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Practical Tech Tip -----------------------

Looking for a non-intrusive option for monitoring a flow condition?  
Solids Flow Detector

From automated systems with pneumatic lines to gravity chutes and feeders, solids flow detectors can help to improve process performance by monitoring the flow or no flow state of the process material. Monitor Technologies' SFD-2 / SFI units use microwave Doppler radar technology that makes them extremely reliable. They are also designed for non-intrusive flush mounting which means there is no probe protruding into the material flow.  

The SFD-2 / SFI solids flow detectors can be used in a variety of applications to detect flow/no-flow conditions of powders and solid materials including feed mills & grain processing, consumer foods (cereal, flour, sugar, cocoa, coffee), dry chemicals, pesticides, detergents and more. For example, one company uses these microwave solids flow detectors to verify the flow of pellets through their various transport lines that involves a process where a horizontal screw auger is conveying pellets over to a vertical gravity chute. The chute then directs the pellets to a process down below. They have carefully placed the unit so that it detects the pellets as they fall directly across the sensor face.


A variety of options make these units even more versatile. For instance, a stainless steel food grade mounting adapter with a choice of process seals is available. Also, the optional saddle coupling provides a means of mounting the transceiver without welding a coupling to the process line.  In addition, the solids flow detectors are available with relay (SFD-2 Model) or analog (SFI Model) outputs.

For more information, please visit:
Coming Soon ------------------
SiloPatrol SMU

SiloPatrol® SE SMU with Bluetooth® Programming
Around mid-September the SiloPatrol® SE SMU Plumb Bob Style Level Sensor (RS-485 and Analog versions) will have set-up configurations that are programmed through a free app and Bluetooth® technology instead of having to open the unit and physically program it. Using a configuration app on an Android-based device with Bluetooth® capability, you will be able to easily access and configure the SMU set-up programming.

The latest RS-485 version of the SMU will also have Modbus capabilities which will allow the SMU to communicate with other operator interfaces or control systems being used at facilities that utilize Modbus.

Initially these new features will only be for the ordinary location SMUs. More details to come.
Word of the Month ----------------------
Aplomb (a·plomb)
sounds like:


noun - 
complete self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation; poise

noun -
The football team played its first game with energy and aplomb.
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Product Spotlight ------------------
The NEW WirelessEZ Communication Interface for 
Continuous Level Sensors
WirelessEZ Communication Interface
The WirelessEZ Communication Interface (radio modem) is a practical option when hard-wiring is not feasible (example: to cross a river, to span a large facility, property is divided by a railroad track, etc.). It provides wireless communication for Monitor Technologies' SiloPatrol SE (SMU) plumb bob style sensor or Flexar guided wave radar sensor or customer-supplied equipment utilizing half-duplex RS-485 communications (please consult a Monitor Technologies' application Engineer).   
The WirelessEZ Communication Interface is suitable for wire-replacement applications when wired half-duplex RS-485 communication is not practical.
The WirelessEZ uses proven frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology, operating in the 900MHz band, to communicate between two points. The 900MHz band is a FCC license-free band and offers greater transmission distances, better signal transmission through obstructions and lower signal loss than other available higher frequency bands. WirelessEZ Communication Interface can be utilized in numerous applications, even with multiple sensor networks and over 100 sensors.


Single Network/Multiple-Point
Example of Multiple Networks /Point-to-Point Configuration 
More Information on WirelessEZ:  
View WirelessEZ Product Brochure:  
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Labor Day

Monitor Technologies' facility in Elburn, IL will be closed Monday, September 1st for Labor Day.

We hope that you and your family have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.

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