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July 19th,

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Greetings to our 8,172 subscribers,  

Sayulita in JulySayulita has had many rain showers over the last couple of weeks. Sometimes light drizzles and at other times heavy downpours. The temperatures are also exceptionally high, especially when the rain clears and the sun comes out over Sayulita. The best place to be right now is enjoying the nice ocean breeze by the beach. This time of year there have also been many visitors in Sayulita, weekend vacationers looking for a get-away from the city, a couple wedding and bachelor party groups in town and there is a general feeling that tourism is still pretty good considering we are in our off-season, rainy-weather time of year. Still, this does not discourage visitors and Sayulita residents for that matter getting out and enjoying the hot sun and warm rain showers when they come.

This week's El Sayulero brings you interesting articles and community topics such as the newly founded Turtle Camp. It's baby turtle season and turtles are arriving to lay their eggs in the sand. Read article below on how the Campamento Tortuguero is protecting the turtle hatchlings in Sayulita. Also, Sayulita part-time resident, Marjie Martini of Funky Diva Hair has recently written a book about Sayulita, sailing down the Pacific Coast and surfing adventures. The second novel to the series is released today. Real article below to find out more about her book "In Search of Cap'n Tim" and the second novel in the series "Finding Cap'n Tim". Thank you for reading El Sayulero and we hope you enjoy reading all the community articles, news and local happening going on in Sayulita right now.


Lindsay Walter 

Editor, El Sayulero


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Saludos a nuestros 8,176 lectores  


Ha habido muchas lluvias en Sayulita en estas dos semanas. A veces solo serenando y a veces cae la lluvia fuerte. Las temperaturas también han subido especialmente cuando deja de llover y sale el sol. El mejor lugar donde estar es en la playa disfrutando la brisa del mar. Hay todavía muchos visitantes en Sayulita escapando las ciudades durante los fines de semana, ha habido grupos de bodas y despedidas de solteros y aun hay mucho turismo durante esta época del año, aunque es nuestra temporada baja y hay lluvias. Pero las lluvias y el calor no molestan a los visitantes ni a los residentes. Siguen saliendo para disfrutar el sol y las lluvias calientes cuando caen.


Esta edición de El Sayulero les trae artículos de la comunidad y noticias locales como el nuevo Campamento Tortuguero y como esta organización esta ayudando a las tortuguitas en el nuevo vivero de Sayulita. Tambien, residente temporal Marjie Martini de Funky Diva Hair ha escrito un libro sobre Sayulita, destinos por la costa del pacifico y aventuras de surf. El segundo libro se publica hoy. Lee el articulo a continuación para mas información sobre el libro "En busca de Capitan Tim" y el segundo libro, "Encontrando a Capitan Tim".  Gracias por leer El Sayulero. Esperamos que le gusten los artículos de la comunidad y noticias de lo que está pasando en Sayulita ahorita.


Gracias por leer El Sayulero


Lindsay Walter

Editora, El Sayulero


Eye Car in the Plaza: Discount Glasses and Free Eye Exams From Helping Hands

 By Riley Hunter

Every Monday, you can see Optometrist Mario Alberto Mora working away on patients in Sayulita's plaza. Well, hopefully you can see him working in there! If while passing by before, you thought a band was playing or a new bar had popped up in the plaza, you might want to just stop in for a quick check-up!  Read more


Cada lunes, puedes ver al optomologo Mario Alberto Mora trabajando con pacientes en la plaza de Sayulita. Espero que lo puedas ver ahi! Si pasas por ahi y creiste que habia una banda tocando o era un nuevo bar, tal vez quieres ir para que te chequen los ojos. Leer mas
Casa de Vela For Sale by Owner in Sayulita
$350,000 USD 


Casa de Vela
Casa de Vela for Sale by Owner
$350,000 USD
Casa de Vela is a fantastic house located in the beachfront complex known as Villa del Palmar (House of Palms), on the coveted North side of the river in the village of Sayulita. Recently remodeled, Casa de Vela offers four bedroom suites all of which have private bathrooms as well as an additional den/4th sleeping space.
Our pure, sandy beach is just steps from the door. Surfing is enjoyed in front of the property. Casa de Vela shares the beautifully blended architectural style of zen contemporary meets rustic charm. Only a short 4-block walk to shops, restaurants and the town square, the location of this fabulous vacation home affords easy access to all of the excitement and action of downtown Sayulita while being far enough away to be very quiet. It actually can feel as though you are miles away from the activity, since we are nestled within a peaceful beachfront surrounding. 
Campamento Tortuguero: Protecting Sayulita's Baby Turtles

 By Riley Hunter

Campamento Tortuguero is a volunteer organization that is just starting to get its footing, although they have been dedicated conservationists for years now. Team leader Alejandra Aguirre explains to us their recent struggles and successes. Campamento Tortuguero has been protecting sea turtles for 6 years now, and finally, after 1 year of paperwork, we received permission to build a turtle hatchery here on the beach. We only lack a few materials for it to be complete for this turtle hatching season, and being a volunteer organization supplies are at times hard to come by. Read more


El Campamento Tortuguero es una organizacion que apenas inicio, aunque han sido conservacionistas dedicados por anos. La organizadora del equipo, Alejandra Aguirre nos explica los desafios y exitos que ha enfrentado el Campamento Tortuguero. El Campamento ha estado protegiendo las tortugas por 6 anos y al final, despues de un ano de papeleo, recibieron permiso para construir un vivero tortuguero aqui en la playa. Solo nos faltan unas materiales para terminar el vivero. Ya que son una organizacion de voluntarios, a veces los suministros son dificiles de encontrar. Leer mas

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Sayulita Investment Realty
In Search of Cap'n Tim: A Novel about Sayulita,
Surf Sisters and Friendships 
 By Lindsay Walter

In Search of Cap`n Tim, A Tale of Four Surf Sisters is a novel recently published by part-time Sayulita resident Marjie Martini who fell in love with Sayulita and surfing in 2001 and now spends her time between Whistler, BC, Canada and Sayulita, Mexico calling both places her home. Marjie, who owns Funky Diva Hair in Sayulita, got the idea to write a novel about Sayulita as well as other neighboring towns and popular surf destinations along the Pacific coast after forming a special friendship with three women surfers who also love Sayulita, adventure and catching the next perfect wave! In Search of Cap`n Tim is the first novel of a trilogy. The second novel, Finding Cap`n Tim is released July 19th. The third novel is expected to be published in spring 2014. Read more


En la busqueda de Capitan Tim, una historia de cuatro hermanas de surf, es una historia publicada por residente temporal Marjie Martini, quien se anamoro de Sayulita y el deporte de surf en 2001 y ahora pasa su tiempo entre Whistler, BC, Canada y Sayulita, Mexico y llama los dos su hogar. Marjie, quien tiene Funky Diva Hair en Sayulita, tuvo la idea de escribir un libro sobre Sayulita y otros pueblos por la costa despues de haber formado una amistad especial con tres mujeres surfistas que tambien amaban Sayulita, aventuras y agarrar la proxima ola grande. En la Busqueda de Capitan Tim es el primero libro de una triologia. La secunda se publica el 19 de julio. La tercera saldra en primavera 2014.  Leer mas

Upcoming Events in Sayulita 
Sayulita Community Calendar
July 21st thru July 27th

The Sayulita Community Calendar is a tool to help bring us all together.  Now there is a central place to find out when, what, and where events are taking place.  View, read, sort and post every Sayulita-related event.


Add your upcoming event to the Sayulita Community Calendar 
Kids Festival in Sayulita Sunday July 21st 
at El Cameron Camp Ground
Kids Festival in Sayulita


On JULY 21 at 4pm, Don't miss this great, fun, KIDS FESTIVAL in Sayulita! Looking for food donations from restaurants or generous residents. Time and/or money donations welcome as well. 4pm at Cameroon Camp ground. There will be activities for kids, and grown up kids as well. The purpose of this event is to bring the community together and offer something to the youth of the town. There are events lined up, Palafox will be playing music, there will be a BBQ! Don't miss it!  

Treat Yourself to Sayulita: 
The Sayulita Credit Card Guide

 By Riley Hunter

The days of sky-rocketed foreign transaction rates are over, and if you are a business traveler, a jet-setter, or just a savvy vacationer, there are now even benefits of using your plastic abroad (e.g. frequent flier miles, cash back rewards, hotel discounts, travel preferences, etc.) To some, traveling with cash is stressful and a liability. Don't want to lose track of that chunk of change! Foreign bank fees and transactions add up on ATM withdrawals, at times lines are long, and the ever-stressful "machine error" messages do occur. Not to worry! Whether you forgot to exchange currency before arrival or are just looking splurge and treat yourself; here is a list of restaurantstour guidesspasgalleries,stores, and more!  Read more


Los dias de cambiar dolares a tarifas altas se han acabado, y si eres viajero de negocios, o un vacacionista de placer, hay beneficios de utilizar plastico en el extranjero. (ejemplo: millas de viajero, beneficios en efectivo, discuentos en hoteles, etc.) Para algunos, viajar con efectivo es estresante. El tipo de cambio puede ser alto y hay colas para esperar a usar un cajero. No te preocupes. Si se te olvido cambiar dolares antes de llegar a Sayulita o si quieres regalarte algo especial, aqui hay una lista de restaurantes, tours, spas, galerias y tiendas que aceptan tarjetas de credito.  Leer mas
Saturday Dinner Fundraisers For 
Local Resident Fighting Lung Infection
 By Lindsay Walter

Local Sayulita Resident Felipe Hernandez, also known in the community as Chilly Willy, is currently fighting off a severe lung infection that has been persistent over the last 8 months. It was almost a month ago when Felipe Hernandez was finally hospitalized in Puerto Vallarta where doctors discovered the severity of the lung infection. Aside from the breathing problems Felipe Hernandez was encountering, he also was not receiving enough oxygen to his heart causing major complications. Now on bed rest and back home in Sayulita with his family who run the Chilly Willy Restaurant, Felipe is beginning to feel better and on the mend back to good health, however he needs to take medication over the next five weeks and attend various doctors' appointments, all of which are very costly for the family. Read more


Residente local, Felipe Hernández, conocido en la comunidad como Chilly Willy está batallando una infección grave del pulmón que ha sido persistente durante los últimos ocho meses. Hace casi un mes Felipe Hernández fue hospitalizado en Puerto Vallarta donde los doctores descubrieron la severidad de su infección pulmonar. Aparte de los problemas respiratorios que estaba enfrentando Felipe, no estaba recibiendo suficiente oxigeno a su corazón, lo cual causaba más complicaciones. Ahora descansando y recuperándose en casa en Sayulita, ocupa medicamento en las próximas cinco semanas y tendrá que asistir citas con los doctores, todo esto es muy costoso para la familia.  Leer mas

Top Sayulita Recommendations of the Week
  El Mezcalito Bar                  Casa Cancion del Mar
Mezcalito Bar                          Cancion del Mar
Pueblo Magico: Living in Sayulita and Communicating Up North

Living in a foreign country, and especially in a small town in Mexico, is now possible for more and more people, because of communication upgrades. I probably couldn't be here for the time we spend if I didn't have internet-email as well as easy telephone service. The DSL is actually pretty good, with few problems. And that makes a difference. Read More


Vivir en un pais extranjero, especialmente un pueblo pequeno en Mexico, ahora es posible para que gente viva con mejores comunicaciones. Es probable que no podria estar en Sayulita si no fuera por el servicio de internet y telefono. El DSL es bastante bueno, con pocos problemas. Eso es lo que hace la diferencia.  Leer Mas

Kids Corner: Sayulita Pink Smoothie
By Astrid Vanya

It is so hot outside, huh? Since it is so hot you don't really want to make anything that is too much of a hassle. Well I know an easy and very delicious recipe for an awesome smoothie. It is called Sayulita Pink Smoothie. This is my take on El Espresso's "Pretty in Pink" smoothie. Drinking this smoothie will give you nutrients and it will cool you down! Enjoy! Read More


Hace calor afuera, verdad? Ya que hace tanto calor no quieres preparar nada tan complicado. No se una receta deliciosa para un liquado. Se llama Liquado rosa de Sayulita. Es mi version del liquado en El Espresso "Pretty in Pink". Tomar este liquado te refrecara y te dara los nutrientes que necesitas. Provecho.  Leer Mas

Cousins Show Love of Animals Knows No Borders
By Donna Evans-Deyermond

A recent gift to Sayulitanimals showed once again that the love of pets knows no borders. When their parents decided to send them to Sayulita to absorb the Mexican culture and work on their Spanish, five Latino cousins from California - Francisco, Juvin, Estevan, Marcelo and Anika - decided they wanted to help the animals here. Read More


Un regalo a Sayulitanimals demostro otra vez que el amor por las mascotas no tiene fronteras. Cuando sus papas decidieron enviarles a Sayulita para absorbar la cultura mexican y practicar su espanol, cinco primos latinos de California - Francisco, Juvin, Estevan, Marcelo y Anika - decidieron ayudar los animales aqui.  Leer Mas

Pet of the Week:  "Mandi"  




My family can no longer take care of me.  Unfortunately I was tied to a tree in the hot sun, but someone came and took me to a safe place. I'm 100% non aggresive, I love people, other dogs and cats. I'm a really good girl who is small, less that 20 pounds and I would like to make your life happy!


To adopt Mandi or donate to Sayulitanimals contact: sayulitanimals@hotmail.com 


Mi familia ya no me puede cuidar. Desafortunadamente me tenian armado a un arbol en el calor, pero alguien llego y me llevo a un lugar seguro. No soy nada agresiva. Me encanta la gente, otros perros y los gatos. Soy un chica buena y peso menos de 20 libras. Quiero enriquecer su vida!


Para adoptar un animal o donar a Sayultianimals contacta: sayulitanimals@hotmail.com


Photo of the Week:  
Sayulita Stylish Ride
Photo by Riley Hunter 


Even though Sayulita is consistently growing, it fails to lose it's 

old traditions and style. 


Aunque Sayulita consistemente esta creciendo, no pierde 

sus antiguas tradiciones y estilo.

  Donate pleaseThanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make Sayulita a better place in which to live and vacation.


Ian & Kerry Hodge
Owners: SayulitaLife.com and ElSayulero.com

Gracias por leer.  Favor de hacernos saber sus opiniones, sugerencias, quejas o cualquier otra cosa que usted cree que ayudaria a hacer que Sayulita sea un mejor lugar donde vivir y vacacionar.


Ian & Kerry Hodge
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