the response that I recieved. Since this is my first year in Sayulita I am looking forward to this influx of people to our small village.


A few years ago my wife and I were in Peru during Holy Week and it was an experience that we will never forget. The culture that shined through in the traditions and ceremonies that we witnessed was exquisitely beautiful. We saw processions with abundant red flowers being thrown everywhere and chants in Quechan, the ancient language of the Incan. It was a sight to behold in the colonial city of Cusco.


These types of cultural experiences make up the lifeblood of any traveler. We see the way others live, and marvel at the better, different, or interesting ways of doing things. Here in our own home of Sayulita, we look forward to the surge in our numbers. We look forward to meeting the people coming to spend their first substantial vacation of the year by the Pacific. We look forward to learning from their customs and traditions.


Be sure to welcome everyone as they reach their favorite little beach town!

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Bliss Lounge

Mani-Pedi Lounge

The mani-pedi lounge, with an innovative designed pedestal seating area and foot basins imported from Morocco, encourages each guest to slip into a transcending sense of peace, while the nail technician pampers you with customized organic foot baths and scrubs made from locally sourced ingredients. 

View more information.



New Business Listing 

Trattoria Toscano

An Italian Restaurant


 Trattoria Toscano was originally based on Italy in the Tuscany region, this family really know their business, they have had the Trattoria since 1977, but a vacation to Sayulita changed things for them, they fall in love with our town and the rest is history. Their pasta is fresh every day, Raviole Toscano, Raviole spec, mashed potatoe cook with white wine, fetuchinni, gnochi, and many other authentic dishes. 

View more information.



For Sale By Owner

Casa Rio Zarquito

$396K USD


The perfect getaway for your entire family or a great income property nestled in the hillside among floral and fauna and only a 3 minute walk to the beach or Plaza.  Located in El Centro at the end of a short dead end street, this recently constructed property consists of three beautiful apartments that reflect the emphasis on quality and exceptional taste of the owner.  

View more information.

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photootweekPhoto of the Week:
Sayulita Police and Fire (thanks Pro Sayulita!)
Sayulita police
Photo:  Ed Dorsett, Wicked Fotos
twobrosTwo Generous Brothers! 



Each week, as part of their allowance, Theodore and Simon Lysek get $15p for their college fund, and $15p to save and to contribute to a charity.


Theodore is 11 years old; he's quiet and thoughtful. Simon is 9 and does most of the talking. The Brothers are in Sayulita for the third time this year. They are originally from Santa Barbara CA, and will be in Sayulita for 10 months. They are going to school at Costa Verde International School, where they are learning to speak Spanish as well as learn a lot about Mexican culture, in addition to their core subjects.


Each year, around their birthdays in January (Theodore) and February (Simon), they decide what organizations to contribute their allotted donations to. Even though they were "a little late this year" according to their mother Mary, the choices were easy: CVIS and SayulitAnimals!


This year, they gave $300 pesos, half of their charity contribution to SayulitAnimals. As Simon says, "We like animals, especially cats! We have two cats which we brought here to Mexico with us."

Among other things, their generous contribution buys food for cats and dogs, helps pay for spaying and neutering, pays for medications for animals in need of medical care, or pays for vaccinations and documents necessary for adopted animals to be taken to their "forever home".


The day the two brothers and their mother came to SayulitAnimals and made their generous donation, several animals were in the process of being spayed/neutered. Will Estes took them back to see Jade, a white cat there that day, as well as a cat that had just been spayed. The boys also listened to the heartbeat and counted the respirations of the cat as she recovered from surgery.

Sayulitanimals has just celebrated its fifth anniversary. It is due to the generosity of people like Theodore, Simon, and Mary that it has been able to improve the quality of animal and human life in Sayulita over these years.




Pet of The Week dingopetoweek



Hola! I am Dingo, a 1 year old, Bull Terrier mixed male dog, who was found in the highway between San Ignacio and Sayulita.  I am very smart, I am potty trained, know how to sit and walk on a leash.  I get along with other dogs and am a great companion.  I am looking for an active owner who has time to take me on adventures.  If you are looking for a noble companion, look no further! Please let my friends at SayulitAnimals know if I spark your interest.  




Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make Sayulita a better place in which to live and vacation.


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