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Band Plays for Guadalupe Celebrations

What a week of celebration in Sayulita! With the Virgin of Guadalupe days culminating on December 12th, the town enjoyed bands playing, dancers dancing, a slew of dancing horses and a spectacular light show of fireworks. With Guadalupe Day celebrations behind us, Sayulita now prepares for posadas (Christmas parties) and Christmas celebrations ahead. For more on the Guadalupe Day traditions and how Sayulita honored the Virgin of Guadalupe this past week read the article below.


Surf's Up: The waves in Sayulita have been perfect the past couple of days and local surfers are out there on the water perfecting their skills. Whether you are a long board or short board enthusiast, a stand up paddle boarder or just like to watch the talent from afar, it's a great day to be on the beach and enjoy our perfect December temperatures or take to the waves!

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Guadalupe Day Celebrations in Sayulita
By Lindsay Walter 

It has been a festive week in Sayulita with the Guadalupe Days celebrations kicking off on Wednesday December 4th and continuing through to December 12th, the official Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. This past week there was a stage set up in the plaza which turned into the center of entertainment during the past 10 nights, where Sayulita locals and visitors alike enjoyed watching dancers dance and bands play. There was plenty of good food served in the plaza including tacos, tamales, fruits and crepes. There was also plenty of fireworks, firecrackers and early morning cannon explosions from the local Catholic Church; a call to mass all to honor Mexico's Virgin of Guadalupe. Read more  

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And we are looking to expand our team with another local social media and creative writing employee. Qualifications are:

-Love of Sayulita 
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-Outgoing and energetic
-Excellent work ethic

We offer great pay and great benefits.

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Pro Sayulita Spaghetti Dinner 
at Iguana Gardens
By Riley Hunter 

Last week, just before the big SUP race in Sayulita, Pro Sayulita and Iguana Gardens held a big spaghetti dinner for the entire community to come and enjoy. The idea was to kick off the SUP race with some healthy fare, get the community together, and enjoy ourselves at this beautiful locale. Many long time Sayulita residents were in attendance and it was great to see familiar faces all around. Just about everyone commented on how delicious the food was, including resident Jennifer Gulp. She says, "Oh my was that food delicious. Really impressive and there was so much! We just kept eating all night. It was great fun!" Read more  

Buonissimo Italian Gelato
By Riley Hunter

Buonissimo is well, really good, as the name suggests. Aside from their rich creamy gelato, you can also have breakfast food and sandwiches! It's another great addition to Sayulita's central plaza, and sits along the row of shops next to the main church and Yah-Yah Cafe. Our favorite flavor is the Sicilia. It is a delicious mixture of vanilla cream, zesty orange, caramel drizzle, and chocolate chunks. 
The combination is excellent and each bite highlights different notes of the ice cream. Another great thing about Buonissimo is that they open from early morning to late at night, so whether you are craving a bit of morning coffee or a late night treat just after dinner, Buonissimo will be open for you! It is beautifully designed and the menu is in very easy to translate Italian, which gives it that authentic vibe. The shop is also dedicated to using all fresh, all-natural ingredients. Needless to say, we are excited to have these guys in Sayulita. Simply delicious.
Casa Piedras For Sale By Owner
A Special Home For Families Seeking Tranquility and Quality
Casa Piedras is located in a sheltering palm grove, overlooking Litibú Beach, between Punta Mita and Sayulita. Fanning out from the hillside, this architect-designed home captures every ocean breeze, every sunset and only steps from the Pacific. Unique design offers main level with master bedroom and bathroom, living, dining, kitchen, laundry and powder room. Separate level with additional private two-bedroom, two- bath suite for guests or RENTAL INCOME. Built according to German engineering standards and earthquake-proof. Half-acre lot with meandering walkways and shady palm trees. Rainwater collection and solar water heater. Separate workshop and maid´s room.


Mexitreks: New Nature Tours in Sayulita
By Riley Hunter
MexiTreks owner and tour guide Stephen Pomeroy is a longtime Sayulita resident and naturalist. Stephen has been exploring Sayulita's trails and has an impressive knowledge of the flora and fauna of Sayulita. There is hardly a tree, bird, or insect that he doesn't know or hasn't seen. He will also be kind enough to catch all the spider webs with his face for you so that you can just relax and enjoy your jaunt in the wilderness for the day. El Sayulero joined Stephen along with Canadian visitors Pam and Matt for a trek on the route "El Camino de Jaguar," which is an old footpath that connects San Ignacio to San Pancho, and there is an old legendary jaguar that reportedly likes to hike that trail too.  Read more


Sayulita Preserve
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Sayulita SUP Race: 
Serie Pro AM Weekend
By Riley Hunter
The long awaited and anticipated SUP race came to Sayulita thanks to Leyla and Matt at Stand Up Paddle Mexico and all those who excitedly awaited and participated. This race was the first stop on the Serie SUP tour on the Pacific coast in Mexico this round. The day of the race bough choppy waters and rough conditions for the race, but Sayulita's SUP pro's weren't phased. Big names in this sport, such as Fernando Stalla and Karen Jacobson took home the prizes among stiff competition in both the long distance and elite technical races! Aside from the pros, the conditions proved to be a bit tough for amateurs, but young kids, and amateur enthusiasts paddled out into the bay of Sayulita to test their skills and have some fun as well.  Read more


Bite This: New Alas Blancas Restaurant
A Lovely Surprise 
By Ed Schwartz

Crispy Fried Shrimp at Alas Blancas

People generally go out to dine and the three issues that make up a dining experience are the food, service and ambiance. So, let's discuss the food at Alas Blancas, the new spot that has opened on the beach right on the surf break.  The dishes we had were excellent and could only have been prepared by a very well-trained chef who knows not only the basics, but also serious creativity.   My shrimp dish was lightly deep-fried in panko crumbs like some fine tempura dish, only better.  The sauce was spicy and delicious. I would go back and order this dish again, for certain. Read more



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If you love fashion and beauty but also dream of living a life of simplicity in paradise, this is your opportunity of a lifetime. I have built a distinctive clothing boutique in the heart of Riviera Nayarit, Sayulita, a quaint tourist town which thrives on charm and individuals living their dreams. Diosa, the Spanish word for goddess, is a small boutique in the center of town that has a developed reputation for offering the finest silk clothing and imported hand crafted jewelry in the area. This is a completely turn-key opportunity requiring no leap of faith on your part. It is ready to have new ownership without the insecurities often attached to opening a new business in a foreign land.

New Business Listing
Alas Blancas Fine Foods and Wine Market in Sayulita boasts an array of specialty items, organic and natural foods and international products only found in Alas Blancas. Alas Blancas located in downtown Sayulita, just one block from the beach is the premier specialty food and liquor store in Sayulita. Here you will find a wonderful selection of fine wines including red, white and sparkling wines as well as national and international liquors from all over the globe. 


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Buonissimo Italian Gelato, located in the Sayulita plaza offers an array of delicious gelato flavors made fresh and with all-natural and fresh ingreditents. These artesenal authentic Italian Gelato flavors are the perfect treat during a hot sunny day or an after dinner sweet tooth craving. True to their Italian roots, owners have created a gelato and Italian coffee shop in the center of Sayulita where you can take a seat, enjoy the ambiance and choose any item off their ample menu or gelato selection.


Sayulitanimals Needs a Writer
By Sayulitanimals

So many writers dream of the day they will be published. Many journalists struggle to find a forum to voice their opinions. Well...Sayulitanimals has a solution for any author with a bit of free time on their hands. 
Each week the El Sayulero hits the press (digitally of course) and we at Sayulitanimals are proud to be a part of our towns' successful online paper. However, we are only 3 passionate ladies, who have full schedules and lots of animals to take care of. We are in need of a writer! A volunteer writer would receive ideas, facts and photos from us and would be left to their devices to put together our weekly article. Help us tell Sayulita and supporters all over the world, what is happening in the animal world around town. No previous experience necessary, English or Spanish or Bilingual - anyone who enjoys writing is a good candidate. No long term commitment necessary (but of course we would love it). If you have some extra time and feel like helping Sayulianimals get the message out to the masses, please contact us: On facebook or 
What's Happening at CVIS?
By Kathleen Nicoletti
Started by a small group of parents who were looking to provide their children with a progressive, ecologically focused, bilingual school, Costa Verde International School(CVIS) is now in its 6th year. What began as a school of less than 90 students has blossomed into a school of 150 students! 75% of our students are Mexican and the remaining 25% come to us from Canada, the United States, Spain and a host of other countries. Over these past six years, CVIS has stayed true to its mission to educate as many local children as possible through our scholarship program. This year almost half of our students benefit from that program. To ensure that the program can continue (and grow), the school holds a number of fundraising events and looks to those with more resources than others, to "adopt" a student financially or donate in other ways to the school. Read more


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Pet of the Week: "Daisy" 
Hola! I am Daisy, a senior, black lab mix. I was abandoned by my previous owners and found by a really nice girl in the plaza.  She has been taking such great care of me, but now has to leave back to Canada.  So now I am with out a family once again.  I do not beg for food, because my favorite treat in life is getting love and affection.  I am very calm, low maintenance, docile and good with other dogs.  I have been abandoned, alone and sick and now am ready to find a loyal family.  Do you have room in your heart and home for me?
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