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Photo: Derrick Lundy, Om Yoga
This week El Sayulero brings you many stories: an interview with a local boutique owner, updates and upcoming events.  Sayulita has some great options where to see the Super Bowl, enjoy cold beers, and eat great food. See the list below of a few football parties happening around town.
Best of 2013 Contest: Congratulations to our business winners in the Best of 2013 contest hosted by The contest kicked off January 1st and ended this morning at 10AM. Winners are announced in this week's El Sayulero. See the voter's choices below and we look forward to next year's Best of 2014 contest.
More International Press for Sayulita: The Portsmouth News in the UK recently published an article on Sayulita, titled Nature and Culture in Magnificent Mexico. To read the full article click here.

Thank you for reading El Sayulero and enjoy the beautiful weekend in Sunny Sayulita!


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A Good Night Sleep For All: 
Noise Control Comes to Sayulita


Just as Puerto Vallarta did decades ago, all growing towns have had to solve the problem of balancing a healthy nightlife with the community's need for peace and a good night's sleep. It is now Sayulita's turn. Earlier in the month a coalition of community stakeholders came together to meet with State and Municipal officials to address this critical issue. While Mexico has clear rules governing live and amplified music coming from bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, the problem for our community has been a lack of enforcement. That is about to change. Read more
Super Bowl Sunday! 
Where to Catch the Big Game in Sayulita

Don Pedro's: There will be 3 HD screens downstairs and a large HD projection screen upstairs. Special appetizers served will be chicken wings, ribs and nachos. Reservations with deposit required for large tables. For reservations contact Don Pedro's:  329-291-3090
Don Chow's: Don Chow Super Bowl Sunday opens at 3 PM. There will be a Football Pool,  3 big screen T.V's, two in the bar & one outside on the patio, plenty of room for spectators.   Don Chow's will be serving BBQ ribs, Pork Sliders, Teriaki Chicken Sandwich & other bar food. Draft beer & full bar available plus sushi & regular menu after 6PM.
Fajita Banana's: Watch the Super Bowl on eight 50" LED screens. Regular menu, beers and cocktails from the bar available.
Aaleyah'sMargarita and Shot Special $60 pesos. Cerveza and shot special $50 pesos. There will be a grill with bbq Ribs to enjoy.
Coco's BarSuper Bowl at 5:30 PM at Coco's Bar. Enjoy a bucket of 6 beers for $100 pesos and a variety of finger for the big game.
Los Afortunados: Los Afortunados will open at 4:30 PM on Sunday and serving up  arrachera steak sandwiches, bacon cheese burgers and the full menu will be also be available. Pacifico and Corona Beer will be just $20 pesos anytime Seattle is outscoring Denver..Go Hawks! Come early for great seating. Omar and Maria will be your Referee's for the event.
Zen Garden: Ocean view three flat screen TVs and a projector with large screen and surround sound. Free Tequila shots every quarter. $120 pesos all you can eat and $25 pesos beers. Pre sale $100 pesos at Buddha Gallery or upstairs at Zen Garden.
Boutique Banner 
Interview with Carinne Berube: 

SayulitaLife: Where are you from?

Carinne: Montréal, Québec, Canada


SayulitaLife: What brought you to Sayulita?

Carinne: One day I visited Sayulita 12 years ago and I was hooked after five minutes!


SayulitaLife: When did you first open Scarlett Boutique?

Carinne: November 2007


SayulitaLife: What made you choose Sayulita as a place to open a business?

Carinne: I really didn't think in terms of "business". I followed my heart, I felt something really strong for Sayulita, like a magnet.  Read entire interview


Winners Announced

Best of Logo


Pay Property Taxes 
in Sayulita and Save Money

Sayulita boasts a temporary "Predial" office now in Sayulita where property owners can conveniently pay their property taxes, or predial in Spanish, over the next month. The government tax offices are currently offering special discounts for tax payers who pay up their property taxes including 15% off in the month of January, 10% off in February and 5% off in April.
DIF employee Raul Martinez, temporarily in charge of taking Predial payment in Sayulita also provided information on past-due property taxes for anyone owing from 2009. Overdue property taxes from 2009-2013 will not have to pay IVA on top of the regular fee and you may receive up to 35% off taxes due from 2009. For more information or to pay your property taxes here in Sayulita, Raul Martinez will be set up in the office directly across from Sayulita Investment Realty for the next month Monday to Friday from 9 AM - 2 PM.
Sahara Nights
CVIS Beach Party Fundraiser 

For sale now for Sahara Nights! Flyer attached. This will be an evening of food from all over Africa, live performances, music, and fun! Silent and live auction, with professional, bilingual auctioneer!
On line tickets can be purchased at:
$50 US, tax deductible OR at CVIS for 500p! 
Please join and spread the word.
SIR Banner
See our recent "Why Sayulita?" real estate article.

Pro Sayulita: People Make a Difference
By Jack Jones

Father Ignacio with Tracie Willis of Sayulimpia

Eric Steinman and Tracie Willis of Pro Sayulita have done volunteer work for Sayulimpia for many years. Tracie dreamed of garbage receptacles all over town and garbage cans around the plaza seating area. Eric dreamed of replacing all the Styrofoam carry out containers with organic biodegradable products. Many years of effort has made both dreams come true. Father Ignacio who has lead and cooperated with many civic projects recently chose biodegradable plates and cups furnished by Eric Steinman. Eric purchased the products and he and Tracie have cooperated in getting village businesses to use them and now Father Ignacio has chosen them for the church annual picnic. Dreams and people make the difference.


Bite This: Los Corazones - Heart to Beat
By Ed Schwartz


At Los Corazones, a cozy, ultra-charming restaurant across the street from the church, there are red hearts all over the place -on the walls, iron work and even on the delicious asparagus soup.  Just to give the place a shot of extra romance, there are lanterns on the table casting a nice glow. And, although the restaurant is small, what's coming out of the kitchen is big news for diners who like delicious food, lovingly made and beautifully presented. Read full review.


CVIS: The Importance of our 
Costa Verde Parent Community
By Kathleen Nicoletti

When people read about Costa Verde International School (CVIS) and the wide variety of classes and activities we offer, I am often asked, "Where do you find all these talented, committed people?" Well, the answer is "in our community!" CVIS' mission is to provide the best bilingual progressive education possible. To do this, we need talented and knowledgeable teachers in the classroom as well as talented and knowledgeable people to support the host of others things we do here. Luckily for us, this talent is often found within our parent community. Let me introduce you to some of these parents. Read more

Sayulita Preserve
For more information about an exquisite lifestyle and affordable homes just
minutes from Sayulita visit us our website at
Pets in Sayulita: Mom, Can We Keep It?
By Melisa Schelvan

Photo by Luke Schelvan

Many things will pass through the lives of our children as they grow-leaving impressions, memories and sometimes lessons. My children often talk wistfully about our chocolate lab, Stormy, whom we left behind with family when we moved to Sayulita. Stormy is getting old and intolerant of traveling, but in the minds of our kids she is perfect still. Thinking about Stormy makes me keenly aware of our current pet-less status, so it is with a little nostalgia that I enjoy the animals of Sayulita.  Read more  

Featured Listings


New Business Listing:

Green Grill Fine Dining Restaurant


Green Grill in Sayulita offers a unique culinary and fine dining experience under the stars, blended with a casual yet vibrant feel to the overall decor and atmosphere. Enjoy alfresco dining at its finest in Sayulita with fresh and delicious dishes prepared by Green Grill's professional chef. inspired by international and Mexican cuisine. At Green Grill in Sayulita, you will savor the selection of salads, soups, appetizers, steak, seafood and vegetarian fare.  




New Business Listing: 
Z Galeria in Sayulita, located on Revolucion on the north side of the bridge, boasts a variety of encaustic works of art created by artist Zoey Pierce. The Encaustic medium uses a mixture of waxes to bring pieces alive in color and texture. These beautiful pieces are inspired by the colors of Mexico, nature, the ocean and horizons. Artist Zoey Pierce has established herself as an encaustic artist in Sayulita and created a welcoming art studio where you can sit and admire her art pieces. 


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Sayulitanimals: Successful Spay & Neuter Clinic Held in San Quintin


Sayulitanimals just finished up another successful 2 day spay and neuter clinic in San Quintin. We were requested to go and sterilize in this small village, because the situation there is rather severe. During this short time we witnessed many starving and neglected animals. We were blessed to have Emily L'Hoist with her "Cambiando Cultura" program go into the local school and do a presentation on animal welfare, animal cruelty, proper care of animals and the importance of spay and neuter. Her talk in the class had a huge impact on the local kids and when they were released from school they were eager to get their dogs and cats in line to have them spayed and neutered. Read more.

Photo of the Week:
A Morning Commute in Sayulita
Photo by Ed Dorsett: Wicked Fotos
Pet of the Week: "Charlie"
Hola! I am Charlie, a beautiful long haired female cat who was found abandoned in some bougainvillaeas in Sayulita.  I am young and very healthy. I can be somewhat aloof at times, because I am independent but am very sweet. I love chasing lizards in the yard. I am looking for a "fur-ever" home where I have the freedom to play outside and an owner to love.  Let my friends at Sayulitanimals know if I spark our interest.
To adopt a pet or donate, please contact

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