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Actual fireworks in Sayulita

Happy New Year 2014. The town has certainly been busy this past week with tourists enjoying the holidays and New Year's Eve proved to be a huge celebration all over town including local restaurants and bars as fireworks lit up the skies. Visitors to Sayulita are also happy to be enjoying sunshine now after a week of unexpected rain showers and cloudy skies. With the New Year Sayulita welcomes sun, surf and enjoyably cool January evenings. 


In Mexico, Three Kings Day on January 6th officially marks the end of Christmas holidays and children are anticipating gifts on "Dia de los Reyes Magos". Read the below story about one resident's efforts to make Three King's Day special for every child, even the beach vendor children who work regularly. The toy drive event will be held this Sunday, January 5th in the plaza at 5:00 PM. See you there there!


Thank you for reading El Sayulero and Happy New Year Year to all!

Lindsay Walter 

Editor, El Sayulero


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Community Effort to Provide Childhood Experience to Local Vendor Children
By Lindsay Walter

In Mexico, Three King's Day is celebrated every January 6th and is a very important day, especially for children as the date marks the culmination of the 12 days of Christmas season. As tradition has it, the three wise men or "Reyes Magos" who delivered gifts to baby Jesus continue to leave gifts for children in Mexico. Presents are typically exchanged on this date more commonly so than Christmas day. As an effort to keep this tradition alive and after seeing the local vendor children who work daily along the beach in Sayulita go without a Christmas gift, local resident, Eder Raygoza decided to organize a small toy drive for the children who need it the most; the local beach vendor kids. Read more  

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Sayulita Festival 2014: 
Interview with founder, Storm Richardson


Storm Richardson is the originator of the Festival Sayulita.  Here is a brief behind the scenes look into the creation and select logistics of this incredible Sayulita event. 

SayulitaLife: How did you come up with the idea of a Sayulita Film Festival?


Storm: I ran into Nick and Treva Sherman in front of Alas Blancas one day last spring, and we started talking about doing something to being people to town during a down time. Read entire interview


New Year's Eve Celebrations in Sayulita
By Victoria Munoz

View of fireworks from Sayulita Plaza

As an employee at Escondido Bar in Sayulita, everything seemed uncertain on New Year's Eve. I really didn't know what to expect. I was afraid of people not showing up; I even decided not to create a special for the night due the unstable week previous. Sayulita never lets anyone down, true story. Around 11 o'clock downtown seemed a little quiet still, but suddenly people started to show up. They came from their hotels, houses, restaurants, beach or wherever they had been hiding. Just like that, from one second to the next, I had a full bar and the plaza was noisy; the New Year's Eve celebration had finally begun. Read more  

CVIS: How Come These Kids Learn Spanish and English So Quickly?
By Kathleen Nicoletti

Costa Verde International School (CVIS) is a bilingual school. Our students have teachers who teach in Spanish and others who teach in English. As a result, our students are immersed in both languages the entire school day. Additionally, students receive direct instruction in either Spanish or English, depending upon what a student needs. Read more  

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The People Behind Sayulitanimals
By Shelly Labovitz

Over 2000 animals spayed and neutered in less than 5 year! Over 100 animals placed in furrever homes in 2013 alone! Ever wonder, who are the people that make this happen? Sayulitanimals regularly shares a pet of the week with you... this week we want to let you in on the people behind the animals. Founded in 2009, Sayulitanimals has seen people come and go. Three woman continue to stand strong in their commitment and if you ask them... they've only just begun! Read more  

Photo of the Week
Photo: Derrick Lundy, OM Yoga Sayulita
Not your typical Sayulita fishing person.
Pet of the Week: "Hercules"
Hola! I am Hercules a 2 month old small male puppy who was abandoned and left starving with my other brothers.  I am getting better every day now and fattening up thanks to my amazing foster parents. I am already trained, smart and get along great with the other dogs and cats. I had a rough start, but am very hopeful that I will find the perfect family who will love me and always stay loyal.  Let my friends at Sayulitanimals know if you are interested in welcoming me into your family.
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