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Joe the editor I am pleased to continue to bring all of the news and community events to you in El Sayulero. I appreciate the feedback you have provided on some of the changes being made and I hope you will continue to let me know what you think. This newsletter is about our community and we put it out to serve you. 
As you can see from my article below, I am working on contributing to El Sayulero as well as maintaining my role as Editor. 

Thanks for reading and have a great week,




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SpringAheadDon't Forget to Spring Ahead


Don't forget on Sunday, April 6, 2014, Daylight Savings Time begins and our clocks will spring ahead 1 hour. The change occurs here in Sayulita at 2:00am making it 3:00am. Enjoy your extra hour of daylight!


saferA Safer Sayulita!
By: Joseph Riddle
Photo by: Ed Dorsett Wicked Fotos


As the rush of Semana Santa quickly approaches, efforts have been underway to make our beaches safer. One widely recognized problem being addressed is that there is a great need for more lifeguards to patrol our waters. Currently Civil Protection only supplies a total of seven paid lifeguards for the entire region of Bahia de Banderas. Sharing these lifeguards with Punta de Mita and San Pancho leaves only three lifeguards to guard the whole beach. Previously two of these lifeguards were stationed at Playa de Los Muertos, due to its relative isolation, leaving only one to patrol the main beach. Now with recent changes being made, the three allotted lifeguards will be spread out over the main beach, Los Muertos, and the tower on the north side. Each guard will be able to watch over their assigned territory thanks in part to Pro Sayulita and their recent fundraiser, which allowed the purchase of three specially made rescue boards, providing an added level of safety and support.


These trained lifeguards rescued 327 people last year from the water. However they cannot be everywhere at once, so efforts are underway to train many of our local surfers in emergency response and rescue board techniques as a much needed supplement. Some in attendance were WildMex's Katja Sievers,Travis McCoy, and Edson Covarrubias


The training is being conducted by the very capable Jimmy Canale. Jimmy's long illustrious career in safety includes:lifeguarding in San Diego, being a marine safety officer, marine firefighter, cliff rescue technician, underwater search and rescue conductor, swift water rescue technician, and crewing an offshore rescue boat. The last two-hour clinic taught by Jimmy, provided 17 people the useful knowledge of how to use a rescue board and properly bring someone to safety. Participants in this clinic ranged from surf instructors to enthusiastic youths (the youngest participant was a 13 year old) all eager to learn new skills that could save lives. Hopefully with these newly trained locals and five volunteers from the Aquatic Program assisting the lifeguards, our shoreline will be even safer and more family friendly.


However one last piece remains, with the expansion of the safety procedures and staff members, we need a coordinator to manage it all. If you are interested please see the details below! 


*Thanks to Janice Parker for providing all the details!


Position Available
position pro sayulita ff logo






This position is responsible for coordination of the Sayulita Auxiliary Lifeguard Program.


This volunteer position works directly with Pro Sayulita, Firefighters Crossing Borders, and Bahia de Banderas Civil Protection y Bomeros to facilitate joint planning and decision-making to meet Sayulita's water rescue needs; provides program direction and management oversight for the Sayulita Auxiliary Lifeguard program.



  • Assists in the recruitment, training, and retention of auxiliary lifeguard members.
  • Develops, maintains and provides a list of auxiliary members along with what equipment each member has been assigned.
  • Maintains an equipment locker(s) and provides security of same.
  • Communicates with auxiliary team members and brings their problems, needs, and issues forward.
  • Assists Civil Protection with facilitation of ongoing training and team building opportunities for the auxiliary members with municipal lifeguards.
  • Works with other Bahia de Banderas auxiliary lifeguard coordinators on issues affecting the Bahia de Banderas Auxiliary Lifeguard Program.  


Costa Verde's First Annual Art Walk
by: Kathleen Nicoletti   

  Art walk


This past week Costa Verde (CVIS) held its First Annual Art Walk. It was an opportunity for families to see the terrific work students have been creating in CVIS' art and graphic design classes. CVIS teachers, many of whom are artists, had their work on display as well. This work included the photography of our 5th grade teacher Ms. Jen, the creations of 2nd grade teacher Ms. Brigi, middle school graphic design teacher Mr. Enrique, and CVIS art teachers Ms. Virginia and Ms. Adela. The artwork was done in a myriad of media including, but not restricted to, chalk, oil, fabric, and, of course, recycled materials. The path of the exhibit was lined with wonderful stone artwork created by students during lunch under the artistic guidance of Ms. Mary, an artist and parent at CVIS. As visitors strolled through the exhibit space, they nibbled on wonderful food that had been provided by the Parents' Association (APO).


While the artwork was certainly an important part of the event, the evening also included the performing arts. Spanish learners in the primary grades treated everyone to a delightful performance of La Fiesta de Don Gato, a fun and lively play in which students, dressed as animals, sang and danced. The students performed the play in flawless Spanish, surprising audience members with their fluency. Middle school students wrote and presented their own play, a comedy about a group of castaways. The props and performances were excellent. Middle school students also recited poetry and sang the evening's closing song in French, a language the students are now studying at CVIS.


The evening also included a performance by CVIS' parents, Susannah and Chris Thompson. The couple, professional musicians, have performed in venues around Sayulita as Coral Creek. Their bluegrass style music was a welcome addition to the evening.


It was a wonderful evening for everyone, and we look forward to next year's Art Walk.

 Kudos and Gains Cash for School

 Love Loss


Broadway came to Sayulita in the form of the hit show, Nora Ephron's Love, Loss and What I Wore. The play took place March 26, at Brisa del Mar's Palapa Playhouse. They filled the house to see this romantic comedy about how various outfits play different roles in the lives of five women over the years.


The cast was as polished as a silver buckle, starring Jeanne Dick, Pat Garfus, Jennifer Culp, Judy Greber, and Donna Evans-Deyermond with Ruby Bartini posting the illustrations.

In addition to being a solidly entertaining event, the show brought in 23,000 pesos to benefit the Primera school lunch program, far exceeding expectations of the box office.


Others involved in the production were Peter Glass and Evans-Deyermond as co-directors. Cal Deyermond also did a wonderful job with the sound system, Ed Schwartz provided posters and dress sketches, Janet Andersen worked on set decoration, and Giselle Barass, of Jigsaw Hair in La Cruz, provided makeup. 


If you did not see the show, there will be a reprieve on Monday evening, April 7, 6:30 p.m., at La Luz Fantastica, 155 Revolucion Sud. Donations accepted at the door to benefit the Primera.  Bring your own drinks and snacks.


The cast and crew of the play thanks Damien and Nick from Don Pedro's for donating the space and appetizers for this community event benefitting the local primary school.


lambrecht Lambrecht Surfboards Clinic
One Spot Left!
  Lambrecht Surfboards  


A great way to get away from the Semana Santa crowds.


Lambrecht Surfboards is offering a build your own wooden surfboard clinic from April18-25th. There is the option to sign up for a three or seven day workshop. In the three day workshop, you will design, build and shape your board and it will be fiberglassed by Lambrecht Surfboards. Sign up for the seven day workshop and leave with your board ready to be surfed!


Location; Dingbatz

Contact Info:

Ph: 322 127 0000


"Andy is the Yoda of woodworking with the patience of the Dali Lama, a perfect combination to guide anyone through building their own surfboard. Alternatively, the best indication of how fun it is to participate in a workshop is that after completion I immediately wanted to build another one."
Ian Kruger, Pemberton BC



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See our recent "Why Sayulita?" real estate article.

happinessExperiences with Others, 

the Key to Happiness in Sayulita 

by: Joseph Riddle  
 beach view 
"No endeavor is in vain, Its reward is in the doing,
And the rapture of pursuing
is the prize the vanquished gain."



On occasion we all have the desire to spoil ourselves. We want the latest and greatest in cars and clothes, TV's and timepieces. These trinkets are seen as a treat, or as a reward after a job well done. We often fall into the accidental belief that these things will make us happy. The world around us also helps to convince us of the necessity of these luxuries, with advertisements and displays of happy people wearing the coveted clothing or sought after accessory. However there has been an overwhelming amount of research that suggests that the happiness in the world of luxury is not long lasting or profound. Studies show that the smiles on the faces we see around us are not because of their financial status or ownership of the latest gadgetry. Research shows that experiences are a much better predictor of happiness.


Some recent experiments conducted by researchers; Thomas Gilowich and Travis Carter, suggest that our past events, are more closely related to our identity and level of satisfaction, then any purchases or status symbols we may surround ourselves with. They reiterate that memories of events and times, are extremely important to us as individuals, and make up much of our self identity. Additionally, studies done by researchers; Caprariello and Reis, have taken this idea a step further and suggested that the most meaningful type of experiences, are the ones with a high degree of social contact. What does all this mean? It means we should be placing a higher emphasis on time spent with others!


While this research many not come as a surprise to many, it definitely serves as an important reminder of the more important things in life. It may also allow us to positively impact the people that wander into Sayulita. It is not uncommon to hear solitary travelers, here in our little town, saying they are here to find themselves. In the past we may send them off without much help, but perhaps we should take this self-reported loss of self, as a sign that they are looking for happiness. Perhaps we can help them along by inviting them into our homes and lives to show them a community experience.


In Sayulita there are plenty of adventures and experiences to be enjoyed. We have beautiful waves just yards away, waiting to be surfed; we have beautiful landscapes and stunning scenery surrounding us, waiting to be explored. You can zip line through the jungle, ride horses on the beach, or have a night out on the town. Perhaps we should use these things to help make ourselves, and some of our visitors happier! The research shows that these are the types of experiences that will endure forever in your memory, and the memory of those you bring along! Although this won't guarantee your ultimate happiness, it's a damn good start.


You can find many different experiences to enjoy at our website. Also let us know some of your favorite Sayulita adventures and experiences on our Facebook page!

Featured Listings 


Business for Sale:

Quiverito Surf Shop

$49K USD


Awesome opportunity to own a surfboard rental shop just steps from the famous Sayulita surf break.  The shop rents surfboards by the hour, day or week and provides a calm work environment with no stress and complete simplicity. You do not have to be a professional surfer to rent or sell boards, but a general knowledge helps and can be quickly learned.

View more information.



For Sale By Owner

Casa Rio Zarquito

$396K USD


The perfect getaway for your entire family or a great income property nestled in the hillside among floral and fauna and only a 3 minute walk to the beach or Plaza.  Located in El Centro at the end of a short dead end street, this recently constructed property consists of three beautiful apartments that reflect the emphasis on quality and exceptional taste of the owner.  

View more information.


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photoweekPhoto of the Week:
Rescue training for Sayulita Lifeguards
rescue photo
Photo:  Ed Dorsett, Wicked Fotos
vancouverVancouver listen up! 

adopt me  


Are you from Vancouver? Are you a dog lover? Have you been to Sayulita? Have you heard of Sayulitanimals? Have you ever wanted to actively be involved in dog rescue but haven't found a way to do so?


Well, if you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then we have an opportunity for you!


Sayulitanimals is looking for foster homes (temporary homes) for our rescue dogs specifically in VANCOUVER! Our adoption and foster program has expanded and we are now working with NOBARS (No Borders Animal Rescue Society- a Canadian Organization) who help us find loving homes for our rescues.

A foster home is a crucial link from the hardship of street life, abandonment, and abuse, to a life full of love, joy, and warmth. You can help save a dog without the long-term commitment of lifetime ownership.


We invite you Vancouverites, to join our mission and foster. Please get in touch with us so we can further chat about how wonderful and rewarding it is to host a dog in your home. You can facebook or email us at

Open your heart, open your home, become an angel, You can start by getting to know our Pet of the Week, Drew!



Pet of The Week 

Adopt Drew  

Hola! I am Drew a small chihuahua  mix. I am a three month old puppy who was abandoned with my three other siblings in San Ignacio. When Sayulitanimals found me I was in really bad shape.  Now with great care, I am rapidly recovering from mange, malnutrition, and parasites. I have a spunky and playful personality and love to be around other dogs and humans.   I am neutered, de-bugged, and ready to find a loyal and loving family.  Please let my friends at Sayulitanimals know if you would like to get to know me. Wags! 


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