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September / October 2013
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Practical Tech Tip

Level monitoring for dynamic storage situations
Guided Wave Radar 
Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor in
a Grain Elevator Set Up

The real-time level measurement ability of the guided wave radar sensor works well for dynamic storage situations including concrete batch plants, grain elevators during peak times, in balancing material levels in surge bins that supply pellets used to fuel furnace or boiler fires and more. 


For example, a grain elevator and storage company located in the Midwest of the United States is arranged so that when they first get in a load of grain or soybeans, they place it in receiver bins while a sample of the load is being tested (for moisture content, etc.). Once the product is cleared it then gets placed into their regular storage silos. During peak periods, product is going in and out of these receiver bins at a rapid pace. The company was looking for some type of continuous level measurement system that could keep up with this dynamic situation. In addition, the highly dusty conditions caused by the rapid movement of soybeans and grain needed to be considered.


The FlexarŽ guided wave radar system from Monitor Technologies was suggested to them for their receiver bins because the sensor satisfied all of the criteria. It can provide "real time" continuous level measurements and it has proven to work well in dusty conditions. After a period of testing one unit, the company determined that the Flexar sensor was able to reliably do everything they needed so they purchased Flexar sensors for their remaining receiver bins. 


Flexar GWR 
FlexarŽ Guided Wave
Radar Level Sensor

FlexarŽ guided wave radar sensor is a real-time, continuous bin level measurement system using TDR (time domain reflectometry) principles where radar pulses are focused down to the material surface by the unit's wave guide (a heavy duty cable) where the time-of-flight of the pulse reflection back to the instrument electronics is directly related to the empty distance in the vessel and the material level. The Flexar sensor is available in a Smart RS-485 or analog 4-20mA version depending on output requirements.

Also, remote inventory management options are offered for the Smart RS-485 version. 

For more information on FlexarŽ guided wave radar level sensors please visit:


Product Spotlight

Bin Aeration Devices
(L to R) Rectangular Air Pad, Evasser, Flo-Pad

Multiple solutions for promoting material flow


Monitor Technologies' offers a variety of bin aeration devices used to maintain the flow of dry bulk powders and granular solids in storage vessels. Monitor's Rectangular Air Pad operates by continuously introducing air into the body of the dry powder to maintain fluid-like characteristics.  Highlights of the Air Pad include rugged construction, low cost, minimal maintenance, easy to install and adapts to almost any bin configuration.  

Monitor's booted Evasser aerator is compact, durable and capable of aerating / fluidizing many types of bulk powders and granular solids in bins, hoppers and silos. It operates by constantly presenting air to the mass of the stored material. The Evasser features no moving parts, no filters to change, and no loud noise or damaging vibrations. The Evasser bin aerator is also available with a convenient external mounting plate. In addition, the Flo-Pad uses multiple Evassers mounted on a single air plenum chamber inside the vessel and is capable of aerating many types of bulk powders and granular solids in bins, hoppers, silos, etc.


Click here for more details on Monitor's bin aeration devices or


Word of the Month

Jocose (joh-KOHSS)    

Adjective -
1) given to joking; merry
2) characterized by joking; humorous
1)  Rachel has the kind of jocose personality that can liven up the dullest of parties.
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Question & Answer

Do you have any suggestions to provide continuous level measurement for expanded perlite?  
SiloPatrol Level Sensor
SiloPatrolŽ SMU
With Inverted Cone Plumb Bob

Yes, we do have a recommendation. Since expanded perlite and other mineral compounds expanded for use in insulation purposes, etc. are usually low-dielectric, lightweight (around 3lb/ft[48.1kg/m3]) materials, we would suggest a weight and cable style sensor, like Monitor's SiloPatrolŽ SMU, equipped with an inverted cone plumb bob. This has been successfully used for similar lightweight materials with low dielectrics. The SiloPatrol system is not affected by material dielectric and the inverted plumb bob will make contact and not penetrate into lightweight powders or bulk materials.

Monitor's Application / Technical Services Department 

For more details on the SiloPatrolŽ "Smart" weight and cable style level sensor, please visit

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