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January weather is beautiful in Sayulita offering the perfect combination of warm sun and cool breezes. The holiday crowds have gone, yet Sayulita is still bustling with tourists and a steady flow of visitors to our town; both foreign and Mexican nationals enjoying the surf, sand and sun. Whale season is in full swing during these cooler months of the year. For an up close and personal whale watching experience, you may want to be out on the water with one of Sayulita's fishing pangas or boat charters.


Sayulita Festival: The Sayulita Festival is just around the corner. The 1st annual film, tequila, music and surf festival is sure to be a truly unique Sayulita event. Sayulita Festival will be held next weekend starting Thursday January 16 through to January 19th. Be sure to get your tickets to tequila tastings and film screenings.

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Lindsay Walter 

Editor, El Sayulero


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King's Day Gifts for 
Local Beach Vendor Children
By Lindsay Walter

On Sunday January 5th, the day before King's Day in Mexico, local resident Eder Raygoza organized a special event in the Sayulita plaza for the local children who sell handicrafts on the beach. As these kids work hard daily on the beach and come from low income families, many of these children do not receive Christmas gifts or presents on Mexico's Three King's Day. Eder Raygoza along with other community members pulled together to collect toys for the beach vendor children on this day.  Read more  

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Feature Listings

 New Real Estate Listing:

River Front Lot for Sale by Owner

$306K USD

This river front property benefits from a constant fresh breeze, and is just a 20 minute walk from town.  The lot is ready to title with water and electricity close and available. Located in an up and coming neighborhood boasting a few select, newly completed homes, this land is just waiting to be built upon.  



New Rental Listing
Casa Flores

Casa Flores is a beautiful and intimate house situated on top of a hill overlooking the village of Sayulita. Beaches and center of town are a 5 minute walk from Casa Flores. From Sunrise to Sunset, views of the bay and village are featured from the house, pool and terraces. Fully equipped modern kitchen with all European appliances open-air living area and 2 open air living and eating areas.



New Business Listing

Hecho Con Amor

Hecho Con Amor is proud to offer catering, private dinners and personal chef services in Sayulita, Nayarit, and in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Whether you're in a vacation home or villa, or just need some assistance in weekly meal planning and preparation, Hecho Con Amor is here to serve you with a smile.



New Business Listing

Sayulita VIP Transportation

Sayulita VIP Transportation offers comfort and luxury in their 7-passenger suburban vehicles and professional, friendly drivers that make your trip to and from the Puerto Vallarta airport an enjoyable ride in style. Owner, Antonio and his crew of drivers will arrange to pick you up from the airport and take you safely to your Sayulita rental destination. Enjoy cold water and/or beers from their in-vehicle cooler on the ride to Sayulita.   


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See our recent "Why Sayulita?" real estate article.

Last Week to Buy
Festival Sayulita Tickets

Sayulita film fest


There are still a few tickets left for both the films being shown at Festival Sayulita and the awesome tequila dinner pairings at local restaurants.  Don't miss your chance to be part of this incredible event.  Get your tickets here while they last.
Film fest 2 


Futbol Season Kicks Off Tournament 
on New Sayulita Soccer Field
By Lindsay Walter


Futbol in Mexico is a big sport and Sayulita is no exception to the soccer craze with the Sayulita Club de Futbol. In November 2013 the Sayulita women's soccer team brought home the championship tournament competing against 10 other teams from Puerto Vallarta and up the coast to San Pancho, beating out one of their biggest rivalries among their competitor teams, Punta De Mita. The Club de Futbol and the Sayulita women's team initiated just over a year ago with only 8 members on the team, today the team consists of 30 women between the ages of 15 and 46, locals and four foreigners, all hardworking and dedicated women who love "futbol". On Saturday January 11th Sayulita will host the kick off to the All Star tournament on their home turf; the new soccer field located on Calle Manuel Plascencia, just past Om Yoga near the water purification plant starting at 3:30 PM. Read more


Sayulita Shopping: 
Savvy Shopper's Paradise
By Kimberley Keehn

Over the past 10 years Sayulita's shopping scene has changed drastically.  Sayulita Sol Jewelry, the first jewelry store in Sayulita, opened its door ten years ago when Calle Delfin was still an unpaved dirt street. Today, Calle Delfin is a palm-lined promenade hosting a plethora of shopping boutiques!  Sayulita has become a beautiful and bustling downtown with an incredible selection of shopping opportunities.  Where else can you find 45 locally-owned shops offering a diverse array of hand-selected merchandise within a four block radius?  Often people ask us what is there to do in Sayulita? Shop! Read more  

CVIS: Giving Back to the Community
By Kathleen Nicoletti

One of the missions of Costa Verde International School (CVIS) is to be a valuable and contributing member of the community. As a result, the school is always looking for projects to which we can give our time, talents, and resources. This school year we have been excited to participate in The Sayulita Mosaic Mural Project. The project was conceived of and spearheaded by local artist Bonnie Metzger. Read more  

Sayulita Preserve
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Sayulitanimals Seeking Help to 
Transport Dogs North
By Shelly Labovitz

Calling all Sayulitans! Much needed transport for dogs to Canada! Do you know of any visiting Canadians? Sayulitanimals' has been working with a Canadian organization NOBARS (No Borders Animal Rescue Society) since last June. NOBARS will find adoptive homes for our sweet needy Mexican pups. They have an amazing system of fosters and carefully place the dogs in loving homes. Making sure they do not know suffering again in their short canine lives. Read more  

Photo of the Week
(Sayulita Soccer Practice) 
Photo by Derrick Lundy of Om Yoga
Pet of the Week: "Gandi"
Hola! I am Gandi, a young 10 week old male puppy who was abandoned with my other brothers at a very young age. I was found starving and very skinny. After living with my foster family I have begun to gain weight and energy back. I am now v...ery playful and loving with people. I can be bossy with my other brothers and like to be in charge. I am looking for a family who will give me a much better life than I started with. Do you have room in your heart and home for me? 
To adopt a pet or donate, please contact

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