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One of the contestant winners:
Waves a Comin!

December is already here and so is the beginning of the Holiday season in Sayulita. Guadalupe days commenced on December 4th with quite the party in the plaza. The dance group Tin-Toc from the Bahia de Banderas performed Wednesday night to kick off the Guadalupe Days celebrations along with the Atrakaderos band playing and Sayulita's own dance group performing in front of an audience for the first time. There will be a stage set up on Calle Marlin from now until December 12 (Guadalupe Day) and you can be sure to catch a lot of music, dancing, Mexican dishes being served in the plaza and festivities during the rest of the week. Don't miss the Guadalupe parades through town during the evenings representing the nativity scene of Baby Christ. Sayulita radio station 88.1 will also be broadcasting live from the Sayulita plaza for the rest of the weekend. Come on down to the Sayulita plaza in the evenings to enjoy all of the December festivities ahead.


Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser: Tonight at Iguana Gardens you can enjoy a spaghetti dinner and meet the Stand Up Paddle Board competitors in tomorrow's SUP board race. This fundraiser dinner for ProSayulita, a charity that supports many community projects starts at 6:00 PM. Dinner and one drink cost only 150 pesos. Come out and support Pro Sayulita, an organization that does so much for our town, and support the local SUP racers.

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Pro Sayulita: People Make a Difference
By Jack Jones 

Ruben Rodriguez

Does anyone remember Delfines Street two years ago? From plaza to malecon, cars parked on both sides of the street so you could barely see a speck of blue water at the end. The picture above shows Delfines now with 36 stately coconut palms leading down to the sand with holiday decorations fluttering in the wind. Many visitors and locals have their photograph taken on this view.


This is possible because Ruben Rodriguez (pictured above) and his brother Manuel Rodriguez had a dream. Ruben, a member of Pro Sayulita, shared this dream with Pro Sayulita at a weekly meeting. Pro Sayulita made a substantial donation to the planting of the trees. The two brothers personally planted all the palms on this street. Join Pro Sayulita, make a difference, give something back. Go to our website below and join now. Come to Iguana Garden tonight at 6:30PM for a spaghetti dinner and meet the Stand Up Paddle Board contestants for Saturday's race.

Sayulimpia Dinner Keeps
Bellies Full and Streets Clean
By Riley Hunter

When you find a slice of paradise, it's hard work to keep things pristine. Sayulita has become quite the bustling tourist town, and with all the traffic comes a fair amount of trash. Luckily, in Sayulita, there is a group dedicated to making sure that even after the green garbage baskets are emptied in the plaza and the infamous Girrsa trucks pull away, Sayulita's streets are clean. Sayulimpia is an organization of eco-hero volunteers that make Sayulita look like the slice of paradise it is today. Read more
Sayulitanimals Has Neutered and Spayed 
Over 2,000 Animals
By Sayulitanimals

Sayulitanimals just concluded another successful spay and neuter campaign in town, with our visiting volunteer vet team (our angels - Charlotte Burns & Bliss Fisher). Since opening our doors in 2009, we have fixed more than 2000 cats and dogs! This past Tuesday, we honored the 2000th with a group photo and lots of smiles. Read more 
Stand Up Paddle Mexico Series SUP Masters Costa Pacifica Race in Sayulita

Sayulita Preserve
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minutes from Sayulita visit us our website at
Sayulita Bids Farewell to Former Resident and Community Member
By Lindsay Walter

Bill Adams and Pat Wagner
William Charles Adams, aslo known in Sayulita as Bill or his Spanish equivalent "Guillermo" passed away on Thanksgiving day, November 28th in his home in Union Bridge, Maryland. Bill Adams born August 5 1972, once lived in Sayulita from 1999 to 2009 and even became a Mexican citizen in 2005. Bill was known by many locals and longtime residents in Sayulita and had many friends here in town. He lived with local Sayulita family, the Cadenas, Martha Cadena, Guillermo Cadena and Tigre Cadena during his time in Sayulita and will be greatly missed by all who knew him, especially his mother Patricia Wagner, longtime resident in Sayulita and realtor at Avalos Realty. "I always had people asking me when Bill would return to Sayulita" says Pat Wagner who has set up a memorial page for her son Bill: Bill Adams Memorial. Friends and acquaintances of the family can leave their condolences on the memorial page. Our deepest condolences go out to Pat Wagner and her family during their time of mourning.

Hoping to Lessen Obesity: Mexico to Impose "Fat Tax"
By Ed Schwartz

For many years, the United States bore the heavy honor of being the most obese nation on the planet. However, according to a new United Nations study, this dubious distinction now belongs to Mexico. According to this report, roughly 70 percent of Mexicans are overweight and almost one-third are obese. Nearly a third of Mexican teenagers are also obese, a number that has tripled in the last decade alone. The vast majority of those teenagers will remain overweight for their entire lives, the study said, which could lead to weight-related health issues such as diabetes. Read more


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New Real Estate Listing 


Casa Dulce in Sayulita is a short walk to the beach and downtown. The property is walled, private and secure, with a dipping pool in the common area.  Partially furnished with custom window shades and ceiling fans. There are two upstairs balconies, and front and back patios on lower level.


Your perfect vacation home in Paradise!! Casa Wabi Sabi features panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the village of Sayulita. Sip your favorite cocktail and watch the sun set over the ocean. 

New Business Listing
Alas Blancas Fine Foods and Wine Market in Sayulita boasts an array of specialty items, organic and natural foods and international products only found in Alas Blancas. Alas Blancas located in downtown Sayulita, just one block from the beach is the premier specialty food and liquor store in Sayulita. Here you will find a wonderful selection of fine wines including red, white and sparkling wines as well as national and international liquors from all over the globe. 


New Business Listing


Wicked Fotos offers personal photo shoots, either to capture your first surf lesson or just to have that Wicked Foto to share on FaceBook. Wicked Fotos is in the beginning stages of operation, but, we're here and ready to take some great photos of your surfing skills, house, or business.


Sayulita's New Gastronomic Association Brings Prosperity to our Pueblo
By Riley Hunter
Oton, owner of La Terrazola, noticed that since Sayulita is a small town tucked away along the coast of Riviera Nayarit, at times it is difficult to get the proper products and services that Sayulita's restaurants need to provide the best quality dining experience possible to their customers. Following up on this idea, he contacted Luca, owner of Miro Vino, and soon after they had the original 12 founding members of Sayulita's new gastronomic association (Asociación Gastronomia Impresario de La Riviera Nayarit) El Sayulero sat down with President Oton and Treasurer Luca to see what this organization is all about.  Read more


Kids Corner: Christmas Art Project
By Astrid Vanya
Christmas is just around the corner! My favorite thing about Christmas is the apple cider, the company of family and friends, and most of all the decorations. I think it is the time of the year where people can truly express their inner artist, whether it is decorating a Christmas tree or painting your nails a festive theme. Today I am going to show you how to do an awesome and creative picture to get you into the Christmas spirit. Read more


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