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Wednesday, Dec. 24th, 2014 
Thursday, Dec. 25th, 2014
Friday, Dec. 26th, 2014 
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Wednesday, Dec. 31st, 2014 
Thursday, Jan. 1st, 2015

Product News

SiloPatrol Level Sensor     
Monitor Technologies' has recently introduced advances to the SiloPatrol® plumb bob style continuous level sensors that provide even easier set-up and increased flexibility for control system integration. Enhancements include wireless Bluetooth® for simple, intuitive set-up without removing the sensor cover and Modbus(TM) connectivity to communicate with Modbus-compatible control systems. In addition, there are a widened array of programmable features such as cable cycle distance limit, auto timer and relay output for high or low distance threshold setting, error indication or cycle operate.

About SiloPatrol®... 
The SiloPatrol® SMU (silo monitoring unit) lowers a weight & cable into the silo until it contacts the material surface. Upon contact the weight & cable system is immediately retracted and the measurement is fed to the plant control system or operator interface.

Inside the SiloPatrol®...
The SiloPatrol plumb bob unit combines Hall Effect sensor technology, sealed bi-directional optical sensing, a split-compartment enclosure, isolated outputs and other features to produce a reliable level measuring system designed for the harshest conditions.

Wireless Bluetooth® Set-up...
ConfigureSensor Screenshot
View of Main Menu ConfigureSensor App (for RS-485 Version)

The latest SiloPatrol® plumb bob style level sensors (RS-485 and Analog versions) now have set-up configurations that are simply programmed through a free app on an Android(TM)-based device with Bluetooth® capability instead of having to open the unit to program it.

Additional Versatility Through Selection
of Plumb Bobs 
Solid / Water Interface-Style Plumb Bob
A variety of optional plumb bobs are available to make the SiloPatrol® effective in more specialized applications. For instance, there is the inverted plumb bob for level indication of lighter bulk solids or fluidized powders.Plus, there is the solid / water interface-style plumb bob to provide level measurement for settled solids in a blanket of water. Please contact Monitor
Technologies regarding specific applications.

Inventory Management System... 
In addition, the SiloPatrol can automate inventory management with the use of SiloTrack(TM) software or a variety of operator interface devices like the HMI2.

For more product details, please visit:


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