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Practical Tech Tip #1 -----------------
Time Delay Function Helps to Avoid False Material Level Indications 
   TrueCap RF Capacitance Level Sensor
Monitor Technologies' TrueCap® RF capacitance point level sensors have a settable function that provides a time delay from when the unit first enters a detect mode, to when the relay output is activated. This function helps to eliminate premature "material-present" indication that can sometimes occur during the filling process if material was to intermittently come in contact with the level probe. The TrueCap® level sensors are designed to provide stable sensitivity and durability for powder and bulk solids applications, as well as, some liquid and slurry applications.

Monitor's TrueCap® RF Capacitance Sensors Feature:

> Superior 0.5pF Sensitivity 
> Temperature Compensation 
> Driven Shield Technology Overcomes Material Build-up 
> Externally Viewable LED Sensor Status Indicator (Ordinary Loc. Unit) 
> Hazardous Location Approvals for Gases and Dust Available 
> Optional Split Architecture Model for High Temperatures or High Vibration 
> Simple, Convenient Push-Button Calibration and Test (on MK-2 version) 
> Maximized Reliability via Smart Sensing Algorithms Including "Self-Validating" Fail-Safe Protection (on MK-2 version)

The TrueCap product line offers a selection of options to meet the needs for a wide variety of applications. 

Click here for more details on Monitor's TrueCap® level sensors or e-mail:
Interesting Facts ----------------------
Practical Tech Tip #2 -----------------

SafePoint Rotary Paddle Level Indicator
SafePoint® Fail-Safe Rotary Paddle
Selecting the "Right" Paddle
For the Application

A rotary paddle style unit is a very popular sensor used to indicate high, i
ntermediate and low levels in vessels. The main reasons for this are that these sensors are affordable, durable and reliable for a variety of powders and bulk solids. A good way to ensure that this type of sensor will be reliable for your application is to make sure that you are using the correct paddle assembly for your target material. Factors like different material densities, particle sizes, flow characteristics and sensor mounting may require specific paddles to provide optimum performance. Monitor Technologies offers a wide selection of interchangeable paddle assemblies for the Model KA/KAX and SafePoint® level sensors to meet the needs of a variety of materials / applications.

Click here to view a guide that can assist with selecting the right paddle for your application. In addition you can 
contact Monitor's Application Engineers at to discuss the best option for your needs. 
Overview of Available Paddle Assemblies
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