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November 30th,

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Greetings to our 8,753 subscribers,


As the Holiday Season fast approaches there are many upcoming events and fundraisers for everyone to participate in. Check out some of the upcoming ones below including the 2nd annual Sayulitanimals Sexy Shoe Fundraiser happening next Friday. If you have an event you would like to announce and share with fellow Sayulita residents or visitors, please post to the Sayulita Community Calendar.

Whale The waves have been a little flat in Sayulita, but it's been an excellent week for local fisherman. There are a lot of varieties of fish in our waters right now and it's a great time to perhaps take a fishing trip on any one of Sayulita's Fishing Charters. Once you've caught your fish, many restaurants offer to cook your catch and prepare it for you so don't miss out on the abundant seafood available right now in Sayulita!  If fishing isn't your thing, it's now whale season as the humpbacks migrate south from northern Canada and Alaska to the Bay of Banderas from mid November to April.


Thank you for reading El Sayulero.


Lindsay Walter 

Editor, El Sayulero



Saludos a nuestros 8,753 lectores

Ya que se aproximan los dias festivos, hay muchos eventos y recaudaciónes de fondos para que todos puedan participar. Ve unos de los eventos a continuación, incluyendo la segunda anual recaudación de fondos para Sayulitanimals el  próximo viernes. Si usted tiene un evento que le gustaría anunciar y compartir con otros residentes o visitantes en Sayulita, por favor, publicalo en el Calendario Comunidad Sayulita.

Las olas han sido un poco planas en Sayulita, pero ha sido una semana excelente para los pescadores locales. Hay un montón de variedades de peces en el mar en este momento y es una buena epoca del ano para tomar  un viaje de pesca con un Sayulita's Fishing Charters.  Una vez que haya capturado el pescado, muchos restaurantes ofrecen el servicio de cocinar tu pescado y prepararlo para usted así que no te pierdas del abundante marisco disponible en estos momentos en Sayulita! Si la pesca no es lo tuyo, ahora es la temporada de ballenas jorobadas cuando migran al sur desde el norte de Canadá y Alaska hasta la Bahía de Banderas desde mediados de noviembre a abril.
Gracias por leer El Sayulero. 


Lindsay Walter 

Editora:  El Sayulero


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Though you may see a bit of advertising in our newsletter, it falls far short of covering the manpower and associated costs to generate these editions every week.  If you appreciate the job we do, please consider a small donation to help pay our contributors a bit more, purchase a new camera, and pay for translations and operation fees.


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Question of the Week: What Do You Think of
The Sayulita Sunsets?

By Nicki Cooper 


"It's a bittersweet sunset because you don't get to see all of it as it sinks behind the hill. It's nice to see the sunset over the ocean because where we live it sets behind the city."


"Se trata de una puesta de sol agridulce, ya que no se llega a ver todo como que se baja detrás de la colina. Es agradable ver la puesta de sol sobre el océano porque donde vivimos se pone detrás de la ciudad."


-Emily and Ian, San Francisco, CA 



Read More Comments | Leer Mas Comentarios 


New SayulitaLife Business Directory

Business DirectoryThe Sayulita Business Directory has a whole new look.  Local businesses are much better displayed and can be quickly located with a click of a mouse.  Positive reviews numbers are now listed right next to each business.


Check out the page 


List your business 


El directorio de negocios de Sayulita tienen una nueva apariencia. Los negocios locales estan mejor presentados y se puede localizarlos mas facilmente con un clic. El numero de comentarios positivos aparecen a un lado de cada negocio.

Rollie's Restaurant is For Sale by Owner
$795K USD 


Rollie's RestaurantRollie's Restaurant in Sayulita is for sale by owner. This restaurant has been open since february of 2000. During that time it has gained a reputation for being a real money-maker. Historically it has been open for only about six months out of every year. The approximate income could be shared with serious buyers. The potential is there to increase the income with an expanded year and other additions to the business. In addition to Rollie's Restaurant, the second and third floor is a beautiful home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, or it could be two rentals; a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom each with it's own kitchen and bathroom.  


Sayulita Santa Clause Asks For Support

 By Nicki Cooper 

Jose Mora Cervantes who most know as "Pepe Montana," has been an active voice in Sayulita for some time now as our primary radio host. What many don't know is Pepe is also Santa Clause. He has received over one hundred Dear Santa letters from the children of Sayulita secretly disclosing their innermost desires. Some ask for diapers for siblings, food for the family, and others the toys of their dreams. On December 23rd at 5 pm, Pepe will hold his fourth annual Christmas event for the underprivileged youth of Sayulita. To make this Christmas spectacular, he needs our help.  Read more


José Mora Cervantes que más conocido como "Pepe Montana", ha sido una voz activa en Sayulita desde nuestro conductor de radio primaria. Lo que muchos no saben es Pepe también es Papá Noel. Ha recibido más de un cien cartas de Querido Santa de los niños de Sayulita que revelan sus deseos más íntimos. Algunos piden pañales para los hermanos, alimentos para la familia, y los demás juguetes de sus sueños. El 23 de diciembre a las 5 pm, Pepe celebrará su evento anual de Navidad por los últimos cuartos años para los jóvenes pobres de Sayulita. Para hacer esta Navidad espectacular, necesita nuestra ayuda.  Leer mas  

Top Recommendations of the Week
                     Via Yoga                              Casa de Mombo
Via Yoga                          Casa de Mombo  
                     3 Recommendations                     2 Recommendations

Upcoming Events in Sayulita 

Community Calendar 


Laughology Laughology Film Night Benefit 
Date: Sunday December 2nd
Place: Hotelito Los Suenos 
Time: 7 PM - 9 PM 
Your Donation will Benefit the Costa Verde International School Scholarship Fund!  Laughology (65 minutes). Join us for a fun, internationally- acclaimed film romp around the world with journalist Albert Nerenberg and a short Laughter Yoga Session lead by Carmela Carlyle. 





Sayulitanimals Sexy Shoe Fundraiser

Date: Friday December 7th

Time: Starting at 7 PM 

Grab those high heels, sexy boots and loafers and hit Sayulita's streets in the name of fashion and animal welfare. Join us as we strut our stuff to five local favorite bars and restaurants enjoying drinks and snacks along the way. Tickets are $200 pesos. Funds go towards Sayulitanimals. 





Crocodile Classic SUP Race

Date: Sunday December 9th 

Place: Nuevo Vallarta Marina 

Time:  Starting from 8 AM 

The Pacific Paddle "Crocodile Classic" SUP Race in Nuevo Vallarta Marina has officially been announced for Sunday December 9th at the Vallarta Yacht Club in Nuevo Vallarta. The season opener is sure to be full of excitement as the Mexican National SUP team will be conducting clinics for beginners and experts, so take advantage of this free clinic to try out Stand Up Paddle for the first time, or refine your race stroke just before the race!


Add your upcoming event to the Sayulita Community Calendar 

Casa Piedras For Sale by Owner
$685K USD 


CASA PIEDRAS is constructed with an earthquake-proof steel corset according to German engineering standards, most of it elegantly tucked away behind a well crafted facade. Shape and colours echo natural forms, emphasizing lightness and functionality. The building merges harmoniously with its surrounding environment and sits on a square lot of 1,867 m2 (0.46 acres) that is titled and ready for bank trust. Currently configured with 3 BEDROOMS, it is readily adaptable for additional sleeping accommodation. There are 3,5 BATHROOMS and a total of approximately 285 m2 (3068 sq ft) space. Recently added: Small, independent building with workshop and maid room.


Escondido Bar in Sayulita
Full Flavored Elegance For Everyone 

By Nicki Cooper



Escondido is the newest bar to call Sayulita home, and it's doing so with style and a menu for everyone. Located right off the southeast corner of the plaza on Calle marlin, their signature open door logo is the only invitation needed. The building has been completely renovated with a fresh, open air design, light, cheerful colors that pop and soothe, and classy furnishings that take you off the street and into comfort. With such an amazing eye for detail, the menu was not left behind in this remodel.  More


Escondido es el bar nuevo en Sayulita, y tiene un estilo y un menú para todos. Esta en la esquina sureste de la plaza en Calle Marlin, su logotipo de la puerta abierta es la única invitación necesaria. El edificio ha sido completamente renovado con un diseño fresco, al aire libre, los colores vibrantes y alegres que saltan y calmar, y muebles elegante que te llevan de la calle al confort. Con un ojo increíble para los detalles, el menú no se quedó atrás en esta remodelación.  Mas
  Sayulero Sponsor (gracias!) 


Sayulitanimals Sexy Fundraiser Event    

By Nicki Cooper


Sayulitanimals is hosting their annual "F*ck You I'm Wearing My Shoes" event to help raise money for street animals while telling the cobblestones and potholes we will prevail in stilettos, boots, loafers, and pumps. It's time to bring out your best footwear and bar crawl through Sayulita for free drinks, snacks, and a contest for the best pair of shoes. Tickets are only $200 pesos and this includes drinks at FIVE Sayulita bars/restaurants, snacks at several, amazing conversation, company, and of course great shoes!  More


Sayulitanimals está organizando su anual "F * ck You I´m Wearing My Shoes" evento para ayudar a recaudar dinero para los animales de la calle y decir a las calles que vas a usar tus tacones de aguja, botas, mocasines, y zapatos buenos. Es el momento de llevar su mejor calzado y rastreo a través de Sayulita bar a bar para las bebidas gratis, aperitivos, y un concurso para el mejor par de zapatos. Los boletos cuestan sólo $ 200 pesos y esto incluye las bebidas en cinco bares / restaurantes en Sayulita, aperitivos en varios, conversación increíble compañía, y por supuesto zapatos especiales!  Mas 

GPS: Name Tiles For Sayulita? 


When Barbara and I used our Puerto Vallarta auction package that we won, one of the highlights was a first-time visit to the Botanical Gardens, about a half hour south of PV.  I'm always interested in cultural destinations, especially since I've had a lot of involvement with new art museums.   And having had many years helping not-for-profit groups, I'm always interested in new approaches for earning income to keep these organizations going.  More 


Cuando Barbara y yo utilizamos los boletos que ganamos en la subasta de GPS, uno de los puntos culminantes fue una visita al Jardín Botánico, una media hora al sur de Puerto Vallarta.  Me nteresan mucho los lugares culturales, como he participado en varios nuevos museos de arte. También tengo muchos años de experiencia en ayudar los grupos sin fines lucrativos, y siempre busco nuevos enfoques a recaudar fondos para mantener esas organizaciones vivas.  Mas 
Bite This Column Gets High Honor   

The British give honors like, O.B.E, V.C., and the Order of the Garter. Even writers occasionally get honors like the Pulitzer Price or book awards. But, never in a dozen years did I expect El Sayulero's "Bite This" column to receive an award. Oh, sure, I often get beautiful women who stop me on the street and ask for my autograph, and dogs licking my fingers for scent of food, but yesterday was several cuts above, bordering on fleeting fame. More
Los británicos dan honores como, OBE, VC, y la Orden de la Jarretera. Incluso los escritores de vez en cuando recibe honores como el precio o los premios Pulitzer de libros. Pero nunca, en una docena de años esperé El Sayulero de "Bite Esta" columna para recibir un premio. Ah, claro, a menudo me hermosas mujeres que me para en la calle y pedir mi autógrafo, y los perros lamiendo mis dedos para olor de los alimentos, pero ayer fue varios cortes por encima, rozando la fama efímera.  Mas
Serendipitous Sayulita Tales Episode II  

It's not the planned vacations that take you far down destiny's path, sometimes it's a spontaneous getaway, a chance remark, or a suggestion passed down from a friend that opens up horizons you'd never even dreamed of, let alone considered. Such was the case with Nancy and Ed Rinas, owners of Sayulita's bookstore. In Nancy's words, here is their story of how they came to discover Sayulita. More
A menudo no son las vacaciones planeadas que te llevan lejos en camino del destino, a veces es una escapada espontánea, una observación casual, o una sugerencia de un amigo que abren horizontes que ni siquiera había soñado, y mucho menos considerado. Así fue el caso de Nancy y Ed Rinas, los propietarios de la Librería Sayulita. A continuación es su historia, en las palabras de Nancy, de cómo llegaron a descubrir Sayulita.  Mas
Kids: Sayulita Restaurants   

I have some favorite restaurants here in Sayulita- want to know which ones I love? Well, a couple of my favorites are "El Break", "Naty's Cocina", and "Tacos on the Street."  More

Tengo algunos
restaurantes favoritos aquí en Sayulita - ¿Quieres saber lo que más me gusta? Bueno, un par de mis favoritos son "Break El", "Cocina de Naty" y "Tacos on the Street".  Mas 
Pet of the Week:  "Dorita" 


Dorita is a 6 month old puppy who was found abandoned on the highway. She was starving and scavenging around for scraps of food. Her skin was covered in open sores and mange. She has been recovering at the clinic since the end of October and looks like a new PUP! Dorita loves to play with other dogs and enjoys belly rubs! Come and meet this special little lady!


To adopt an animal or donate to Sayulitanimals contact: sayulitanimals@hotmail.com 


Dorita es una cachorra de 6 meses que fue encontrada abandonada en la carretera. Se moria de hambre y buscaba pedazos de comida. Su piel estaba cubierta en lesiones y sarna. Ahora se esta recuperando en la clinica desde finales de octubre y se ve como perrita nueva. A Dorita le encanta jugar con otros perros y le gusta que le acarrician su panza. Pasa a conocer esta chica especial!


Para adoptar un animal o donar a Sayultianimals contacta: sayulitanimals@hotmail.com

Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make Sayulita a better place in which to live and vacation.


Ian & Kerry Hodge
Owners: SayulitaLife.com and ElSayulero.com

Gracias por leer.  Favor de hacernos saber sus opiniones, sugerencias, quejas o cualquier otra cosa que usted cree que ayudaria a hacer que Sayulita sea un mejor lugar donde vivir y vacacionar.


Ian & Kerry Hodge
Duenos: SayulitaLife.com y ElSayulero.com