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Ian Thank you Lindsay for handing over the Intro this week.


Its been a few years since I've written an El Sayulero intro but after last night's stellar experience at Festival Sayulita, I felt compelled to both share with our readers as well as congratulate the event itself.


If you are missing this inaugural event, you are missing a piece of Sayulita history!


I have lived in Sayulita for almost 15 years and countless times heard people state "you should (fill in blank) or "somebody should (fill in blank, again)", or "they should (fill in blank, yet again)".  The organizers of Festival Sayulita proved to all of us yesterday that instead of just talking and suggesting, actually doing something can have a tremendously positive impact on our village.


Based solely on yesterday's performances, I can easily claim this festival is one of the best small town multi-day events I have ever experienced.  With the help of the local 60+ volunteers, the organizers of Festival Sayulita demonstrated an incredibly organized event presenting cultural talent, signing and dancing, music, artists, films, and even a souvenir booth with hats, t-shirts, posters, and stickers.  Oh yes, and free flowing tequila for everyone!


El Sayulero proudly congratulates everyone involved with Festival Sayulita including the volunteers, sponsors, attendees, and most importantly the organizers behind this tremendous event.  Thank you all for giving us an incredible experience the whole entire town can share and participate in.


Enjoy the Festival-related articles below and remember you still have two more days of Festival fun.


See you there,


Ian Hodge



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Festival Sayulita: 
Interview with Gabbi Villarrubia

Festival Sayulita is Sayulita's first celebration of all things awesome about the town, with a focus on Film, Tequila, Food, Music and Surf. Spanning Jan 16th through 18th, Festival Sayulita will offer locals and visitors a chance to see Films from around the world, Taste amazing tequilas paired with unique menus at some of Sayulita best restaurants, participate in a one of a kind surf event, and enjoy all that our amazing pueblo has to offer! 


SayulitaLife: Films and Tequila. Seems like a bit of a strange match. What inspired this?


Gabbi: For some of us, this is a very natural pairing! Not only because enjoying any sort of art with a bit of Tequila is sure to add to the texture of the experience, but watching a film while enjoying a fine Tequila (in our minds no different, if not better, than a fine wine) is sure to make the nuances of the films stand out! Also it is important to note that this Festival is not just Tequila and Film, but also food, Music and most importantly Sayulita! The name says it all = Festival Sayulita! We are really pairing Sayulita with these great avenues of enjoyment, and Film and Tequila are just 2 of many. Read entire interview.

Festival Sayulita Schedule of Events

Festival Program

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Festival Sayulita Kicks Off 
Event in Sayulita Plaza
By Lindsay Walter

Photo by Ed Dorsett of Wicked Fotos


The first annual three day,three night Festival Sayulita celebrating film, music, tequila, art and surf in Sayulita kicked off with a grand opening celebration in the plaza on Thursday January 16th. There was folklore dance, a mariachi band, art walk and a lot of tequila at last night's opening event! The atmosphere was fun and energetic as people started to come out to the opening celebration starting at 4PM. The same evening, festival goers enjoyed films on the huge seven-meter screen on the beach just outside of Don Pedro's Restaurant including a surf documentary titled Bella Vita. Read more
Festival Sayulita Presents Documentary on The Life of Leonora Carrington
By Ed Schwartz

Photo by Ed Dorsett of Wicked Fotos

Festival Sayulita held a special VIP screening premier of Leonora Carrington The Surrealist Game Tuesday night at Playa Escondida. In the middle of this exciting, vivid film about British-born artist Leonora Carrington, she states that her life was "boring and ordinary." That may be the epic understatement of all time. In fact, her life was wild, exciting, passionate and full of escapes-First from an oppressive upper middle class life in Lancashire, England, from a psychiatric hospital in Spain and finally, to an artistic home in Mexico City, where she painted with the best of the surrealists and outlived them all. Read more  

Bite This and Sip Too: 
Tequila and Food Pairings
By Ed Schwartz

Does that sound a bit strange? Well, here is some taste news. After all, when you think about it, a fine tequila takes as much skill and effort to craft as a fine wine. Everyone has some favorite wine and food pairings and you will find tequila and food pairings just as interesting and with a bit more zip! Read more  

CVIS: Student Teachers Arrive
By Kathleen Nicoletti

This year Costa Verde International School (CVIS) has started a student teacher program with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. UW-Madison students who are in their final year at the university can apply to do a 9-week internship at CVIS. During this internship, the student teachers assist CVIS teachers with lesson planning and teaching, becoming an important part of the CVIS community. Read more  

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Photo of the Week
(Festival Sayulita Banner) 
Photo by Ed Dorsett of Wicked Fotos
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