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February 22nd,

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Sayulita Days
Photo by Georgia Glennon
The celebrations this past week for Sayulita Days and the grand finale for the national Flag Day on February 24th filled the streets with a week-long fiesta around town and at the carnival.  The fair, located in the baseball field, was pumped with action and excitement including rides, games, taco and candy stands, and vendors selling an array of products from clothes and shoes to movies and accessories.  This year's fair held something for everyone! Adults and kids alike enjoyed the atmosphere at the carnival, and on Saturday night the fair went into the early hours of the morning with bands playing and a full crowd enjoying the festivities. Sunday morning the party continued with the Flag Day parade through town where local children participated carrying flags and marching to music. The celebrations are now over until next year, and if you weren't in Sayulita the article below recaps last week's fun-filled activities, and you can see photos of the parade by Donna Day in this week's Photos of the Week.

On a sad note, Sayulita experienced a loss this past week when visitor Mark Stoneberg swam out on the north shore and was swept out to sea in the powerful riptides that often occur on the north end beach.  The article below details the search and rescue effort made by local residents via interviews from people who were on the scene. It is important to remember to take precaution when swimming on the north end beach and watch for the red flags along the shore that indicate swimming conditions that are not suitable. Our deepest condolences go out to Mark Stoneberg's wife and family.


Thank you for reading El Sayulero.


Lindsay Walter 

Editor, El Sayulero




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Saludos a nuestros 8,558 lectores


Durante las celebraciones de la semana pasada para días de Sayulita y el gran final para día de la bandera el 24 de febrero las calles se llenaron con una fiesta grande y el carnaval estuvo genial ubicado en el campo de béisbol donde habia mucha gente y actividades incluyendo juegos, maquinas, puestos de tacos y dulces y vendedores vendiendo diferentes cosas interesantes y todo desde ropa y zapatos hasta películas y accesorios. Había algo para todos este ano en la feria y el sábado pasado la fiesta en la feria duro hasta la madrugada con bandas tocando y mucha gente celebrando. El domingo en la mañana la fiesta continuo con el desfile donde niños locales participaron en el desfile marchando con música de bandas y cargando banderas mexicanas. Las celebraciones ya terminaron hasta el próximo ano. Si no estabas aquí durante las celebraciones este ano puedes leer sobre las festividades en el articulo a continuación y ver las fotos por Donna Day del desfile en las fotos de la semana.


En una nota triste, Sayulita sufrió una perdida esta semana pasada cuando visitante Mark Stoneberg nado en la playa al lado norte de la bahia de Sayulita y el corriento se lo llevo, lo cual ocurre a veces por ese lado del mar. Lee el articulo abajo sobre los esfuerzos del rescate y busqueda. Es importante fijar en en las banderas rojas que indican las malas condiciones para nadar. Nuestras condolencias para la esposa y familia de Mark Stoneberg.


Gracias por leer El Sayulero.


Lindsay Walter 

Editora:  El Sayulero


All NEW Sayulita Community Calendar
Free for Everybody



After months of designing, creating, and testing, SayulitaLife.com is proud to announce the official launch of the newest addition to our selection of free products and tools offered to the Sayulita community.


Check out the new Sayulita Community Calendar offering:

  • FREE for Everybody
  • Day, week, and month views
  • Eight different color-coded event types
  • Events listed by time/date
  • Pictures and contact info
  • Bonuses for website advertisers

We would like to think we've thought of everything but please cruise through the calendar and let us know if you would like to see any edits and/or changes.




1st Annual Sayulita Margarita Contest
Hosted at Sayulita Public House


The Sayulita Public House is hosting Sayulita's First Annual Margarita Contest to kick off the Punta Sayulita Long Board  and SUP Classic week!


We will be hosting the event, featuring bartenders from your favorite Sayulita establishments, on our rooftop patio.  Live music, finger food, and a fantastic time are included with your ticket.  Oh, and you get bottomless margaritas!


Come and support your favorite bartenders and restaurants on March 5th at 5 pm and help us create a fun, new annual event.


If you don't want to purchase tickets online (here), tickets are available at the pub for $220 pesos.  The cost of your ticket covers your food, bottomless margaritas, and prize money for the winner!


Got what it takes:  See entry rules here 


SayulitaLife Welcomes FIVE New Businesses 


As Sayulita grows so does the amount of new businesses offering their products and services to our local and tourist population. SayulitaLife.com is extremely proud to announce the following new Sayulita businesses:  



Machete Wok Machete Wok 'n Mezcal Bar in Sayulita, Mexico offers asian cuisine with a unique Mexican fusion. This new restaurant in Sayulita is located in the center of downtown, on calle delfin, one block from the beach. Enjoy the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere while owner/chef Hortencia prepares your dish using fresh ingredients, oriental spices and combining them to create a unique eating experience.


Piel de Miel Piel de Miel Spa
located in San Pancho, just 10 minute north of Sayulita offers clients a unique spa experience where you can relax and pamper yourself in their inviting spa. Enjoy a variety of spa treatments and massages or give the gift to a special someone who deserves to treat themselves to a little TLC and let their mind, body and soul relax, renew and rejuvenate.



La Morena II is a 29' Twin Vee Catamaran with twin 200 four stroke outboard motors, along with a cabin including a walk in bathroom and queen size bed.  Catamarans move through the water with much less drag than do monohulls, therefore it cuts through choppy water with much more stability- and comfortability.  It is especially great for long distance trips.  Enrique is both the captain and owner of the boat and has been fishing and surfing.



Falabel & Friends in Sayulita, Mexico is a new falafel restaurant where you can eat a tasty Mediterranean pita-style wrap known as a falafel under their sun awning on the street or at their bar window. Falafel & Friends in Sayulita offers other eastern European menu selections, vegetarian dishes, veggie, beef and shrimp wraps and falafels, tapule, grape leaves and hummus platters.


Zumba Zumba Classes in Sayulita
Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That's exactly what the Zumba® program is all about. It's an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party that's now moving Sayulita towards joy and health. When participants see a Zumba class in action, they can't wait to give it a try.

Thank you new businesses for your support of our local community website and newsletter.  We wish you all the best of luck and look forward to your successes.  


Sayulita Is for Everybody:
Interview with Jordi and Yamili  

By Timothy Kelly 

With each interview I do, I am more and more amazed by the wonderful blend of persons that make up this magical pueblo, Sayulita. This week's interview is of a family who have decided that Sayulita is the perfect place to start their business, dream their dreams, and raise a family. Jordi is a native Spaniard from Barcelona and Yamili is a native born Mexicana from Mexico City. Their daughter, Aisha, moved here at 4 months old, so is for all intensive purposes a native Sayulitan. But, let me take you to the beginning of this fascinating love story.  Read entire interview

Con cada entrevista que hago, estoy cada vez más sorprendido por la maravillosa mezcla de las personas que componen este mágico pueblo, de Sayulita. Entrevista de esta semana es de una familia que ha decidido que Sayulita es el lugar perfecto para comenzar su negocio, soñar sus sueños y formar una familia. Jordi es un nativo de español de Barcelona y Yamili es un nativo Mexicana nace de la Ciudad de México. Su hija, Aisha, se trasladó aquí a los 4 meses de edad, también lo es para todos los propósitos intensivos Sayulitan un nativo. Pero deja que te lleve hasta el comienzo de esta historia de amor fascinante.  Leer toda la entrevista
Flag Day in Sayulita 

By Nicki Cooper



This year tourism has been at a steady roll with a few stark differences from past years.  The influx of foreigners is less due to a number of reasons, but nationals are travelling more.  For those of us who live in Sayulita, this gives us a fresh perspective on culture and Sayulita traditions. Flag Day in the past has many traditional events like the parade, the music, and the food.  This year the focus was still on all of this and more. More 


Este año, el turismo ha estado en la misma dinámica, marcada en años pasados, con algunas diferencias. La afluencia de extranjeros es menor debido a una serie de razones, pero los ciudadanos locales, están viajando más. Para aquellos de nosotros que vivimos en Sayulita, esto nos da una nueva perspectiva sobre la cultura y las tradiciones de Sayulita. El Día de la Bandera pasado tuvo muchos eventos tradicionales como el desfile, música y comida. Este año la atención se centró en estos detalles y más.  Mas

Tragedy Brings Instant Community Response 

By Nicki Cooper


Tragedy Brings Response


On Tuesday afternoon, Mark Stoneberg, 57 year old man from Minnesota, went out for a swim north of La TerrazOla near Casa Blanca around 5-5:30 pm and never returned.  The entire town feels the heaviness of this situation and sends heartfelt prayers and thoughts to Stoneberg's family and friends. His wife and friends had been sitting on the beach to keep an eye on him, when they realized he couldn't get back in.  When she started asking for help, she found Gigo and BamBam two locals sitting up on the beach. Gigo grabbed his board and immediately went in the water as BamBam ran back to La TerrazOla yelling for help.  Stoneberg had already disappeared from sight. More 


El martes por la tarde, Mark Stoneberg, un hombre de 57 años, de Minnesota (USA) salió a dar un baño al norte de La Terrazola, cerca de Casa Blanca, alrededor de 5-5:30 pm y nunca regresó. El pueblo entero se siente el apesadumbrado por esta situación y envía sentidas oraciones y pensamientos a la familia y los amigos de Stoneberg. Su esposa y sus amigos habían estado sentados en la playa para mantener un ojo sobre él, cuando se dieron cuenta de que no podía regresar, empezaron a pedir ayuda y se encontraron con Gigo y BamBam, dos locales que estaban sentados en la playa. Gigo cogió su tabla y se dirigió inmediatamente en el agua mientras BamBam corrió de regreso a La Terrazola gritando por ayuda. Stoneberg ya había desaparecido de la vista.  Mas

Letter to the Editor 

Why does it take a traumatic event like the other day to motivate a group to action?  I wish I knew.  Think of the tragedies of recent history that might have been avoided if situations that needed intervention were addressed before tragedy struck.  The situation with Mark Stoneburg is another of those situations.  I don't think that there is anyone in our pueblo who would not say that the north end beach is a harder swim than the south.  More

Bite This: The Seafood Soup at Leyza's   

I love seafood soup and the one at Leyza's is outstanding. The soup was full of delicious shrimp, mussels, fish and other aqueous bits and pieces and the broth had some nice, spicy snap to it. On top of that, or I should say to the side, a large dish of chopped tomatoes, avocado, and onions, all freshly chopped and fun to add to the already rich bowl. With all the trimmings, this is both hearty and filling and certainly all one needs for dinner. More
Me encanta la sopa de mariscos y la de Leyza es excepcional. La sopa estaba llena de deliciosos camarones, mejillones, peces y otros trozos y piezas acuosas y el caldo tenía algún complemento agradable, picante a la misma. Además de eso, o mejor dicho a un lado, un gran plato de tomate picado, aguacate y cebolla, todo recién picado y divertida de añadir a la taza que ya son ricos. Con todos los adornos, esto es a la vez abundante y abundante y sin duda todo lo que hay para cenar. Mas
PAIRS Seminar in Sayulita  
Even when things are going well in a relationship there is room for improvement. Are your communication skills a little rusty? Is your relationship suffering from a build-up of sludgy old arguments? Could the pistons of passion be firing better? Here's your chance to get a tune-up from Robin Temple, MA, MSW, and Michael Moore, PLS, through a PAIRS Passion Weekend in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. More
Incluso cuando las cosas van bien en una relación hay margen de mejorar. ¿Son sus habilidades de comunicación un poco oxidado? ¿Está su relación sufre una acumulación de lodos viejos argumentos? ¿Podrían los pistones de la pasión que disparar mejor? Aquí está tu oportunidad de conseguir una puesta a punto de Robin Temple, MA, MSW, y Michael Moore, PLS, a través de un Fin de Semana Pasión pares en un ambiente relajado y confortable. Mas 
Top Recommendations of the Week
          Bookstore Sayulita                    Casa Margarita Del Cielo
                               Margarita del Cielo  

SIR Banner     

Sayulita Investment Realty
GPS: An Appeal to the Community

On March 13th is the Grupo Pro Sayulita main fundraiser at the Brisa Mar Palapa- it starts at 5pm and it will be a blast. We had a fantastic time at the CVIS fundraiser, and are looking forward to the SayulitAnimals dance tonight (Friday).  More


El 13 de marzo es la fecha de el Grupo Pro Sayulita principal recadacion de fondos y beneficio en Palapa Brisa Mar - que empieza a las 17:00 y será una maravillosa noche y evento. Tuvimos un tiempo fantastico en el beneficio para CVIS, y estamos anticipando otra noche maravillosa en el beneficio y baile para SayulitAnimals este viernes.  Mas 

Pueblo Magico: The Nicest View in Town     


Don Pedros is nice enough to underwrite the GPS annual Fiesta-Fundraiser, and because of my past involvement, I've spent a number of hours setting up at their Brisa Mar Palapa site at the point.  This is where many of the weddings are held.  On many mornings, you can go there to do yoga in a drop-in class.  Whether you are there for yoga, for a wedding or party or just to get some exercise, it's worth the visit.  The view is exquisite!  It's simply one of the most sublime spots in all of Sayulita.  More 


Don Pedros es lo suficientemente agradable para suscribir la anual GPS Fiesta para recaudar fondos, y debido a mi participación pasada, he pasado varias horas en la creación de su sitio Brisa Mar Palapa en el punto. Aquí es donde muchas de las bodas se celebran. En muchas mañanas, usted puede ir allí para hacer yoga en una gota de su clase. Ya sea que usted está allí para yoga, para una boda o una fiesta o simplemente para hacer algo de ejercicio, vale la pena la visita. La vista es exquisito! Es simplemente uno de los lugares más sublimes de todos Sayulita. Mas 

El Mercado del Pueblo Goes Home

By Lina Weissman 


By Derrik Lundy of Om Yoga
Starting on March 1st, the Mercado del Pueblo, Sayulita's Farmer's Market, will return to its home in the Casa de la Cultura. As many of you know, the Casa de la Cultura is now under the loving care of the Lily Perez . Under its new management, the Casa has gotten a wonderful facelift and has been able to again offer classes and events to the community. Lily invited the Mercado to return to build sustainability for both the market and the Casa de la Cultura.  Read more

A partir del 1 de marzo, el Mercado del Pueblo, mercado del agricultor de Sayulita, regresará a su hogar en la Casa de la Cultura. Como muchos de ustedes saben, la Casa de la Cultura está ahora bajo el cuidado amoroso de Lily Pérez . Bajo su gestión, la Casa ha conseguido un lavado de cara maravillosa y ha sido capaz de ofrecer de nuevo las clases y eventos para la comunidad. Lily invitó al Mercado para volver a construir la sostenibilidad, tanto para el mercado y la Casa de la Cultura.
Leer mas 
Upcoming Events in Sayulita 


Sayulita Community Calendar  


The Sayulita Community Calendar is a tool to help bring us all together.  Now there is a central place to find out when, what, and where events are taking place.  View, read, sort and post every Sayulita-related event.


view calendar 


Sayulita Public House Margarita Contest
 Date: Tuesday March 5th at 5:00 PM
Cost: $19.95 USD
The Sayulita Public House is hosting Sayulita's First Annual Margarita Contest to kick off the Punta Sayulita Long Board and SUP Classic week! We will be hosting the event, featuring bartenders from your favorite Sayulita establishments, on our rooftop patio. Live music, finger food, and a fantastic time are included with your ticket. Oh, and you get bottomless margaritas!

presunto culpable Hotelito Los Suenos Movie Night
Presunto Culpable. A Mexican Documentary
 Date: Thursday March 7th
Two young Mexican attorneys expose the contradictions of the judicial system, presumes suspects guilty until proven innocent. They come across this as they make a documentary to help exonerate a wrong.



Add your upcoming event to the Sayulita Community Calendar 

Sayulitanimals: A Reminder to Tango   



For all who want to dance to save the lives of Sayulita's homeless animals, head to Don Pedros' palapa, Brisa Mar tonight, March first at 8 pm for your free tango dance lesson followed by dancing from 9 to midnight! Tickets are only $200 pesos for entry with all proceeds going to Sayulitanimals. More


Para todos los que quieren bailar para salvar la vida de los animales sin hogar en Sayulita, va a la palapa de Don Pedros, Brisa Mar esta noche, primero de marzo a las 8 pm para la lección de tango danza libre seguida de baile desde las 9 hasta la medianoche! Los boletos cuestan sólo $ 200 pesos para la entrada y todas las ganancias van a Sayulitanimals. Mas

Pet of the Week:  "Paco" 



Paco is a healthy and happy, orange and white, 2 year old, male kitty.  He is a very friendly beach cat and would love to have a real home.  He is neutered, de-wormed and de-flead.  


To adopt an animal or donate to Sayulitanimals contact: sayulitanimals@hotmail.com 


Paco es un gato feliz de color naranja y blanco, tiene dos anos y es macho. Es muy amigable y vive en la playa pero le encantaria tener una verdadera casa. Es esterilizado, desparacitado y ya se le han quitado las pulgas. 


Para adoptar un animal o donar a Sayultianimals contacta: sayulitanimals@hotmail.com

Everybody is Recommending Sayulita!

Sayuleros have no doubt noticed the new "Sayulita Recommended" plaques hanging around local shops and businesses.  These attractive plaques allow any local or visitor to easily scan the custom QR code with their smart phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc) and instantly write a review of the business online.  Try it out the next time you are in town and help share the Sayulita love!


In addition, thousands of local and visitor reviews can be found throughout the SayulitaLife.com website on all home and business pages.  The actual Recommendation Page on SayulitaLife.com allows readers to easily:

  • View the newest and freshest recommendations
  • See businesses/rental with the most recommendations
  • Quickly write a recommendation for any Sayulita business or rental 

Thanks for caring and we all look forward to reading new reviews.  Get to typing Sayuleros!


Sin duda los Sayuleros han notado placas de "Sayulita Recomendado" que estan colgando en varios negocios y tiendas de Sayulita. Estas placas atractivas escanean el codigo QR con celulares inteligentes (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc) e instantaneamente el cliente puede escribir su recomendacion en linea. Pruebalo ahora y la proxima vez que estas en el centro comparte tu amor por Sayulita!


Ademas, miles de recomendaciones de locales y visitantes se pueden encontrar en el sitio web de SayulitaLife.com en cada pagina de casa y negocio. La pagina de Recommendaciones en SayulitaLife.com permite los lectores:


  • Ver las recomendaciones mas actuales
  • Ver las recomendaciones mas recientes de negocios y rentas
  • Facilmente escribir una recomendacion para cualquier casa de renta y negocio


Gracias por su consideracion y esperamos leer sus recomendaciones. A escribir Sayuleros! 


Photo of the Week: 
Sayulita Days Parade 

Photos by Donna Day Photography


Sayulita Days is always fun, a sweet parade, a rodeo and carnival. But this year it seems like the kids are getting more flashy with their moves and even though it was short and sweet, it seemed bigger......or maybe it was just my vantage point of shooting from above where everything looked sort of graphic. Anyway, here are some fun shots.

More photos 


Dias de Sayulita siempre son muy divirtidos con un desfile, un jaripeo y carnival. Pero este ano parece que los ninos estan mejorando sus bailes y aunque estuvo corto, parecio ser un desfile mas grande. O tal vez fue mi punto de vista cuando estaba tomando fotos de arriba. Aqui hay unas fotos:


Mas fotos

  Donate pleaseThanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make Sayulita a better place in which to live and vacation.


Ian & Kerry Hodge
Owners: SayulitaLife.com and ElSayulero.com

Gracias por leer.  Favor de hacernos saber sus opiniones, sugerencias, quejas o cualquier otra cosa que usted cree que ayudaria a hacer que Sayulita sea un mejor lugar donde vivir y vacacionar.


Ian & Kerry Hodge
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