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Saturday's Master Tequila Tasting. 
Photo: Ed Dorsett, Wicked Fotos 
Last weekend's Festival Sayulita proved to be a success in it's inaugural year showcasing films, tequila, surf and art. Friday night's tequila pairings at local restaurants was a fun event for everyone attending each venue and last Saturday's night Master Tequila Tasting at Don Pedro's Brissa Mar Palapa was unique with music, folklore dance and of course, tequila. From reposado, anejo to blanco, everyone in attendance sampled top shelf tequila brands. The Festival Sayulita hosted a variety of quality films which premiered in several locations throughout town including the Sayulita Beach and the Cultural Center.  
Thank you once again to the Festival Sayulita organizers and over 60 volunteers who made this event possible. For photos of last weekend's Festival Sayulita you can visit our Facebook page here.
Coming up next:  Costa Verde's Sahara Nights fundraiser on February 19th.  More to come soon.


Lindsay Walter

Editor, El Sayulero



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Festival Sayulita Opinions

"I really liked everything, the set up, how the event brought Sayulita more life, it was really cool" 

- Eduardo Guerrero Chica Locca  





"I think is a very good thing for Sayulita that this kind of events are happening, and we are not just seen as a Surf or beach town. It is also a really good thing for all of us living here to be able to do something different. I would have liked more activities in the streets or in the Plaza, seen it more out there and not just in specific venues." 

- Belem Colin Yah Yah Cafe  



"It was so well run and organised, I was so impressed with everything. There was not one hiccup that I could see..."  


-Tracie Willis Choco Banana





"They really impressed me because it was very well organised, although I think they missed the focus a little bit more on the Mexican audience, the locals. In general I think it was great. I went to a movie at Casa de la Cultura and two on the beach and the last night was the best with the full moon." 

- Liliana Perez La Hamaca Gallery  

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See our recent "Why Sayulita?" real estate article.

Ocean Speakers Series: 
Interview with Octavia Jolley

After noticing one very awesome looking poster hanging around Sayulita, we contacted organizer Octavia Jolley (Sayulita Sea Camps and Sayulita Bebe) to ask a few questions about this free Sayulita kids event.


SayulitaLife: First of all, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? 


Octavia: I am originally from Carmel, California which is on the Monterey Bay, a stunning ecosystem and amazing spot for ocean exploration and adventure. After a stint working at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in the Education Department, the motivation began for doing my own project, which is Sayulita Sea Camp, a day camp program for kids focusing on marine biology. I love sharing the excitement of learning with kids, and now I can do that with my own two boys, who were born here in the area. The best thing about living here is the access to it all: whale watching, SCUBA diving, surfing, SUPing- it all is related to the ocean! Read entire interview

Sayulita in San Diego Magazine

San Diego Mag

When Casey Hatfield-Chiotti called us last Fall regarding a write-up in San Diego Magazine, we were more than willing to give her an insider's view on the best of what Sayulita has to offer.   The article was supposed to be released in the December issue of the magazine but ended up being postponed until now.

  Check out the full article here  


Casey's Sayulita experience combined with a bit of input from has produced a great article highlighting key aspects and business in Sayulita.  Check out all the local businesses she mentions including:


Captain PablosMiro Vino
Casa HigueraOm Yoga
Casa NinamuPetit Hotel Hafa
ChocoBananaRevolucion del Sueno
Don PedrosSayulita Cafe
Sayulita Sol
La HamacaTacos on the Street
MangiaficoVilla Amor
Mar Plata

 Check out the full article here  


A Top Tequila Tasting
By Ed Schwartz

Photo: Ed Dorsett,  Wicked Fotos

Tasting tequilas at Don Pedro's palapa is very nice work if you can get it, and I got it during last Saturday evening at the first annual Festival Master Tequila Tasting. Tequila fans were able to glide from one table to another, sipping the elixir from the blue agave plant, listening to live music and munching on delicious hors d'oeuvres. Read more  

Bite This: Great Tequila with 
Great Food? Why Not?
By Ed Schwartz

Photo by Ed Dorsett of Wicked Fotos

Every time I write about wine and food pairings, I start off with this important caveat. Each person, expert or novice, should understand that it's all about individual tastes. So, this is simply my take on a tasty event-a tequila and food pairing at Calypso last Friday night for Festival Sayulita. Read more  

CVIS: High Season Brings Wonderful Volunteers and Much More
By Kathleen Nicoletti

The high season is upon us here in Sayulita and for many people, businesses, and organizations this is a good thing. For Costa Verde, it's a great thing, as high season brings a plethora of talented and committed volunteers. Volunteers at Costa Verde do many things: they read to children, teach English, French and math, work in our gardens and provide assistance to our teachers. Many return each season loaded with new materials for the school, and we at CVIS are, of course, very thankful. Without these volunteers, we could not provide the variety of and differentiation in instruction that we do. Read more  

Sayulita Preserve
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The Beauty of Babies Mexico
By Melisa Schelvan

There are few things so life altering as the birth of a baby. It changes every aspect of our lives-financially, emotionally, spiritually, not to mention those intangible ways in which words fail. I both found and lost myself when my babes were born and having them has influenced every decision I have made since. So, when my husband and I moved to Sayulita with three young kids in tow, I found myself fascinated by the wonderfully brave and genuinely beautiful women and their families who have not only chosen to make Sayulita their home-but have a baby here as well! Read more  

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New Business Listing:

Carmela Carlyle Integrative Counseling and Yoga Therapy

Hatha yoga and Nidra yoga meditation for private groups and yoga retreats. Private yoga therapy sessions in your home or my home studio. Integrative counseling and yoga therapy. Slow Hatha yoga class every Tuesday and Thursday at Hotelito Los Suenos Yoga Studio.  






New Business Listing: 
Los Corazones Restaurant 
Los Corazones Restaurant in Sayulita boasts a fusion of fine dining and romantic ambiance to create a truly unique dining experience in Sayulita. Surrounded by the decor of love and hearts, you'll not only see the "corazones", you'll taste the love and heart put into every dish made at Los Corazones Restaurant. 


SIR 901New Real Estate Listing: 
$499K USD 
This ocean view home is located at the exclusive north end of Sayulita on Nanzal Hill, overlooking the sea.  Casa Capricia has a very open living and dining area with great views of the ocean.  The pool and pool deck are spacious and inviting.  The home captures the cool ocean breezes all day long!  Great sunsets year round. 

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Three Lucky Dogs Need Escorts to Canada


Sayulitanimals has three lucky dogs looking for flights to Canada to their furrever homes. You benefit knowing you've helped save a life PLUS we will give you a free ride to the airport. Sayulitanimals will support you through the entire check in process. Someone will be waiting for you outside customs in Canada. It is easy peasy! Meet our friends and where they want to go. Read more and see dogs  

Photo of the Week
(Festival Sayulita Surf Competition) 
Photo: Ed Dorsett, Wicked Fotos
Pet of the Week: "Mz Tina (Turner)"
Hola! I am Mz Tina (Turner), named for my long/strong legs. I am a female canine around the age of 1.5 years old. I was abandoned on Sayulita's entrance bridge. People say I look like a mix of Doberman and Ridgeback, but am medium sized. I shy, gentle and sweet (think Eor), attentive to my surroundings, well behaved in the home, and am being trained to walk on a leash. Please make my New Year brighter with the present of a full-time family. 
To adopt a pet or donate, please contact

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